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Incompatible Software with Immunet Protect & Known Issues

While Immunet Protect Free is designed to run with other security packages there are some software suites which it does not work well with and we suggest you do not co-install with these products.

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Incompatible Software Packages

The following software packages have been found to not work alongside Immunet Protect Free or Plus. Users should avoid installing alongside the following packages:

ProductPlatform / SP32/64
Webroot SpySweeperWindows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / Windows 732/64
Zone AlarmWindows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / Windows 732/64
SunBelt ViPREANY32/64
ShadowProtect DesktopANY32/64
Kasperky Internet Security 2011ANY32/64

Users who have questions or feedback about Immunet-supported platforms or anti-virus packages are invited to email Immunet Support.

Known Issues

Immunet Protect Plus interferes with Thunderbird for Windows.

Immunet Protect Plus users who use Thunderbird may experience difficulty sending or reply to email when Immunet Protect Plus is installed. The current work around for this issue is to enter the following Threat Name exclusion in your settings: nsmail.tmp

Once this exclusion is applied your Thunderbird installation should begin to work properly again.