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Generic Rogue Removal Tool

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#1 Guest_Orlando_*

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 10:31 PM

Generic Rogue Removal Tool is a Tool for removal the most dangerous and popular Rogue or Fake Alert program which expose the computer at risk. It's totally FREE and it removes only the Rogue linked below and not other viruses or malware brought from them.

- English;

**The list of rogue that can be remove are:
- Antivirus 2010 (ADDED);
- AntiMalware Pro;
- Antivirus Action;
- Antivirus-Elite 2010;
- Antivirus Scan;
- Ddosclean (ADDED);
- Defragmenter;
- Disk Doctor;
- Disk repair (ADDED);
- Hard Drive Diagnostic;
- HDD Diagnostic;
- HDD Doctor (ADDED);
- HDD Plus;
- HDD Rescue;
- HDD Scan;
- HDD Tools;
- Internet Antivirus 2011;
- Internet Security 2011;
- New Vaccine (ADDED);
- PC Protection Center;
- PCoptimizer 2010;
- Personal Security Sentinel;
- Privacy Corrector;
- PrivacyGuard 2010;
- Scanzero (ADDED);
- Security Shield;
- Smart HDD;
- Security Inspector 2010;
- Security Tool (one variant);
- SpyCare (ADDED);
- Think Point;
- Vaccine Program (ADDED);
- Vista Antispyware 2011;
- Vista Security 2011;
- Vista Antimalware 2011;
- XP Antispyware 2011;
- XP Guard;
- XP Internet Security 2011;
- Web Player 9 (ADDED).

**Language available:
- English;

- Termination of the process of listed rogue above;
- Delete files of listed rogue above;
- Delete the registry keys related to Rogue listed above;
- Empty of some main folders TEMP of Windows (some Rogue can be create with random name or characters);
- Reboot the computer after 60 seconds to make the changes at its best, you will be notified by a notification.

- Disable your Antivirus (if it is present);
- Run the file with straadminitive privileges (Windows Vista e Windows 7);
- Run the file in Safe Mode (Press the key F8 when the computer starts and choose: "Safe Mode");
- Run a full system scan with a trial version of Immunet Protect Plus (preferably in "Safe Mode"), download Immunet FREE and during the installation process, click the Trial Plus version;
- If you have not done a scan with Immunet Protect Plus is advisable to perform a full scan with another Antivirus more detectable.

**Known issues: None, for any problems please send a PM to me.

Best Regards,
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#2 Guest_goscuter1_*

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Posted 11 March 2011 - 03:10 PM

When I try to use this tool, my browser (Chrome 10) opens up random spam web pages. The tool itself does not function, I get a message about not being logged in or something.

Since then, my Immunet 3.0 paid product doesn't seem to work, something is wrong. It tries to download updates and gets to 0-8% before a red x notice says "Updates cannot be installed", at which point it searches for updates and says all the latest definitions are downloaded. They're not.

Also, when I try and run a rootkit scan, it searches through 0 files and gives my system a clean tick.

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#3 Guest_Orlando_*

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Posted 11 March 2011 - 05:39 PM


This tool changed name to @Rcleaner Rogue Remover at version so try to download it from this page, the programs don't go in conflict.

For problems on Immunet Protect 3.0 are various, so my advice is to register here and post a new topic.


#4 goscuter1



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Posted 13 March 2011 - 12:00 AM


This tool changed name to @Rcleaner Rogue Remover at version so try to download it from this page, the programs don't go in conflict.

For problems on Immunet Protect 3.0 are various, so my advice is to register here and post a new topic.


Ah thanks Orlando, I successfully downloaded from the new link and ran the scan. It took a couple seconds and ended so I assume none of the signatures matched...

#5 Guest_Orlando_*

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Posted 13 March 2011 - 08:30 AM

At the moment none of signatures, it's a beta version and need Framework 4. You can remove only the Rogue/Virus are listed.


#6 G-hot



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Posted 29 August 2013 - 06:17 PM

non of the link works ? So where can I download the latest version? :)

#7 ritchie58


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Posted 29 August 2013 - 10:59 PM

Hey G-hot, if Orlando was refering to the RogueRemover software developed by Malwarebytes this app has been discontinued is no longer avaliable from Malwarebytes.

Do you think you're infected with a rogue program at the moment? If so might I suggest Emsisoft's free Emergency Kit http://www.emsisoft....n/software/eek/ There are several malware removal tools included with this package that work great at cleaning an already infected machine. Plus it works the same way in that it's designed to be used with a USB device so it's completely portable as RogueRemover was. This allows you to download the installer & unpack the contents to a USB memory device on a malware free machine and then access and run the tools via the USB device after you've booted up in Safe Mode (press F8 while your system is booting) & inserted the device on your infected computer. This is particularly very useful in the event that the malware has disabled your currently installed anti-virus software and won't allow you to install any new anti-malware packages as many rogue programs have that capability. I have these tools installed on a memory stick just in case. Emergency Kit is a rather large download (182.39 MB) so if you need it and start the download grab a cup of joe while you wait.

If you have any other questions regarding Emergency Kit I'm sure Orlando (he works for Emsisoft besides being an Immunet Moderator) or myself would be happy to answer them for you.

Regards, Ritchie...

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