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  1. The bios bug Wookiee mentions is usually found with brand name manufactured computers, ie Dell / EMachines/etc. and otherwise we have seen installation issues where users have special characters characters in their Windows user names. e.g ' " , <> ]!@$%^&*()_ Any chance either of those apply?
  2. Rob.Turner

    The immunet Service is not running

    I think what's your probably seeing is the Immunet *UI* only supports 1 user at a time. The real time virus protection component does protect all simultaneously connected users, but only the first user to launch the UI ( system tray icon / application with the scan now & settings) will appear to be connected. All other users will have Immunet UI's that appear disconnected. Further if the user who has the connected UI logs off or manually closes the Immunet tray icon, the UI connection will be go to the next user who has had the Immunet UI running the longest; and their disconnected UI will switch to connected. Note when a rdp user disconnects their programs are all left in a running state. Including leaving the the immunet UI running, potentially holding the Immunet UI connection. Given the above limitations, what we usually see when the UI appears disconnected in in multi-user environment is that the one Immunet UI connection has passed to an unknown user who disconnected when they were done without actually logging off. If you think this has happened to you The least disruptive way to reclaim the Immunet UI connection is to: 1) login as an admin user 2)start -> run -> "Services" -> stop the Immunet Service 3) open task manger & enable show processes from all users. Then task kill all the sfc.exe processes ( sfc.exe is Immunet's UI process). Note if you get a message from task manager saying sfc.exe could not be terminated it's probably because the Immunet service hasn't been fully stopped yet. 4) Once all the Immunet UI's are closed restart the Immunet Service and then UI and it should appear connected within 30 seconds after both are started. Another approach is to use the task manager to force log off other users who have the Immunet UI / sfc.exe open and then restart the UI on your own session. This approach doesn't require stopping the immunet service. Note though if you log off someone who is actively using he system you can expect them to immediately re-logon and potentially take the Immunet UI connection token again. The last and easiest approach is to restart the machine and be the first to login - note if the machine is set to auto logon at startup then the auto-login user will be the first to login and get the working Immunet UI session.
  3. it sounds like you might have turned on Verbose Tray Notifications. Open the immunet interface and check Settings -> Notification Settings -> Verbose Tray Notifications. When turned on Immunet will popup the message you're seeing whenever it detects a new file on the system, regardless of if the file is clean or malicious.
  4. The last time I tested them together they were compatible (i.e. no bluescreens), but I found the performance of the virtual machine I was testing on unacceptable even after adding exclusions to each AV for the other. At any rte You can safely install both and always then remove one if it doesn't work out. Please let us know your experiences running the two together.
  5. Hi all we traced the original install issue Art started this thread for back to having an apostrophe ' in the computers logon username. Thank you much Art for the install log, it was really helpful in figuring out this bug.
  6. Rob.Turner

    Update To 6.0 + On Windows 2008 Web Server (Vmware)

    My Win 2k8 was able to update to 6.0.6 successfully through both the Gui interface and by downloading the latest installer from www.immunet.com - However the installer warned me I needed to install windows hotfix https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=46083 that eventually lead me to: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/3033929.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396 It took me a bit to figure out that the hotfix required 2K8 service pack 1 or sp2 installed, which wern't downloading through windows update. After manually installing the service packs, the hotfix successfully installed and I was able to complete the update to 6.0.6
  7. Hi Tim, thank you for the bug report, the CompMgmtLauncher.exe - Ordinal Not Found is a known issue in Immunet 6.0.6 on fully (windows updated) Windows 7 platforms. We are working on a fix.
  8. Rob.Turner

    Automatic Version Upgrade?

    Sorry, Immunet version updates have to be done manually. Our Fireamp enterprise solution gives you much more control around updates, including version updates that don't require manual intervention.
  9. Rob.Turner

    Tor Browser Doesnt Work

    Tor Browser 7.0.5 and immunet with default install options for work fine for me. No exclusions required. No issues starting up or browsing with tor. Are you running a tor relay /bridge/etc? I wouldn't be surprised if they needed additional exclusions other than just the tor browser directory
  10. I verified Ezlaches solution of turning on gaming mode works to silence update notifications. And Riche is right about gaming mode preventing Immunet from displaying any popups, including when a virus is detected. So in this case ,another solution with the same with the same effect is to just close the immunet interface (all together (Right click the tray icon -> "Hide tray icon"). Iimmunet's scan and protection engine will continue to run in the background as per normal with the tray icon closed; Allowing you to reclaim a few mb's of memory in addition to silencing update notification balloon.
  11. Hi Doobbsa, Can you tell me what your scheduled scan settings are? and ~about how long immunet is running continuously before you start to see missed scans? Also as of 5.0.1 Immunet now has it's own internal scheduler and no longer uses the windows task scheduler, which is why you're not seeing any scheduled tasks there, -Also can you tell me how you know immunet is missing scans? are your just not seeing them in the scan history? Or your a the computer at the time the scan is supposed to run and nothing happens? Thanks, RobT
  12. Rob.Turner

    Immunet5 Clamav Proxy

    Hi all, I've got Immunet to connect over a proxy by adding a system proxy via: 1) disabling IE enhanced security configuration: 2) In IE -> settings -> internet options -> connections->lan settings-> enable use a proxy server-> advanced -> enter your proxy ip's and ports. 3) From an administrator command prompt, and add a windows system default proxy with: netsh winhttp show proxy import proxy source=ie show proxy 4)Immunet will now connect through your proxy and display your proxy info on the settings page after connecting. Note though that as of v clamAV can't perform ClamAV definition updates from behid a proxy. Also note that if Immunet can connect directly to the cloud without going through the proxy it will always prefer to connect directly.
  13. I've o reproduced the behavior described above. It looks like by default Exchange echos email attachments sent through it into log files, which immunet then unpacks, scans and attempts to quarantine if any of the attachments are malicious. I think Exchange does this specifically so email attachments can be scanned by 3rd party av products, but these log files are not meant to be quarantined directly, only scanned. Quarantining results in breaking the integrity of your Exchange users mailboxes. tldr: Immunet doesn't support scanning Exchange attachments. You can still use Immunet as AV on the machine as long as you add exclusions to ensure immunet doesn't scan Exchange: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Local\Temp
  14. Rob.Turner

    Immunet 3.1.8 Is Now Available

    Thanks for the feedback so far! Richie, I've seen the issue you're talking about but wasn't able to reproduce it so I chalked it up to me doing something poor testing. So yes please send the support dump! Spywar - great catch. You are correct, the Community stats on our website are off by nearly 800K users and 25K threats. I have bugged this for our web dev.
  15. Rob.Turner

    Immunet 3.1.8 Is Now Available

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since our last release but it's finally ready! We've been heads down working on the FireAMP version of product for almost a year straight and in that time I'm sad to say we just haven't been able to give Immunet the attention it deserves. Well, no more! This release sync's Immunet up with our most current code base and fixes *tons* of bugs, adds numerous performance tweaks and enhancements, and updated virus scanning engines! Please get it here: http://download.immu...mmunetSetup.exe This installer can be used for stand-alone installs or to upgrade any previous versions of Immunet you might already have installed. Major Changes for 3.1.8 include: *The "My Community" and "Notices" features have been removed from the UI. These became redundant long ago as we found a way for our Cloud Servers to ensure all users received the full protection of Immunet's global community of over 2 million users, rather than just the few immediate users most people had in their local communities. *We're now "Immunet 3" instead of "Immunet 3.0". There are so many minor changes since our last major release that we've had to rev our version number. *Full Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 support! *New and improved versions of both the Tetra and Clam engines! *Bug fixes for network related issues that would cause Net Bios name resolution failures, VPN connection failures, and BSOD’s. *Bug fixes for XML locking issues. We're especially happy about those last two as they've been causing 90% of the issues reported to us at support@immunet.com and through forum.immunet.com. Reporting Issues: As usual, if you have any feedback you'd like us to hear please post it to this thread. If you think you've found a bug please include a description of the problem, instructions to reproduce it, and any relevant screenshots.