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  1. ritchie58

    Creppy Design

    I would certainly put my vote in to have the Immunet U.I. get a new facelift. That would be a great addition to a new build I think.
  2. ritchie58

    Using Immunet

    Another consideration is that Immunet Protect Free is not licensed for the use of "for-profit" businesses or organizations. This info is included in the End User License Agreement (EULA). If Immunet is to be used for your own home network setup (intranet) that's perfectly acceptable but, as Wookiee pointed out, AMP for Endpoints would definitely be the better way to go if you have a business server environment with multiple endpoints. There's even a version for large corporations that have more than one network called AMP for Networks! If it's discovered that Immunet is being used in any for-profit environment then no assistance or support will be offered or forthcoming if problems arise. Also Immunet doesn't come with any written batch install scripts so you would need to write your own scripts for a multiple deployment batch install or install Immunet manually on every machine which could be "very time consuming" if there are numerous endpoints to deal with. On the other hand, AMP can be simultaneously deployed on multiple machines easily. We do have an exception for "non-profit" charitable organizations or institutions of higher learning that wish to use Immunet in a server environment however. The stipulation being that they are an established, verifiable non-profit entity. For all verified non-profit entities assistance and support will be available. Cheers, Ritchie...
  3. Hi Art, thanks for the response. Mmm, that is rather strange. There was a bug a while back that some Win 10 users were having difficulties installing or updating Immunet but I thought the devs had fixed that. I'll contact the Admin. Wookiee for you and get him involved in this matter. He would be better at advising you as to what to do next. Regards, Ritchie...
  4. Hi Art, what version of Win 10 are you using? In the mean time here's a few things you can look into. Make sure there isn't a program you use that may interfere with Immunet's installation such as your firewall of choice, another AV, sandboxing software, behavior blocker, etc... Since Immunet uses a bootstrapper installer an "uninterrupted internet connection" is also required when the files are being downloaded & during installation. You could also try a new installer package in case the one you downloaded got corrupted some how. Here's a link to download the newest installer. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe Best wishes, Ritchie...
  5. Thanks for the update John. I also use the daily scheduled Flash scan and never tried to add another scheduled scan myself. Maybe there is a limitation on how many scheduled scans can be implemented that I'm not aware of. I have also seen that behavior before too, where Immunet's GUI will crash if you scroll down the list of entries too quickly.
  6. ritchie58

    Cloud upgrades

    Wow, that is completely unfathomable to me! My first desktop that I ever bought came with a Windows ME install disk and that seems like another lifetime ago, lol!!
  7. ritchie58

    Cloud upgrades

    Thanks for the clarification Tom. That will affect XP users who use older compatible versions of Immunet more than anything else I bet. Ya know that it is estimated that at least 7% of PC users worldwide still use this "obsolete, vulnerable platform" including (unbelievably) some banking institutions in their ATM machines. Glad to hear this upgrade shouldn't affect the ClamAV module in any way. That's good news! Regards, Ritchie...
  8. ritchie58

    Cloud upgrades

    Thanks for heads up on the upcoming upgrade Wookiee. I do have a few questions. So what you're saying is that the ETHOS & SPERO cloud lookups may not function correctly until the upgrade is complete, is that correct Tom? That is a little disconcerting to me if folks loose all cloud lookup protection. Any time line as to how long this may take? Will this affect ClamAV updates to the module in any way as well?
  9. Wookiee is correct. In order for the scheduled scan to perform at the correct time you need to make sure that not only is your Windows date/time settings correct but also your "PC's BIOS date/time settings" are adjusted correctly as well. The BIOS date/time should correspond exactly with what Windows date/time is showing. If there is a deviation then something definitely needs adjusted.
  10. ritchie58

    Happy 4th Everyone!

    I would just like to say if anyone else reads this and you love your wide screen HDTV make sure you have it plugged into a good voltage surge protector. The higher the joules rating for the protector the better so don't go out and buy the cheapest one you can find. I got one ordered to replace the one that didn't protect my tv. This one has a 920 joules rating, has got a life time guarantee and a $20,000 equipment replacement warranty. It costs about twice as much as a standard power strip but I think it will be worth it.
  11. ritchie58

    Happy 4th Everyone!

    Mmm, smoked brisket! That does sound good Tom! I did pretty much the same thing actually, had a few friends over, broke out the grill and cooked some burgers & dogs, sucked down some cold suds while jammin' out to some rock n' roll on the patio. It was a good time! Edit: Well, it was mostly a good time. A thunder storm rolled through so we had to take the party indoors for a while. Unfortunately, a close lighting strike fried my 50" HDTV and a HDMI splitter connected to it. Funny thing was they were both connected to a surge protector power strip when that happened and the power strip didn't even trip off. Those LED HDTV's are susceptible to damage by even the slightest power surges so I found out the hard way! I ordered a new tv & HDMI splitter online, paid extra for 2 day shipping, so they should be delivered here tomorrow hopefully. An extra expense this month I certainly wasn't anticipating plus that tv wasn't even a year old yet. Bummer! I'm just glad my computer didn't get fried too. We were streaming music videos to the tv at the time. The PC is connected to a different power strip plus I installed a new PSU a few months ago that (thankfully) also has built in over-voltage protection.
  12. ritchie58

    help me

    Hi kaba116, I moved your topic from the General section to here as that's a better place for it. I also deleted your duplicate Chinese language posting in this section as this is a English language forum. Unfortunately it's a national holiday today so I doubt any support person will respond to your inquiries for a day or so. In the mean time can you tell us if those executable files had a supposedly legitimate purpose or were all those files created during a malicious installation?
  13. ritchie58

    Happy 4th Everyone!

    It has become a bit of a tradition to wish everyone well on major holidays so this 4th of July celebration is no exception! "I would like to wish the Immunet team, forum members and guests alike a safe and happy 4th of July as always!" I mentioned this last year but I think it's worth mentioning again, it's best to leave the pyrotechnics to the experts. Cheers, Ritchie...
  14. ritchie58

    False positive ransomware?

    Hello Hernan, I would concur that is a FP, and no you are not infected with ransomware. Believe me, if you were, you'd already know for sure! It appears that Immunet was attempting to quarantine Kaspersky's definition update for a EICAR ransomware test string. EICAR test strings are used to examine an AV's efficacy by using dummy malware signatures that do no harm. Some AV vendors white-list these test strings to avoid unnecessary False Positive reports by users who don't know what they downloaded and opened the test string's compressed folder (usually zip or rar) or don't know how to properly use the strings for testing. That's their logic anyway. One way to avoid conflicts with Immunet & your companion AV is to open the settings and add an exclusion for "Kaspersky's entire Program Files folder" with Immunet. Also do the same for Kaspersky, exclude Immunet's entire Program Files folder in it's settings. Doing this can go a long way to help avoid the situation you just encountered. Best Wishes, Ritchie... P. S. - I don't entirely agree with the reasoning behind AV vendors white-listing these test strings. That means a user can't actually test just how good their AV is themselves. Got something to hide maybe? With Immunet you can't even open & unpack EICAR compressed folders once they're downloaded because they have "already been quarantined" if you have Scan Archive Files & Scan Compressed Files enabled in Settings! Immunet is that good!
  15. ritchie58


    Regardless of how good your AV is if you have a bunch of non-essential start-up programs (especially if you have limited system resources to begin with, like a netbook, tablet or even an older computer) that can have serious detrimental effects on your PC. That's the message I'm tryin' to convey.