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  1. ritchie58

    Mp3Tag Blocked After Renaming Files

    That is also a possibility Zombunny! Immunet 6 does have a exploit/system process protection feature that could have been triggered instead of a malware quarantine response. That's not to say that my extrapolation about possible temp files was way off base. Like I mentioned in the previous thread I have seen this type of quarantine behavior before where no file is present in the Quarantined Files list because it's just a temp file that already got deleted but you may be right about a exploit response instead. Great extrapolation on your part! Cheers, Ritchie...
  2. ritchie58

    How to unlock a file

    Hello pufig, first of all it is very, very important to make sure that what you're attempting to restore is a False Positive and not actually genuine malware. One great way to do this is to check the file with VirusTotal.com's database first. https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload After you are "absolutely certain" that the file is not malicious you can click on the History tab -> to the right of View By click on the little downward pointing arrow -> this will open a little drop down menu and click on Quarantined File History -> find the file in question from the list, click on it and choose the "Restore" option. This automatically moves the file from Quarantine to the Exclusion list where it will no longer be scanned.
  3. Hey Wookiee, just wanted to get back to you on this subject. Since upgrading to the new 6.2.4 version I've not encountered the same behavior so that's the reason for the diagnostic data not being sent. Like we talked about in our PM's I firmly believe that the exclusion issue and what I saw had to have been directly related. However, if I do encounter iptray not loading properly again then I will expedite the requested data to you. Your friend, Ritchie...
  4. ritchie58

    Where's My Exclusion List?

    Great news! If you did encounter this exclusion list issue all you have to do is upgrade to the newest build of Immunet and your Exclusion list will be restored. This build also has some other improvements, bug fixes & with the infrastructure change occurring I would definitely recommend to anyone that's running a earlier version to upgrade ASAP. I got this new build seamlessly installed right through the UI (a re-start is necessary after installation) or you can download the latest bootstrapper installer package here if you wish to install it manually yourself. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe More info about this new build can be found here at this Announcements topic. http://support.immunet.com/topic/3723-new-release-v624/?_fromLogin=1 Cheers, Ritchie...
  5. ritchie58

    New release v6.2.4

    Hi Andrew, you provided the answers I was curious about. The upgrade got successfully installed through the UI which is a nice touch! Glad you also included a URL for the downloadable installer. Also, really glad to see that the exclusion issue has been rectified with this build and I'm no longer getting numerous pop-ups from the exploit/process protection. That way I no longer need to constantly use Gaming Mode which is not ideal at all of course! "Way to go guys, great upgrade!"
  6. ritchie58

    New release v6.2.4

    Does this build address & fix the recent exclusion issue as well Wookiee, or is that still being worked on? My assumption would be the latter since the fix isn't listed. Also, is a URL link going to be provided for the new build installer when it becomes available or is this build going to be automatically pushed to users through the UI?
  7. Hi all, It has come to our attention that some users may be experiencing a User Interface issue. Some users may see that they are missing the Exclusion list and the portion of the UI where you can add your own Exclusions in Settings. The developers are aware of this issue and are working on a (hopefully) quick fix. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Regards, Ritchie...
  8. ritchie58


    For my OS the log files are located in the Program Files directory, not the Program Files (x86) directory. For my Win 7 machine the file path is (C:) Win 7 x64\Program Files\Immunet. The log files are in a .db file format so you'd need a program that can read this type of file. However we do recommend you use the UI to view history files instead of using a third-party vendor's product to try and open and view these files which could possibly corrupt the files. BTW - you will have to completely kill Immunet too to view the history files directory's since they're inaccessible while Immunet is running. In regards to the file path for log files there is no way to change that as far as I know. Cheers, Ritchie...
  9. ritchie58

    Considering Switching From ESET

    Hi Rich, I'm sorry to say that Windows Server 2019 is not a supported platform at this time however Win 10 is supported. Immunet does have an "enterprise version" that I believe will work with Windows Server 2019 called AMP for Endpoints (AMP is an acronym for Advanced Malware Protection). It's not free but the price is reasonable and actually negotiable depending on the length of your license that you choose and the number of endpoints to be protected. Plus you get much better malware/intrusion protection compared to Immunet in a server environment. So take a look to see it AMP for Endpoints better meets your needs. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/security/amp-for-endpoints/index.html Cheers, Ritchie...
  10. Hello guys, if Immunet is to be used as a stand-alone antivirus solution I would "definitely recommend" that the ClamAV module is utilized for the extra protection it provides. Cheers, Ritchie...
  11. ritchie58

    Immunet infrastructure changes!

    I am assuming that steps are being made that this infrastructure change will not affect Immunet's efficacy in any way. In other words, Immunet will still provide the same amount of protection as before, is that correct Wookiee? If the answer is "yes" then that will dispel any misgivings that any user might have concerning this change. Please advise.
  12. Hi Wookiee, there are no visible Windows error messages when this occurs. This evening Immunet loaded ok like it should so it is an intermittent thing. Who knows, it may take a re-start or two, three next time I boot-up. The next time it happens I can check the Windows Error Reporting logs to see if anything relevant to Immunet is listed. I can also create a Support Diagnostic Tool dump if you think that might be useful too.
  13. For me this seems to be a recurring theme from one build to the next. Immunet and/or my other start-up apps load ok together for a while then I start having start-up issues. This time it seems it's just Immunet not playing nice. This evening I had to reboot my computer 5 times to get iptray.exe to initialize properly. During these episodes the tray icon will load but trying to access the UI or the right click menu is impossible although iptray is running with Task Manager. This is especially problematic since I have to use Gaming Mode to keep getting needless Process Protection pop-ups for a legit app which will still occur but no way to enter Gaming Mode or hide the tray icon. This isn't the first time I've encountered this issue with this build and it seems to be happening with more frequency. I've had to do a re-start or 2 on a number of other occasions but tonight was the worst episode yet. Obviously the issue is getting progressively worse. Let me know if you want to see the support dump or any other data. OS: Win 7 Ultimate X64 SP1 All important Windows updates current
  14. ritchie58

    Mp3Tag Blocked After Renaming Files

    That's great news the Exclusions seem to be working! Always happy to help out when I can Canoman! It might not be a bad idea to keep both Exclusions in place if the software seems to be working ok now. One reason for that file not showing up in Quarantine is if it was just a temporary file created by the program that automatically got deleted. Under these circumstances there's no file present to use the Restore feature. I've seen this quarantine behavior happen before with other software packages that use temp file(s). If you run into any other conflicts between Immunet & Mp3tag don't hesitate to add an additional thread to this topic & we'll further investigate this issue. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  15. Hi guys, like Rob mentioned it is a great idea to exclude each other's Program Files folders with the respective AV's to help avoid conflicts and improve performance regardless of which AV Immunet is companion to.