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    Upgraded Forums / announcements

    Wow! Definitely some major changes Tom! I have to admit I do like the new theme except for the way user's avatars are displayed. Cool new avatar for you though btw! My avatar is only partially displayed due to the circular configuration. Is there a way to revert back to the rectangular avatar config? No "major biggie" but it does kinda bum me out my avatar is only partially visible now. Something else I've noticed, the total posts I've made is incorrect unless some have been deleted. If that's the case I'd like some clarification on that as to why.
  2. Twitter announced yesterday that they discovered a serious bug that saved users passwords without encryption to an internal log. Although Twitter says they have since fixed the bug and no data was hacked or misused as far as there investigation has revealed thus far. Twitter reiterated today that this bug was not a security breech by an outside source. The company uses an encryption algorithm to protect user passwords which shows random characters in place of the actual passwords (also called Hashing). But the detected & fixed bug stored the passwords in their original plain-text form to an "internal log" which could have been accessed by company personal. When asked how many user passwords may have been affected Twitter declined to answer. However some, as yet unsubstantiated, outside sources claim that the extensive log may have contained well over 350 million user's passwords worldwide. As a security precaution Twitter is strongly urging all users to change their passwords via a pop-up window on the site that explains the nature of the bug and links to their Settings page (see image). If you used the same password for any other service or web site Twitter is highly recommending you also change those passwords as an additional precaution. Although it's "never a good idea" to use the same password for different sites! I think most people know that "common sense security measure already!" Best wishes, Ritchie... P.S. - In retrospect I think it's "quite commendable" of Twitter to notify it's users of the bug even though it could have been a much simpler matter of just fixing the anomaly and sweeping it under the rug, they could have done that. I bet this was done to be as transparent as possible when it comes to it's user's privacy/security in light of the ongoing Facebook/Cambridge Analytica drama still unfolding.
  3. Hi Dallal, I watched some, but not all of it and like you, I was not impressed either. I would have liked more in-depth questioning about how Facebook is going to keep Russian trolls & other entities from meddling in our democratic election process through malicious accounts spreading fake news or targeting unsuspecting users like Cambridge Analytica did.
  4. I once had a Facebook account but I deleted it several years ago when "I discovered back then" that the company was allowing third-party entities to access user's profile data, for a price. I was "not cool" with that even back then! Plus the malicious re-direct links & the hacker activity didn't exactly entice me to stay either. Facebook was originally created for college students to stay in touch with each other and share ideas. A noble cause indeed! Facebook has now allowed itself to become a global source of fake news & mis-information. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly offered an apology yesterday for allowing the British firm Cambridge Analytica to access at least 50 million users profile data to try and interfere with the 2016 presidential election. This was done by targeting mis-leading or down right fake new stories to individuals that according to their data within their profiles would be more susceptible to believing the mis-leading or false information to benefit the Trump election campaign. Because of this recent debacle stocks for Facebook has been taking a real downward tumble. It is estimated that the company has lost at least 50 million dollars in stock market trading just in the last few days. I'm sure the major share holders in the company are not happy at all with recent events! It's also been reported that many users are opting to delete their profiles in disbelief & disgust! Did you know that can take up to 90 days to finalize? Since Facebook is also ad driven these days I'm sure that the advertisers are closely watching this situation deciding when it's best to abandon a sinking ship. Facebook isn't the only social media site that allows false or mis-leading information to proliferate. So what's a person to do? First of all don't believe everything you read on the net is factual. Get your news from different sources, TV news, newspapers, magazines. "Be as informed as you can about issues instead of allowing someone else to do your thinking for you!" As an after thought maybe it's time for Mark to step down and allow for some new blood to inject some new thinking into the project before it's too late. My own thoughts for what they're worth.
  5. Hi caprinod, as you also unfortunately have found out, there seems to be an on-going issue with Server 2012 R2 & Immunet. However the devs are aware of the situation and are working on it. Regards, Ritchie...
  6. There definitely seems to be a recurrent theme of issues with Server 2012 R2 and Immunet being reported of late.
  7. ritchie58

    Service Not Starting

    Thanks for the clarification on Server 2016 Wookiee. ComeAndSee, may I suggest you send Wookiee a Personal Message regarding your Server 2012 issue. Click on the link provided and that will take you to Wookiee's profile page. Then click on the Send me a message tab located to the right. http://support.immunet.com/index.php?/user/46674-wookiee/ Something you can do right now though is make sure that no other software you have installed is blocking or interfering with sfc.exe, like your firewall, another AV, behavioral blocker, sand-boxing or other security software, etc... Best wishes, Ritchie...
  8. I hear ya P36L4! I never wanted anything more to do with the social-media scene after I deleted my Facebook profile years ago.
  9. ritchie58

    Service Not Starting

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if Immunet is even compatible with Server 2016 since it's not listed as a supported platform on the official site (click on the Requirements tab). http://www.immunet.com/index That's got me rather curious, is Server 2016 considered compatible or not with the latest build of Immunet?
  10. I saw a segment on NBC's Nightly News this evening that revealed that as many as "87 million" Facebook users profile data was used by Cambridge Analytica, not the 50 million first reported! The Federal Trade Commission has been pressuring CEO Mark Zuckerberg to publicly testify about this breech of trust and he has agreed to answer their questions. He's scheduled to appear before Congress on the 10th of this month. You know they'll be asking Mark some tough questions. Like how & why Cambridge Analytica was able to access so much data from the site without Facebook users knowledge or consent and what steps are being taken by the company to assure a similar incident like this doesn't occur in the future. Facebook announced that they have added some additional security features that users can activate to help keep third-party firms from accessing their profile data. Facebook also announced today that the users affected by this breech of trust will be notified that their data has been compromised starting next Monday. Some good moves but is it too little, to late? Because of this breech of trust stocks for Facebook continue to plummet as more users opt to delete their accounts! The company has now lost well over 85 million dollars in stock market trading.
  11. ritchie58

    Update Immunet By Script

    Yes, ClamAV will provide active malware protection just like it does for Immunet with it's ClamAV module. Make sure to choose the right zip file for your Operating System. Also, there is a Contact link at the top of the site where the knowledgeable ClamAV team can answer any technical questions you may have.
  12. ritchie58

    Update Immunet By Script

    Hi Roy, unfortunately I'm sorry to say Immunet does not support command line scripting at this time. However all is not lost! If you use just the ClamAV engine that does support command line scripting for automatic updates and scanning. Here is a link to download ClamAV's source code if you'd like to give that a try instead. http://www.clamav.net/downloads Regards, Ritchie...
  13. Hi all, I received a land-line phone call this afternoon from a man with a very heavy accent from India clamming he was a representative for a company (the company name was never mentioned) that offered extended technical assistance for consumers for a yearly fee that Microsoft employs. He claimed that the company was no longer solvent and was about to go out of business so they were offering refunds to participants in the program as a stipulation in the bankruptcy proceedings. Sounds all well & good, right? First of all I have no such agreement with any company nor did I pay for anything like that. Of course I knew this was a bogus call but still played along just to see what would transpire next, as if I didn't know already! He claimed that he could mail me a check (no actual amount was ever quoted) or it would be "so much easier and quicker" if I just let them deposit the sum into my bank's checking account. Asking the bank name, address and my account number which, of course, I didn't divulge. After that I sarcastically said to him, "I bet your family is real proud of you that you turned out to be a criminal" and hung up the phone so happy to have wasted his time, lol! Most people wouldn't fall for this but there are still enough innocently unsuspecting or down right greedy individuals out there to make it worth their while to make this type of scam viable unfortunately. Those are the folks they're trying to make contact with.
  14. ritchie58

    Error 0

    The issue has seemed to have corrected itself? That is really weird comprev, especially if you didn't make any configuration changes! Please by all means if you see the same behavior start again let us know. I believe some serious further investigation is warranted if it does. Regards, Ritchie...
  15. ritchie58

    Error 0

    Server 2012R2 is a supported platform. Double check that Immunet's processes are not being partially blocked, sandboxed or interfered with by your VM software, firewall or any other security software you may have installed, that being sfc.exe, iptray.exe (and freshclam.exe if you have ClamAV enabled). Make sure to allow for both in-coming and out-going "unrestricted IP traffic" for all processes. If that's not the issue definitely let us know & I have already alerted the Admins to please view this topic. Cheers, Ritchie...
  16. ritchie58

    Files Being Added To My Pc

    I bet you turned on the "Verbose Tray Notifications" setting by mistake. This setting should normally only be turned on when instructed by an admin. or support person. It's for trouble-shooting and debugging purposes only. Go into Settings and turn the Verbose Tray Notifications setting "OFF!" That will cease the constant pop-ups that you're no doubt seeing and the extra log files being created. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  17. ritchie58

    Immunet Conflict With Bitdefender Free

    Hello Makreel, those temp files are used by Bitdefender when new malware definition signatures are being updated. Those are False Positives. It's always advisable when Immunet is used as a companion AV to exclude the entire Program Files folder of the other AV in Immunet's Exclusion List if it's not already there by default. Do the same for Immunet too, exclude Immunet's Program Files folder with Bitdefender. That can go a long way to help avoid possible conflicts and that should fix the Temp files being mistakenly flagged. In fact, delete that Windows Temp file exclusion once you've made an exclusion for Bitdefender's entire Program Files folder to see if the same behavior occurs. I don't think it should but let us know if it does because if you create a generic exclusion for the Windows Temp file directory that can leave your system more vulnerable to exploits. It's "definitely not" recommended! Best wishes, Ritchie...
  18. ritchie58

    Service Status : Stopped

    Sometimes this can be caused by a connectivity and/or a process issue Ian. Make sure that no other security program (firewall, another AV, sandboxing/behavior blocker software, etc...) you may have installed is not interfering/blocking any of Immunet's processes. That being sfc.exe, iptray.exe and freshclam.exe if you have ClamAV enabled. Allow for both in-coming and out-going data from all processes.
  19. ritchie58

    Repeated Scanning V6.0.8.10638

    Wow, that is really weird! I've never heard of "anyone" encountering this anomalous behavior before! Did Immunet create multiple scheduled scans with Windows TaskScheduler for some unknown reason? If I ran into this situation that's the first thing I would have checked. Robert, since the deletion of the scheduled scans seemed to have solved the problem how is the new scheduled scans behaving now? If you see the same or similar behavior on any of the machines by all means send Wookiee a SDT report via email per machine affected. http://support.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1672-how-do-i-submit-a-support-diagnostic-tool-report/ Regards, Ritchie...
  20. ritchie58

    Constant Warnings !

    Hi guys, I've seen that happen before. Where a user turns on the Verbose Tray Notifications in Settings by mistake or maybe out of curiosity and then wonders why there are so many pop-up messages taking place. The Verbose Tray Notifications setting is used for debugging or troubleshooting purposes only and should ordinarily remain turned off unless instructed by an Admin. or Support person to enable this setting. Cheers, Ritchie...
  21. Hi jimmiea, when the ClamAV module is enabled in Immunet's Settings it uses the Windows process freshclam.exe to pull down new defs but I'm not sure exactly which port that process uses when active. However these are the active ports that Immunet needs for ETHOS, SPERO cloud lookups & ClamAV updates: 53-UDP, 80-TCP, 443-TCP and 32137-TCP. Allow for both in-coming and out-going data packets from all ports. Regards, Ritchie...
  22. Hello lkching7, please use your Personal Messenger feature and contact bcouncil (Christine) about the issue you're encountering like she recommended in the last posted thread before yours. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  23. ritchie58

    Immunet On Windows Server 2012

    Hi bertaudmarc, to send Wookiee a personal message click on the link provided and that will take you to Wookiee's Profile page. On the right hand side of his profile page click on the "Send me a message" tab. This will open a dialog box where you can type the necessary information in and just click Send when you're done. http://support.immunet.com/index.php?/user/46674-wookiee/ When you log back in to check for any replies from Wookiee simply click on the Messenger icon on the upper right hand side of the forum (it looks like a little mail envelope) or you can click on your user name in the same location and select Personal Messenger from the little drop down menu to access your PM's. I hope this info is helpful. Regards, Ritchie...
  24. ritchie58

    Proxy Settings

    By all means do send in a SDT report to Support Etienne. http://support.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1672-how-do-i-submit-a-support-diagnostic-tool-report/ Best wishes, Ritchie...
  25. ritchie58

    False Positive From Roblox Install?

    Hi LaniLani, glad to hear you got the update installed. That is unusual that you couldn't kill Immunet with TaskManager using your Admin. account. I can kill Immunet using this method. That was a great idea though, to temporarily uninstall Immunet to update. Just hate to see you having to use such a method. I use to know the DOS Command Prompts that made it easy to stop and start Immunet without rebooting but these have changed or are nonexistent since version 5 unfortunately.