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    Windows 2012 Support

    Further the enterprise deployment looks over complicated for what we want. We want a simple standalone installer and the access based scanning (active scanning). The Official ClamAV windows port sucks a bit as it can't run as a service (and no active scan) Leaving the unofficial port - still no active scan.
  2. janaka_a

    Windows 2012 Support

    Any plans on supporting Windows server 2012?
  3. Hi, Win 2012 support would be great. Any more info on this? Thanks
  4. janaka_a

    Windows 2012 Support

    Hi, Just tried installing on Windows 2012 Server and got a nice OS not supported error. Do you have a installer that will work? Thanks
  5. I find it very surprising that command line install options are available publicly and very few people taking about it. I got quite excited when I came across ClamAV (installing on servers) but the windows support is very inconsistent with the Linux side