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    New Release: Immunet 6.0.8

    Hello all, We are happy to announce a new release of Immunet: version 6.0.8! This latest version of Immunet provides the same great protection against malware and viruses as before, but also includes System Process Protection feature - System Process Protection adds protection for memory attacks against certain Windows system processes, Fixes related to Windows 10 Fall creators update incompatibility issues, Performance improvements & other bug fixes As always, you can get the new installer at https://www.immunet.com If you are running an older version of Immunet, you should be able to upgrade via the 'Update Now' button in the UI. If you don't see the update in your UI, you can always download the latest installer from https://www.immunet.comand execute it to get the upgrade. If you do encounter problems with the new version of Immunet Protect, please let us know either here on the forums at http://support.immunet.com, or via email at support@immunet.com. Thank you for your continued support! The Immunet Protect Team