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  1. Sorry. I was under the impression that if the computer is on with the OS running then there are plenty of processes running as well & if it is up then the registry is ALWAYS available. At least based on my version of process hacker & Win7. And my computer is not set to sleep or hibernate. Screen goes dark after 15 minutes w/o a keystroke. Tap any key & the screen reappears as it was. Guess me & my computer MUST be doing something else wrong, huh?
  2. Every software has bugs, the point of reporting these issues is so that we can fix them. Immunet bugs go through ME now, I have only been on this project for a short time. I am trying to FIX any and all problems reported. Though, this will obviously take time to find WHY something is not working right. Now, if you want to enable debugging, and wait for the scheduled scan to not kick off again- then generate a support dump, and send it in- I can look at fixing it. My last post was in answer to ritchie58's post. If you have a desire to get testy & get your panties in a knot, do it with him. He has been here for nearly 2,000 personal posts. And he stated he has experienced some of these "bugs". My honest opinion, I don't give a damn either way. Fix it. Don't fix it. Life for all of us will go on till it doesn't. I will sleep & eat just fine. I noticed the date of the 1st. post in this thread. Over the years one can certainly visualize the timeline of ownership changes with Immunet. Earliest years were the best for communication & cooperation. We were needed then as the 1st. release was in development. We helped test it & debug it. The feedback was appreciated. A couple of rungs later up the time ladder & we are, at best, a nuisance. You need some more feedback, talk to ritchie58. You two have the answers. All I have are questions. Goodnight.
  3. No limitations mentioned or enforced by the software. It allows the multiple creation of custom scans. It just does not execute them. Where is the warning for this speed limit on scrolling? Sounds like "problems" to me. Bugs. Means a lot to users when staff admit experiencing these long term problems and yet, they still exist. Just say'n.
  4. Nothing out of date or wrong with my system. Clocks, calendars, etc all reading in this century. Better more up-to-date system than the mainframes used by the Dems & Repubs. Only one piece of software that I have had some kind of problem with from day one. I mean day one. Still have that first release on another computer in my backroom. I deleted my auto scans. Set it up to do the simplest thing possible. Daily quick scan at 6:00am. So far, it has managed to complete this. Just the one entry. There were 3 before to do a full scan of my "C:" drive every other day. Do that manually I guess when I remember before going to bed. Another problem with the clean files option in history. It does seem to clean all but very last date but screws up the EOF. Every time I clean the files & scroll down to bottom of display to check for oldest date still left, it crashes. Attaching screen grab for you. Got the emails. None of the magic suggestions worked. Along the lines of those suggestions, it won't work when the computer is turned off either. Just say'n...
  5. I use Privoxy on my Win7 system. All web communications filters through it. Immunet does not detect it. But the updates work. I whitelist any software I trust that needs web access in my firewall. I think the firewall then directs the traffic through the proxy. All of my browsers, games & auto updaters work fine using this method. Just a thought on an aging post & problem.
  6. It is July 20, 2018. I suffer from the same issue. Scheduled scans do not run leading to orange danger warning on main panel. Manuel quick scan clears it up. Manuel scans are all that have ever worked for me. And, to be honest, I have zero faith in Cisco responding to this in any kind of a timely manner. I highly suspect the reported numbers of users is much smaller. A quick tour around the site here shows almost no activity. And by "responding" I MEAN FIXING/CORRECTING. NOT replying with chants, spells & black magic to try as a work around. I still don't trust this software. It is STRICTLY backup only. And there still is no way to edit the ever growing file history. I delete quarantined items after verification with other software and the red "X" changes to a green check but nothing changes with the file. There is a "Clean History" option that does nothing. The damned file is still there. I want to remove oldest entries (ALL OF THEM!) & keep the most recent ones. The only choices we have are to develop work arounds on our own. I run a manual full scan at the end of my day. Scheduled scans are relegated to my other software that works. Someday, I will hunt down the history file and use an editor to manually remove the crap collecting there. Seems the only REAL purpose for this "freeware" is to collect & build the malware database for the paid version. I am sure the reporting function works perfectly. Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Pentium P6200 @ 2.13GHz 49 °C Arrandale 32nm Technology RAM 4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 532MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard Acer Aspire 5733Z (CPU) Graphics Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics (Acer Incorporated [ALI]) Storage 465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1 (SATA) 35 °C 232GB Seagate External Drive USB Device (USB) Optical Drives HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT32N Audio Realtek High Definition Audio
  7. I agree with Ritchie, whitelisting Immunet software with your firewalls, proxies and any other security software is the first step to insure I/O communications. GL and God bless.
  8. I understand. I got stuck with an extremely slow system Sunday morning doing a full scan of my C:/ drive with exclusions. My fault. I got up early. Moved this weekly scan to 1am Sunday and my MSE full scan to 1am Wednesday. I let Immunet do a quick scan every day at 7am. I back both of these up with manual scans using McAfee Stingers. So far so good with this schedule and these products. McAfee has no exclusion options and for awhile they were indicating malware connected to Immunet. I sent McAfee and Immunet the files involved with a description. The result was 2 weeks later McAfee whitelisted Immunet for the stingers. I have the stingers set to max sensitivity and to "report only". If they trigger something the report gives me the files and locations to research and investigate further. I let Immunet and MSE use quarantine set to default to handle any suspects. I do some streaming and both have isolated driveby bitcoin miner malware attempting to hijack my system. As long as I keep the full scans scheduled for downtime and days apart they work side by side well together. I have an Acer laptop running Win7 Home Premium. I have Cybereason and McAfee Real protect installed to prevent ransomware. So far so good and they get along without hogging system resources. Windows 10 and the Server 12 are the new kids on the block and problems are inevitable. If they are bad enough to compromise your use or trust then you need to adjust until the problems are dealt with. Version 6.0 and updates have been a battle for all of us. For now, the waters seem to have calmed and sailing is smooth again. GL and God bless.
  9. Just did a quick check of my system. It reports over 100 million folks protected from over 300 million threats. Not sure why yours is only half fixed. GL and God bless.
  10. I just checked and can verify as well that cloud communications have resumed. Full speed ahead. Thanks and God bless.
  11. I am running an Acer Aspire laptop w/Win7 64 fully updated. I am running newest version of Immunet w/all engines on. 0 people 0 threats is an ongoing problem that does not seem to affect function or protection. I also run MSE, McAfee Stinger's Real Protect and Cybereason. I run Stingers manually to back up real time protections. All are whitelisted with each other and in the firewall. Just checked my Immunet history and it goes back several weeks. DID NOT crash... Working fine as is everything else but cloud info. GL and God bless.
  12. Did you try whitelisting the Immunet folder in your firewall? If you do install other security, whitelisting in each all of the other security software is a must. That way they ignore each other. GL & God bless.
  13. You are correct. Negativity generally does not help. Many times it is the result of long term suffering with the same problem(s). Negativity hurts. But, so does the truth. Let us be honest. I AM NOT the lone complaint here. I see no POSITIVE reports of anything being done. No details to put the user's minds at ease. How about something positive from your end? I mean, this forum is full of your posts. Maybe you can share something more positive than a scolding to file another report on a long term issue. Really, another report will get things jumping? Believe it or not, my negativity has been the only response this issue has gotten here. Thanks for noticing. I feel so much better now. But, I have software to remove. God bless.
  14. NOTHING helps. Not even new install. It has CRASHED. NO auto scans. Manual quick scan only or system locks up and cpu maxes. 0 people, 0 threats in cloud. My system is in more danger because of this antivirus software. This company obviously has one person assigned to this, maybe the CEO's nephew from middle school. If trust is earned, how do YOU feel Cisco is doing???
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