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  1. My Photoshop gave a couple of errors regarding some component, did a search to find it was likely something malfunctioning in Creative Cloud. Went to launch it and it was stuck at 90% in the background doing an update. Couldn't seem to stop that so rebooted system and went to do an update - during the Creative Cloud Desktop download for re-install, at about the 30-40% download point Immunet AV alerted me of a quarantined file. This then caused the Creative Cloud download to error out. Clam.Win.Trojan.Agent-6439092-0 -- searched of which lead to nothing. Maybe consider putting a link that describes what it thinks the issue is? I used to like Immunet but after the Windows 10 debacle that took weeks to get an update on and the constant false positives that don't give me any certainty, I think I'm about to dump it for something else and just use Windows Defender + Malwarebytes in the meantime. For example I will be browsing web sites with Chrome and it will falsely alert me about some HTML virus detected that only affects IE 6-9. Oh really? You know what? I've had enough of Immunet. Uninstalling...
  2. I came across the same exact issue today. During Windows 10 update, I also received 3 notifications of quarantines (all false positives) tied to user32.dll for AMD (though I have an Intel system so I just removed the quarantined items before allowing Windows to finish updating) - I'm not sure if the quarantines were related to this issue, I sent Immunet support an email of those details. EDIT: I went into safe mode to uninstall fully. Re-installed. Install had no issues. But on restart, same stuck at "Starting...". Clearly there is an incompatibility with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update 1709. I will have to uninstall Immunet again in safe mode and turn on Windows Defender (not very useful). I have Malwarebytes running as well but need a reliable real-time scanning (Avast is no longer an option and AVG is a joke).