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  1. So today I finally had enough, I've removed Immunet from my system, I cannot deal with clicking on an application and having to wait 30 to 45 seconds for any kind of a response.


    I'm hopeful that a future version of Immunet will work properly, but right now I can't see using it.


    Personally I just wish that a version of AMP were available for use by home users of companies that own AMP licenses, I know that supposedly Immunet is that product - but clearly it is not.

  2. I've just installed Immunet, there are two issues - one minor, one fairly concerning.


    The minor issue is that the GUI is almost unreadable due to the resolution of my laptop screen - 3840x2160 - is there a way to increase the size, without affecting my screen resolution?


    The concerning issue is that since I installed Immunet it has been hogging my CPU, with usage at 75%+ since I installed it.  I'm running Windows 10 Pro build 1703, I saw that there were issues with Windows 10 build 1709 and Immunet 6, are the issues more widespread?



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