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    This was fixed with the signature.
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    I would mark an exception in the settings for immunet for now, and I will see about finding out why Immunet is detecting this file as bad. When the exception is made, try to do the windows update again.
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    I don't know how large the file is, but you can attempt to send that too me also. Though, to pull a file hash- you will want to run powershell and run: Get-Filehash PATH_TO_FILE sha256 More information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/microsoft.powershell.utility/get-filehash?view=powershell-6
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    Can you all send me the hash of the file in a message? I'll check it out
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    Happy 4th Everyone!

    Oh, we had a storm too! I did enjoy some suds myself I am sorry to hear about the tv, that would make me incredibly sad.
  6. Thank you, I will review.
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    Happy 4th Everyone!

    Fireworks were fun, smoked a brisket and relaxed.
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    help me

    It might be the Language set for Windows causing the issue for the notification box. As far as deleting, you should be able to select the files you want to delete, and hitting the delete button.- Are you not able to select multiple files?
  9. I'll send you a message on where to send the file
  10. Wookiee

    Best Antivirus Software For Windows 7

    I am going to say, since this is Immunet's forum, that Immunet is the best. But if anyone has suggestions to Immunet, let us know and we can try to accommodate.
  11. Actually, change your "view by" to "Quarantined file history" and see if they appear there instead. I notice you currently are sitting on "default"
  12. So, the system crashed? Do you see any errors in the logs or anything of that? Can you send me a support log Generate a support package for this issue. To do this, go to start menu, immunet folder, support diagnostic tool. This will generate a .7z file on your desktop that contains some helpful logs that we can hopefully use to get more information on your issue. Once this is done, let me know- and I can send you a link to upload it
  13. Do you have the files set for removal ?
  14. Wookiee

    Important driver not loaded...

    I sent you a private message with the information.
  15. Wookiee

    Important driver not loaded...

    Nothing was changed in the last few days. We do not push new features or anything like that. We release new install files with new features when the time comes. The only updates that should of happened are signature (detection), which won't do anything with the driver. I can send you a message to send me a support log. But the error you previously wrote, means that there is either a file missing, or maybe that file is corrupt, or removed.
  16. Wookiee

    Important driver not loaded...

    Typically, it can't connect to the driver file and or can't find it. Rebooting sometimes helps, but if the file is "gone" it could of been removed by the other anti-virus which isn't uncommon. I would try to write an exception path for the antivurses and when immunet is installed an an exception for Web Plesk as well. I would uninstall it, and reinstall in safe mode if possible. Add the exception paths, and then reboot and see if that fixes it.
  17. Wookiee

    Important driver not loaded...

    I will also say, we don't officially support VPS as of today, but in theory it should work. From the messages in the logs you sent, it looks like a bad install. Either something removed the file(s), or they weren't extracted correctly during install.
  18. Wookiee

    Important driver not loaded...

    Are you installing this with admin access? Do you have any software for "speeding up your computer" or any other anti-virus software programs on this machine. Just so you know, Immunet is for at home use only, and is not to be used in a corporate environment.
  19. That's odd. Can you provide the download link to the Process hacker, and I will run some tests and see "what happens" As far as the crash, what kind of specs do you have on the box? Any other anti-virus software on the box or just Immunet? Can you run a support debug so I can review it?
  20. Wookiee

    can't install Immunet Because of avast

    Hopefully that works for you and if you have any questions about the Immunet installer, let me know !
  21. Actually, @JScott, I talked to some dev's and IF the drive is connected via a USB, then it's considered local and should be able to be scanned. IF this is a VM, with a shared drive or a network drive that you are trying to scan,- then this will not work since this is not the enterprise version of the software.
  22. That is good, I am glad it is working for you again.
  23. I would say, if you really want to use command line tool(s), you could checkout ClamAV for some of your needs (depending on what you are doing) Immunet does use that engine as well. Though, Ritchie is correct with his previous response.
  24. Thank you all for the information, if anyone can provide more information on it. That would be great. Specific to operating system? how much RAM you have operating on that system? Do you have OTHER anti-virus software(s) installed on the same machine?