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    Network Share exclusion

    Unfortunately the application uses the environment variable for temp %TEMP%
  2. bigvalboa

    Network Share exclusion

    More color, I found that white-listing C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp solves my issues however very insecure. Is there a way to wildcard whitelist file names? such UTWD10E.tmp UTWC03.tmp. So all .tmp files beginning with UTW?
  3. bigvalboa

    Network Share exclusion

    To add further color, when i analyze the debug log i see this for the .exe: \Device\Mup\HOSTNAME\SHARE\UT18\utw18.exe
  4. bigvalboa

    Network Share exclusion

    I have tried putting in an exclusion for "utw18.exe" but it complains that the path given is not valid.
  5. bigvalboa

    Network Share exclusion

    The application is Thomson Reuters Ultratax 18. https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/us/en/cs-professional-suite/ultratax-cs The PC is Windows 7 fully updated. The behavior is that the application crashes (APPCRASH) after beginning to navigate. The application is not actually installed on the PC, it is a network install application and each time the application is launched it is from the UNC path. I have ran debug logging, and parsed it via amp_scan_debug_log.sh and see several hits for different types of files here: \\?\C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\ Obviously I do not want to completely exclude the \Temp folder.
  6. bigvalboa

    Network Share exclusion

    Hello, I've got an application that is launched from a network share, is it possible to exclude a network share? It runs fine when the service is stopped, but as soon as it runs it kills my application.