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Found 1 result

  1. Jose

    Immunet Release Notes

    Hello Everybody. Starting today we will be posting release notes in this thread. This thread will be locked, to be used for release notes only. --- -Immunet Version Release addressing the issues that surfaced because of If you have previously performed a clean uninstall and reinstall of Immunet 3.1.12, after an upgrade to 3.1.13, you are now able to re-activate your Plus account via the Settings page. If you are still experiencing issues with this release, please feel free to contact support@immunet.com. --- -Immunet Version This small release contains minor bug fixes for the TETRA engine. Release Notes: -Bug Fixes: Several minor bugs, most related to TETRA engine. !NOTE! There were some significant issues with version Version corrects these issues --- -Immunet Version This small release contains bug fixes. Release Notes: -Bug Fix: Fixed some issues with silent crashes -Bug Fixes: Several other minor bugs --- -Immunet Version This small release contains bug fixes. Release Notes: -Bug Fixes: Fixed an interface crash that occurred on a combination of settings/detections. -Bug Fixes: Several other minor interface bugs --- -Immunet Version This new version contains a mountain of bug fixes and some important Interface changes. Release Notes: -Operating System Support: Full Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 support! -User Interface Changes: The "My Community" and "Notices" features have been removed from the UI. These became redundant long ago as we found a way for our Cloud Servers to ensure all users received the full protection of Immunet's global community of over 2 million users, rather than just the few immediate users most had in their local communities. -User Interface Changes: We're now "Immunet 3" instead of "Immunet 3.0". There are so many minor changes since our last major release that we've had to rev our version number. -Engine Changes: New and improved versions of both the TETRA and Clam engines! -Bug Fixes: Network related issues that would cause Net Bios name resolution failures, VPN connection failures, and BSOD’s. -Bug Fixes: XML locking issues with the configuration files. -Bug Fixes: Many, many more! --- Immunet Version This version is considered a must-have for Plus users, or those wishing to upgrade to Plus in the future. (Newer versions also contain these fixes) Release Notes: -Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing TETRA signatures from successfully upgrading. -Made various changes so that upgrades run smoother, as well as more reliably. Cheers. ---