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Clamav -----Clamtmp

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I scanned with hitmanpro , in a virtual machine i was playing a bit , and it found infections in the Clamtmp , and Malwarebytes also found it.





I heard that are definitions , so there is nothing to worry about right ?


But i found out a topic in 2007 was also similar to mine , is that still not fixed then ?





And another thing , is Immunet Free compatible with Comodo Internet Security ?

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What you are seeing are False Positives. They are indeed definition update files for the ClamAV module. To avoid further FP's with Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes put C:\ProgramFiles\Immunet\ in their Exclusion List. I use CIS myself and find Immunet compatible. Just put the processes agent.exe, iptray.exe, and freshclam.exe in Comodos "Trusted Files." I use just the Firewall and the Defense+ features since the AV was unnecessary as I'm running Panda Cloud Pro & Immunet Free together. Regards, Ritchie...

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