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How To Remove Trojan From My Pc?

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The processing speed of my PC has slowed down. I think Torjans and Malwares have attacked my PC. Could anyone suggest me a good antivirus which is capable of removing all Malwares at very first scan? Thanks in advance!

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There are a good number of things, both hardware and software related, that can slow down ones' PC but if you want to make sure your not infected I would suggest you do an install and run a malware scan in Safe Mode by pressing F8 while booting up your machine. Use Safe Mode "with Networking." Download, install and update Malwarebytes. Reboot and then use Safe Mode "without Networking" and run a complete scan with Malwarebytes of all your HDD's. Malwarebytes has saved me from having to re-format my Operating System on more than one occasion. Regards, Ritchie...

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