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Below is a virus test kits,The bottom of the virus test kits, Moderator download and detect

,If immunet not detected files,Moderator submit immunet,Let immunet can improve the detection ability.


Virus samples to download site:

[Link Removed]


In addition, if the breach of the Rules, please forgive

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Thanks ryuusei, in the future you can just send these kinds of links to us at support@immunet.com.


1.but sent support@immunet.com, technical support how long reply?

2.Why submit samples, after 24 hours will be detected, and even some have to wait until 36-48 hours detected, sample automated analysis system problems or signature updates time is not fast or immunet the network bandwidth is not enough or user network speed delay.

Can please immunet staff look at the problem.

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I don't entirely understand what you're trying to ask, but here's my best guess:

1) Immunet staff probably won't reply if you're just submitting malware.

2) Just because you send us what you think is malware doesn't mean we're going to convict it, not without proper verification anyway.

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