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Symantec Declares On-Demand Antivirus Tests "misleading"

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Read this article on PC mag that symantec declares AV-comparatives ondemand tests misleading. I find it somewhat true becuase they scored lower than microsoft, But I also wondering if they claim that just because of the score.


Here is a URL to the story:


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Hello Zurchiboy. Ondemand tests are mostly misleading as they are not projecting real world enviroments.


But then again, it is impossible to probably test antivirus software in real world enviroments therefor ondemand/realtime tests might be the most reliably tests around.

Just be critic, most vendors pay for "fine" results at AV testing companies.

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Since the vast majority of malware infections do come from the internet in one form or another, such as "malicious URL's" or an "exploitable software vulnerability" (that's why I'm helping to beta test ExploitShield Browser Edition at this time) I think real-world AV testing has it's merrits in future testing enviorments but, alas, as Dennis Labs pointed out, that can be a time consuming process. Here's a quote from the article: (Dennis Labs records the process of infection from real-world URLs and then uses a Web replay system to repeat the exact same process under each antivirus product's protection. Admirable indeed, but it takes a lot of time.)

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