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Significance Of Files Appearing Listed In History

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There is a whole list of files that show when I open History. What is the significance of them? are they potential threats? should they be deleted? risks of crashing something? Selecting any of them a window appears giving further details on them like what program created them, etc. Interesting information but I don't know what to do with it if anything needs to be done. :huh:

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Hello Papataci, Immunet does keep a detailed history log of all the active files it has encountered. These history files can be quite useful for troubleshooting problems when a Support Diagnostic Tool report is submitted to Support. Actually, if you look, a lot of these are just temp files created mainly by your browser and other third party software you have installed. Since Immunet will, by default, automatically quarantine any known or potential threats you really needn't worry about these history files during normal use. Also you don't have to worry about the history log getting too large and taking up valuable HDD space or having to manually delete it (there is a way to manually delete these history files using CMD commands, if need be, but the average user shouldn't have a reason to do this unless instructed by a Support person, Administrator or Moderator). After a period of time the history log will automatically reset. For this reason there may come a time when you open Immunet's GUI and it says that an update or scan was never performed because the old log was deleted and a new log created. A simple manual update and a quick Flash Scan will correct this if you run into this situation in the future.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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