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Whitch File Should I Use?

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I've installed ClamAV on XP.

There is no icone on the desktop, and nothing in start menu.

In the folder of ClamAV there are 7 exe-files:


clambc, clamconf, clamd, clamdscan, clamscan, freshclam and sigtool.


Whitch file shoud I use?


thank you,

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I am not quite sure where you downloaded it from, but this forum is intended for Immunet users. You can find an Immunet download here: http://download.immunet.com/push/immunet/ImmunetSetup.exe


It comes with the ClamAV engine which you are able to turn on/off from the Immunet interface general settings. No need to manually run any ClamAV files.




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Hello Pod, if you're interested in just the ClamAV engine this link to the ClamAV's owners manual can be found here. https://github.com/vrtadmin/clamav-faq/raw/master/manual/clamdoc.pdf It's a PDF file so you'll need a program that can read this format. I'm sure you can find the info your seeking with this.


However what Lorne suggested is a good idea too! With Immunet you get the ClamAV engine completely intergrated with Immunet. This gives Immunet off-line scanning capabilties with the ClamAV engine enabled. Also with Immunet you get the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines as well. ETHOS uses heuristic cloud detection methods to better detect unknown or as yet unseen threats. If you're looking for just a command-line scanner then ClamAV would be the way to go. Of course it's your choice.


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Expect lots of false positives with the ClamAV engine.

With Immunet, I'd stick with Spero and Ethos only.

Just my advice.

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