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Help On Restarting

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Hi B.Brady, a little more information about what sort of problem you seem to be encountering could be very useful I think. If you open Task Manager and see sfc.exe and iptray.exe then Immunet has launched properly and is running. On very rare occasions these processes may not launch properly but a simple reboot usually rectifies that situation.

You can stop and restart Immunet without rebooting if that's the info your loking for.

1. Right click on Immunet's System Tray icon and choose Hide Tray Icon

2.Open a CMD window and type: net stop immunetprotect


To relaunch Immunet without rebooting.

1. Open another CMD window and type: net start immunetprotect

2. To relaunch the GUI click on the Desktop icon or the icon located in the All Programs Immunet 3 folder.

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