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Hi peekaa, yes it is possible to temporarily kill & re-start Immunet without re-booting. The easiest way to do this is to use Command Prompts, here's how. 


First right click on the Immunet tray icon and select "Hide Tray Icon" from the little context menu.

Now click on the Start button and type cmd in the Search bar and click on the little cmd icon that appears. This will launch a cmd window.

Type exactly: net stop immunetprotect  then press Enter.


To re-start Immunet open another cmd window and type: net start immunetprotect  then press Enter.

To re-launch the GUI/tray icon click on the Immunet Desktop icon or the icon located in Immunet's All Programs folder.


I use this method myself when installing legitimate Windows Update files just to speed things up a bit. "Just don't forget to turn Immunet back on afterwards though, lol!"


Cheers, Ritchie...

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Thank you. That was the reason I was asking: all installation now last much longer....  Seems to me that the action "hiding tray icon" is not neccesary, for me it works witthout it.

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Well, if you use the Hide Tray Icon feature this does kill iptray.exe (this controls the GUI). Then the cmd command kills sfc.exe (Immunet's main process). So using both of these methods does completely stop all of Immunet's processes.


I would advise you to use this method very carefully. Just be absolutely sure that the software you're installing is legitimate and not compromised with spyware or malware. That's why I usually only use this method when updating my Operating System. Ordinarily "it really is best if you leave Immunet turned on when installing new software" just in case!


Regards, Ritchie...

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