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Windows 10 Au?

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Wow.  My login still works.


Congrats on Immunet 5!


I have a Windows 10 Home x64 system which started out as a Technical Preview build on an old clunker E8400 box.  But it keeps on updating and works just like retail.


Immunet 5 is installed on there and runs well with Defender, Spy Shelter free and Voodoo Shield free.


Test results are superb, snagging everything I throw at it from VXVault and malc0de.


I also have a new Dell i3-6100 running 10 Home X64 Anniversary Update.


I'm a bit reluctant to install Immunet because of, well, you know... Microsoft.


Have you folks cleared for AU yet?



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Sorry to getting in like this but i just start with Win10 and just wonder if I should install immmunnet5 depite of Win Defender... I think got the answer .. ;)

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