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A. Holland

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     Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place but Immunet brough me to a general page when I clicked on feedback.


I, have a few concerns and suggestions that were brought to my attention by my customers using immunet w/clamAV.


1) I, as well as my customers are very troubled by your use of a Devil (Universal symbol of EVIL) on you clam av sign. To me this says "rather then protecting my computer your allowing a sneaking devil to infect me. This in my opinion is not what you wanted to convey to you users. PLEASE offer a theme or way to change/remove this to more friendly icon.


2) Again,  amd others hate the new always red icon as it was blue when on and red (meaning danger or intrusion  ect.) Looking at that icon tells me there is an issiue or problem but i cant seem to get blue. Can you again have a theme back to blue?  I appeal to you to please use another color other then the red. I find it annoying enough to post on and I dont post much feedback. I loved the old style immunet.


A. Holland

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I could see where someone with strong religious convictions could be dismayed that such a logo is used for the ClamAV module. However there is no devious or malicious intent I can guarantee you that! The ClamAV module is an integral part of Immunet that's helping to keep you and your customers safe and free of malware. So the opposite is actually true!

Interesting idea about being able to change the theme though. That idea has surfaced in the past by other users but has never been implemented. 

As far as the change for the tray icon, the decision was made to use the same icon as FireAMP Connector (Immunet's enterprise version) instead of using two different ones. This icon will always remain red for the new build. You will see animation with the tray icon if Immunet is scanning and/or sending a file for review to the Immunet servers however. Of course you will see a small pop-up window message every time Immunet does quarantine a malicious or suspicious file or files (unless Gaming Mode is enabled).


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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