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Automatic Updates

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Immunet should update itself automatically in the background without needing user input.  Users in general don't care about the health of their PCs or the 'security' of their PCs.  Their jobs are not the PCs, PCs are only apart of their job.  Most users see the 'you should update immunet' warning, or other software, and just ignore it.  Why do they ignore it?  Because it take time to update stuff and they don't care if its updated because it isn't broken.


Immunet should update in the background and not show the user anything.  The only time you would need to show the user anything is if in the update you added some crap like 'oh... btw we updated your immunet and in this update we are going to collect some new information from you in this update is that ok?'.  Other than that I can't see any other reason to prompt the user.


This change would have prevented the 'no disk space' plague, because I know immunet had a newer version before this bug triggered.

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Thank you for your feedback, we actually have this feature, but have not turned it on yet. 


Any ETA?  An antivirus that doesn't automatically update definitions on every startup is really crippled, IMHOP.  Always out-of-date...

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