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Scan Schedule Works For A While, Then Stops

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I set up a scan schedule, and for a while it works flawlessly.  Then after several cycles, it just stops scheduling and executing scans.  So, my work around is to delete that scheduled scan, and set it up again and it will schedule scans perfectly for a while, then of course stop.


Anyone have a better answer than continually checking to see if the scan ran, and if not, deleting the schedule and setting it up again?

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Hi dobbsa, Windows Task Manager is utilized when a scheduled scan is created with Immunet. Windows Task Scheduler is Task Manager's sub-process that launches the scheduled scan once it's set up.


Could you be using a junk file/cleaning tool that accesses Task Manager or Task Scheduler to delete unwanted entries? Maybe a cleaning tool you're currently using is not recognizing Immunet's task as legitimate and deletes it. That's something you can look into.


If that's not the issue, I would recommend you do a clean uninstall and reinstall of Immunet. When asked by the uninstaller if you plan to reinstall Immunet again choose "NO" and proceed with the remainder of the uninstall. This will delete all your previous history files and settings so you'll have to reconfigure your settings, exclusions and scheduled scan again but I believe it might be worth the effort. Let us know if the issue persists if you do a reinstall.


Best Wishes, Ritchie...

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Thanks for the advice.


The only other scan program I have running is Windows Defender.  I had excluded the Immunet folder in WD.  I followed your advice and uninstalled Immunet with the "no" option to delete everything.  Reinstalled it, and set up a scheduled Scan.  I will see what happens.

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Hi Doobbsa, Can you tell me what your scheduled scan settings are? and ~about how long immunet is running continuously before you start to see missed scans?


Also as of 5.0.1 Immunet now has it's own internal scheduler and no longer uses the windows task scheduler, which is why you're not seeing any scheduled tasks there,  


-Also can you tell me how you know immunet is missing scans?  are your just not seeing them in the scan history? Or your a the computer at the time the scan is supposed to run and nothing happens?






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