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I just tried installing This software, I'm trieing to find out if this would be a viable solution for or small team. We currently don't use any Virus or Malware protection program.

What we do have for example is SRP this basicy restricts the execution of unwanted software, After I gave the Setup access to start and FINISHED the installation without any warnings or errors I tried scanning the system but it didn't evan manage to install the service .. In the event log I found this: The administrator has restricted access to C:\Program Files\Immunet\6.0.6\sfc.exe because the level of the default software restriction policy has been modified.(translated from dutch) My guess is that this exe is used to install the service.


So my 2 Questions:

 - What would be the best practice to install the service manually.

 - Why did the setup complete with no error if it didn't even manage to succesfully install the service ...


Thanks in advance.

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If you see the Immunet folder in the Program Files directory that means that Immunet should have installed successfully. What is the platform you are using? Immunet 6.0.6 does support Windows Server 2008 R2.

My guess would be that your other security software is conflicting with Immunet if you are using a supported platform.


Something else I need to address. If you're using a server platform "Immunet is not free" for commercial or organizational, for-profit, endeavors. This is in the EULA when you first installed Immunet.


Even if you are a non-profit organization (or not) Cisco's AMP for Endpoints (Immunet's enterprise version) will much better suit your needs for a multiple-endpoint environment than Immunet Protect Free ever could. Although not free it is reasonably priced, easily deployed & will work with your existing security software! https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/security/amp-for-endpoints/index.html


Regards, Ritchie...

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