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There are some issues with the UI still going on where the cloud stats & maybe your Last Updated time/date may be incorrect. I have a daily flash scan set up and the UI displays that info correctly with my Win 7 machine fortunately. This leads me to believe that what you're encountering is not related to these issues.


It may be that your .db history files have become corrupted. This does mysteriously happen sometimes but thankfully it is a rare occurrence.


An easy fix for this is to do an uninstall & reinstall. When asked by the uninstaller if you plan to reinstall Immunet again choose the "NO" option and proceed with remainder of the uninstall. Choosing no will delete all of your old history files, that's what you want to take place. Then reinstall and reset your previous settings, add any exclusions you were using and create another scheduled scan if you had one. I've had to do this a couple of times myself over the 7+ years of using Immunet.


Let us know if that doesn't correct the issue.


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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I uninstalled and reinstalled immunet several times and the scan history is always deleted after a while (can be 5 minutes or 1 hour). 

Stats today seem working again. But I would prefer history working correctly rather than the stats....


(latest Immunet version running 6.0.8)

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If you're still experiencing issues, can you please PM so that I can get more information on your issue to submit to the research team? 



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