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Incomplete Initialization of iptray.exe Getting Worse

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For me this seems to be a recurring theme from one build to the next. Immunet and/or my other start-up apps load ok together for a while then I start having start-up issues. This time it seems it's just Immunet not playing nice.

This evening I had to reboot my computer 5 times to get iptray.exe to initialize properly. During these episodes the tray icon will load but trying to access the UI or the right click menu is impossible although iptray is running with Task Manager.

This is especially problematic since I have to use Gaming Mode to keep getting needless Process Protection pop-ups for a legit app which will still occur but no way to enter Gaming Mode or hide the tray icon.

This isn't the first time I've encountered this issue with this build and it seems to be happening with more frequency. I've had to do a re-start or 2 on a number of other occasions but tonight was the worst episode yet. Obviously the issue is getting progressively worse.

Let me know if you want to see the support dump or any other data.

OS: Win 7 Ultimate X64 SP1
All important Windows updates current

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Hi Wookiee, there are no visible Windows error messages when this occurs. This evening Immunet loaded ok like it should so it is an intermittent thing. Who knows, it may take a re-start or two, three next time I boot-up.

The next time it happens I can check the Windows Error Reporting logs to see if anything relevant to Immunet is listed. I can also create a Support Diagnostic Tool dump if you think that might be useful too.

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