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Where are logs located? I looked program data and program files (x86) I didn't see anything unless it's hidden in another folder? Can I change the location the log files direct to?

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For my OS the log files are located in the Program Files directory, not the Program Files (x86) directory. For my Win 7 machine the file path is (C:) Win 7 x64\Program Files\Immunet. The log files are in a .db file format so you'd need a program that can read this type of file.

However we do recommend you use the UI to view history files instead of using a third-party vendor's product to try and open and view these files which could possibly corrupt the files. BTW - you will have to completely kill Immunet too to view the history files directory's since they're inaccessible while Immunet is running.

In regards to the file path for log files there is no way to change that as far as I know.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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