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False Positive: Cpu Free Benchmark

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1. ClamAV (plus) says that


is a virus (W32.Trojan.5d35), when it's not!



2. Moreover, if I disable all the four engines (ETHOS, SPERO, TETRA, CLAMAV), it will still be quarantined --> the GUI has nothing to do with what the actual agent.exe scanning service does! To have the file not scanned, immunetprotect must be stopped.


3. As with the identical Immunet (Free or Plus), in such cases, if the file is already on disk and I try to run it, the application's window FULLY SHOWS UP, and only AFTERWARDS the file is quarantined!!! --> ClamAV/Immunet are useless pieces of junk, because a malware can first destroy my system before it gets quarantined!


Extremely disappointed.

post-1121-077621800 1296158834_thumb.png

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Guest Orlando

Thanks, I have reported the FP, it will be corrected in a few hours.


You can also follow this guide for report a FP.


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