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Norton 360 Issues With Clamav Library Files

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Hi Guys,


I have an issue that is strange and suspicious. Earlier i changed from KIS to Norton 360 because something similar was done by KIS and this is not ethical!


It's becoming more and more frequent. Norton quarantines and sends the Clamtmp files form the Program Files library of ClamAV to themselves. It started with few seconds delayed reaction of Norton's virus engine to Immunet's (ClamAV's) virus detection engine's action. Now almost all Clamtmp files are quarantined by Norton 360. Norton says: Heuristic Virus - Suspicius AD.

c:\program files\immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-07270a13f96ecd0c88edab6ad4aae61c




Fájl: c:\program files\immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-07270a13f96ecd0c88edab6ad4aae61c



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Guest Orlando

They are False Positives by Norton Heuristic. Put Immunet folder in Norton exclusions.



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