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  2. Hi, I am hoping a Dev will still reply.. I can understand that Immunet might not want to add the option to disable certain features so Immunet users will not shoot themselves in the foot. However, I don't think that is the reason why these new features are not visible in the settings menu, as it was already possible with the old features. For example you can disable monitoring of program start, program install and you can disable the different engines individually(ETHOS, SPERO and ClamAV). Control Flow Guard does not protect files, but processes. Like DEP and ASLR. An antivirus program needs to be able to parse tons of filetypes in order to scan those files, that means they parse a lot of untrusted data and that could be exploited by an attacker. AV's are an interesting target because they run with system privileges in order to protect the system, but that also means succesfully exploiting an AV will get the attacker system privileges. Tavis Ormandy from Google Project Zero for example has discovered and reported quite a few vulnerabilities in different AV products that could be exploited. Using mitigations like CFG would make exploitation harder. And as far as I know, CFG was available in Windows even before Windows 10.
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  4. Those are some concise observations that you made! I was hoping an Admin or Dev would have responded to your topic as one of them could have given you better insight into the workings of Immunet. However, unless you're an IT security expert, it's my personal opinion that if Immunet's settings gave users the opportunity as to which security code/protocols to enable or disable that would cause a lot of confusion with many Immunet users. That I have no doubt at all! Rarely the history.db files can get corrupted, either by a user attempting to access these files or by some other means which then requires an uninstall & reinstall to correct, so perhaps the Control Flow Guard protocols for the history files could be beneficial to the software. Best wishes, Ritchie...
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  6. It's been a while since I last used Immunet, probably that was v4/v5. I see in the release notes you have since added Advanced Threat Prevention, System Process Protection, Malicious Activity Protection(anti ransomware), Exploit Prevention Engine, Orbital, Credo ML engine, ScriptID, "New endpoint threat activity detection engine", and they also mention a Behavior Protection Engine which I have not seen as a new feature in the changelogs, so it may be the same as one of the other features with a special name. The GUI however is still exactly the same, not that that is a problem, I am not a fan of forced new GUI just for the point of having something new. I mean EXACTLY the same however, including the Settings menu. All these new features haven't been added to the settings menu. I find that rather strange. Why aren't they present in the settings menu? Immunet's processes also don't use (CFG) Control Flow Guard mitigation to help protect itself from exploits, CFG has been available for quite some years now in Windows and multiple AV products use it. I also noticed the bundled OpenSSL files are from a still supported branch (1.1.1), but they are still on 1.1.1d released 2 years ago, quite a few security updates have been released for 1.1.1 since.
  7. There is another unfortunate cause for the app to not function properly, if you installed Immunet on an already infected machine. Something else I'd like to add, since you're 'still' using Windows 7. Microsoft ended support for Win 7 which means you haven't received any new security patches, enhancements or bug fixes in a considerable amount of time which will leave your system more & more vulnerable to malware & hackers as time passes. Fewer software developers will want to support this outdated platform in the future. Immunet still supports Win 7 users for now but it's only a matter of time before that changes I'm sure.
  8. You could be right zom! Maybe it is just that the Verbose Tray Notifications setting has been inadvertently enabled by Adriano. Didn't even think of that at the time darn it! The Verbose Tray Notifications setting should normally remain off unless instructed to enable it for troubleshooting or debugging purposes. As always, thanks for your input zom!
  9. This can be caused by a connectivity issue. Make sure that Immunet's processes are not being blocked by your firewall or other installed security software. Immunet's processes are cscm.exe, iptray.exe, sfc.exe and freshclam.exe (if using the ClamAV module). Create exclusion/exception/allow rules for these processes with your security software.
  10. Ran into the same thing with Bricscad today and about freaked. Your advice helped me to solve it quick. Thanks Richie.
  11. also fixit show servies not running. process iptray.exe show running bt goto services not listed, try scan - connecter status stopped fixit - please restart service no idea why not working although show running. winows defender sdervice is stopped.
  12. @ANKUSH, can you clarify what you mean? Are you saying that Immunet keeps resetting these settings to "on", after you switch them "off"? If that is the case, it is a bug or error in the software. I remember Immunet once behaving like this with me in the past. I cannot remember what I did to fix it, I think I uninstalled Immunet. When the uninstaller asked if I wanted to reinstall Immunet later (keep settings), I said "no". I probably used either Revo Uninstaller or BCUninstaller to remove all traces of Immunet. I think I then rebooted the computer, and reinstalled Immunet, and it worked fine after that.
  13. @Adriano, Please open the Immunet interface by either clicking its icon on the desktop/start-menu, or double-clicking the tray icon, and perform the following steps:- On the right-hand panel of the Immunet interface (the panel title is "Product"), click on "Settings". Scroll down the settings, and click on the option "Notification Settings", to expand it. A menu appears, "Tray Icon Notifications", with 3 options ("Cloud Notifications", "Verbose Tray Notifications", "Gaming Mode"). Ensure that the second option ("Verbose Tray Notifications") is set to "off". I think that the behaviour you experience is caused by the "verbose tray notifications" setting, which someone must have toggled to "on". When this is "on", Immunet reports all files it scans, whereas if it is set to "off", Immunet only reports infected files.
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  15. Makes me wonder if the HDD that you partitioned for your D:\ & F:\ drives are causing Immunet to run into difficulty transitioning from one drive letter to the next during s scan. Mmm.
  16. Hi Adriano, "Something that Immunet will 'NEVER' do is install any malicious code so you can breathe a sigh of relief there!" What it will do is while installing Immunet the installer will scan your system and if it detects one or more security vulnerabilities it will automatically install extra code to compensate for those security weaknesses to your system. After installing and especially if you make changes to your current security set-up you could also get the added code installed at a later date. Not everyone who installs Immunet will get this added code. I never have since I already use a robust layered security set-up besides Immunet & install all Windows security patches right away. Given that fact I couldn't tell you the exact file path(s) used for this code in the Program Files folder, that's something a developer would have to answer since I'm not involved with how the code is written for Immunet. Cheers, Ritchie...
  17. Hello all, I am writing a question because Immunet tells me that some files have been installed on my computer as if they are not harmful, but how can I check what these files are, where can I see them? I find these files suspicious? Thanks Adriano
  18. With ClamAV OFF and D:/ excluded completed scan in 130.2 minutes. 179GB less but same time!! Now more confused because that would indicate BOTH F and D are the problem. Next run will be full scan without major exclusion, i.e., the original setup without ClamAV.
  19. The Immunet team would like to wish all forum members & guests a very "Happy Thanksgiving holiday!"
  20. Glad to hear your last scan was successful! That's some good news! Yeah, let me know how the scans of your other drives transpire. You may be correct, it might be just one particular drive is the culprit.
  21. Scan still with Immunet ClamAV OFF and F:\ excluded successful at 130.9 minutes.Next run will be with D:\ excluded. C:\ 465GB SSD with 178 GB Used D:\ 472GB on 1TB HDD with 103GB used F:\ 458GB on 1TB HDD with 282GB used
  22. If you have kids that like to play on-line video games you've got to read this 'very disturbing' news story I watched on the local news this evening. Regards, Ritchie... November 23, 2021 at 6:24 pm EST By Angie Moreschi, WPXI-TV PITTSBURGH — We’ve got a warning for you if your child loves to play online video games. Predators are targeting kids who play on these platforms. The FBI says it’s not a question of if but when your child will encounter a predator — if you haven’t set parental controls. Find out how to protect your kids. 11 Investigates Angie Moreschi has a story all parents need to know. "It’s not IF but WHEN!" Online predators know kids are on these games often unsupervised. They lurk behind fake profiles looking for opportunities to lure them into compromising situations. From Roblox to Fortnite, kids like 5-year-old Shayna and her 7-year-old brother Michael can’t get enough of these online games. “As soon as he gets home from school he wants to jump on and start playing with friends,” mom Jill said. Jill tries to stay close to monitor what’s going on and has had to intervene on a few occasions when she’s heard inappropriate language, but says she probably should do more. “It’s concerning because sometimes I’m not sure who he’s playing with or what is happening in there,” she said. Unfortunately, more is happening than many might realize. We talked with 7-year-old Michael to ask him if anyone had ever approached him on these platforms: ANGIE: Have you ever had a weirdo or a stranger approach you? MICHAEL: Yeah. ANGIE: What did they say? MICHAEL: They know where I live. ANGIE: Were you scared? MICHAEL: Aah, kind of. ANGIE: What did you do? MICHAEL: Just left the game. ANGIE: Did you tell your mom? MICHAEL: No. Thank goodness it stopped there, but it’s stunning for parents to hear just how close these encounters come. “Super scary. Very scary,” said Jill. FBI: It’s not a game The FBI produced a Public Service Announcement to warn parents about the dangers. https://www.fbi.gov/video-repository/its-not-a-game-psa-fbi-new-york-062921.mp4/view “It’s not a game. This could be happening to your child,” the narrator warns, as the video shows children playing video games with chat messages from strangers popping up. “I always tell parents if you don’t have parental controls or you’re not watching what your kids are doing online, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when they come across one of these predators,” said Tim Wolford, FBI supervisory special agent. Wolford heads the Violent Crimes Against Children task force in Pittsburgh and says predators set up fake profiles all the time to lure children. “It could be just flattery where they’re telling the kid, ‘Hey, your profile picture is really beautiful. I would love another picture.’ And then, they’ll start to slowly walk them down that line of sending more and more inappropriate pictures and content,” Wolford explained. A major tipoff that something is shady is when kids are asked to move to a different platform or a private chat room. Once that happens, things often escalate to what the FBI calls “sextortion” and children often feel trapped. “In the worst-case scenarios what happens is once they get that picture, they know that kids would not want to be released — they then threaten that kid, ‘Hey I’m going to make this available to your parents’ or ‘I’m going to make this available to all your friends’ unless you send me even more inappropriate content.” TIPS to protect your kids The No. 1 thing you can do to block predators is set strict parental controls. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0270-kids-parents-and-video-games We walked through settings for Michael’s Fortnite game with his mom and adjusted the controls, so strangers can no longer contact him — an important step to give his mom a little more peace of mind. “He loves it and I’d hate to take it away from him fully, but at the same time, you have to always watch,” Jill said. It’s also important to have a talk with your child about this. Let them know there are strangers out there who might try to trick them into sending inappropriate pictures, and if anyone does approach them, they need to tell you about it, right away. Be sure to tell your child they won’t be in trouble, and that even if they’re embarrassed or think they made a mistake, it’s still safe to talk to you. More tips from the FBI to protect kids from online predators. Educate yourself about the websites, software, games and apps that your child uses. Check their social media and gaming profiles and posts. Have conversations about what is appropriate to say or share. Explain to your kids that once images or comments are posted online, they can be shared with anyone and never truly disappear. Make sure your kids use privacy settings to restrict access to their online profiles. Tell your children to be extremely wary when communicating with anyone online who they do not know in real life. Encourage kids to choose appropriate screen names and to create strong passwords. Make it a rule with your kids that they can’t arrange to meet up with someone they met online without your knowledge and supervision. Stress to your children that making any kind of threat online — even if they think it’s a joke — is a crime. Report any inappropriate contact between an adult and your child to law enforcement immediately. Notify the site they were using, too.
  23. There is definitely a conflict between Immunet & the Steam gaming app. You're another person who has discovered that unfortunate fact. I would suggest you try to reinstall Steam but 'before attempting that' add these file paths to Immunet's Exclusion list. Make sure there's no typographical errors with the file paths. C:\Program Files\Steam C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics
  24. Hi, sorry for continue an old post. Immunet just auto-detected Steam as malicious program and deleted steam.exe without putting it in quarantine and without my permission. How do I restore it? Thank you.
  25. Did you just update to the newest 7.5.0 version of Immunet and noticed some settings have been changed? Is that the issue? Actually it's best if you use these two settings enabled anyway since most forms of malware arrive as a compressed file.
  26. That's a good question Chris! Win 11 has begun being rolled out in increments to a select few compatible Win 10 users since early October already. This staged Win 11 roll-out will continue until mid-2022 for Win 10 users. For that reason I'm sure the developers will not begin supporting Win 11 with a new build of Immunet until enough users have upgraded to make it feasible. My guess would be some time next year. That's just an educated guess, but who knows, they may roll-out a compatible build sooner. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  27. When will there be support for Immunet on Windows 11? Thanks, Chris
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