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  3. I'm a little surprised that it's been five years since this was posted, and at least one major version (I see a 6.x version being mention), and this hasn't been addressed. It's not like high-DPI screens are becoming LESS popular. Pretty much every new laptop comes with one, and very few stand-alone monitors are low-DPI. I'm on a 14" 2880x1800 laptop, and some of the text is unreadable. As in I cannot read it. Literally. I'm 45 and have been using reading glasses for a few years, and I can see that if I had better eyesight I probably would be able to get real close and read it, but as my eyesight is how it is now, that's not possible. I'm aware that this is free software, and as such beggars can't be choosers, but I think at this point you have to ask yourselves if you want to continue with this software or not. And if you do, this should be the number one priority. Because in this state, you could argue that the software simply doesn't work for a growing number of users. Also, and I don't say this to be rude, but it's clear that the reason for this problem is that you've opted out of using standard Windows UI widgets so that you could implement a custom design that looks like a WinAMP skin from the early 90s. I mean, it's really not very aesthetically pleasing. Again, sorry if this is rude, but this is the crux of the problem. If you'd spent LESS time coding the UI and just used what Microsoft already provides you with instead of reinventing the wheel, this problem wouldn't exist, because Microsoft already addressed this with UI scaling. And even working compatibility options for programs using older UI code. As you've set yourselves up, you now have to reinvent UI scaling as well in order to fix the issue if you want to stick with your "Not Invented Here" custom UI project. And if that's the plan, I get why this hasn't been fixed in five years, because it'll take a lot of time and effort to do. If you're doing this custom UI because of cross-platform concerns, then I'd bet there are free UI libraries out there that've already solved this problem, but being a backend developer, it's out of my reign of expertise. Though, come to think of it, there's one cross-platform UI library that's often used, for instance in the MKVToolnix software, that seems to deal with this very well, as I've used it on both macOS, Windows, and Linux without any scaling issues. I think it's based on Qt widgets, actually. Anyway, I hope you find a solution if you want to continue with this software, I really like the whole community-based idea of it, but for now I'll have to use something else, simply because I can't see what's going on, and therefore not use it. Thank you, though.
  4. Immunet blocked iTunes.exe. This occurred when I was using iTunes to bulk modify some tracks. Afterward, I can't find the iTues files under Program Files (where I'd expect them to be -- I don't recall having to go look for them before now). Event Type: Process Blocked Detection Name: W32.MAP.Ransomware.rewrite File Path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\AppleInc.iTunes_12124.1.57017.0_x64_nzyj5cx40ttqa\iTunes.exe Date: 8/10/2022 21:48:12 (I've already submitted this via https://www.immunet.com/false_positive) P.S. I ended up reinstalling iTunes, and the program runs. It looks like iTunes went ahead and completed what I was trying to do; I've not tried doing that again so far.
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  6. Very often I have to stop the Immunet service on Windows 10 because the disk activity is so high that nothing else can run on C drive where OS resides. Is there some way to get it to stop hitting the drive with continuous requests that block other programs from doing anything. Browser and other programs become slow or unresponsive and the computer is unusable. Stopping the Immunet process makes everything start working just fine again. C drive is a new 2 TB Seagate with 7200 RPM. This has been going on for a long time.
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  8. I'm running ClamAV on Raspberry Pi 3B+ using OpenWrt with only 1GB memory. On ClamAV site there is a way to limit it by change the value of ConcurrentDatabaseReload But on my clamd.conf there is no ConcurrentDatabaseReload, do I have to write myself ?
  9. Hello, Immunet alert on malicious network activity to tor network.... Here is the message: Behavioral protection detected malicious activity [windows utility network request to tor network ] remediation was unsuccessful Is it a false positive? Known? What to do to fix? Thanks in advance for your replies Have a good day
  10. I'm unable to remove some false positives from quarantine through Immunet client. It fails with an error which states: "File Could Not Be Restored. Check to see if Agent is online. Please Contact support@immunet.com." The files are: winver.exe detected as W32.Auto:4a8e99.03.Talos winedevice.exe detected as W32.1b3251A060.in12.Talos Is it because the hard disk that these files are on is Btrfs format? Regards.
  11. Since the first of this month, I haven't been able to scan any files using Immunet: "Your scan has failed to complete. An error has occurred." Should I uninstall and reinstall? --Brian
  12. i am only using that login from windows
  13. I received the virus alert when playing my games from Steam.
  14. I am running on a fresh win11 home installment on a 512 gb ssd. With Nvidia 1660 Super and intel i7 10th gen. Too many specs but ok. why is the website glicthec?
  15. Why are we not seeing responses from Immunet about this?! Or even from Google?! All 5 of my PCs at home have done this. What is it with chrome that immunet/clam is not liking? Yet, a simple Uninstall of immunet and reinstall of Chrome and immunet...and immunet doesn't redetect the same problem?!! Makes no sense.
  16. On a related note, on my machine, Immunet quarantined "elevation_service.exe" from the Chrome directory, and also from a temp directory.
  17. I got on my desktop (Win 10) yesterday and found that Chrome was not working... Looked at immunet and saw there were some 'quarantined' and some 'quarantine failed' files. Looked in my C drive and it appears that these are Chrome files... the file path is listed below for one that failed... Most of the failed files are "Chrome.exe" files and there are a ton. I am doing a full system scan now (going on 24+ hours now)... My son, who is in IT, said to go through and delete the quarantined files but to look up the file path first to see what is up. Is this a virus/trojan horse thing??? I don't really see any answers here in the forum (I just joined so might have missed something)... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Now, I don't know if it's false positive or not but a quick google search shows sykipot is serious malware. My other question: Why is it working in other machines with same setup (chrome 102 and immunet 7.5.xxx and not in those domain joined machines? I can't determine on my own if it's false positive or not and what's the solution? Thanks in advance.
  19. I've some domain joined machines (test environment) and I noticed a couple days ago the chrome versions were updated for all vms through central endpoint management software (manage engine desktop central) but 1 VM in particular (Windows 2012 r2 - Active directory PDC) *Fully Patched* did not update chrome to 102 and threw an error upon updating manually. An error occurred while checking for updates: The installer encountered error 124. (error code 7: 0x80040902: 124 - system level). Learn mode version 101.0.4951.67 (official build) (64-bit) I checked DNS and it was able to get to internet fine and nothing was being blocked. I couldn't fix it in any way. I, then, downloaded chrome offline installer/update file from internet manually and tried installing the update. threw the same error 124 but in a different type of dialogue box. and then immunet showed this notification and it said it had qurantined the setup.exe (even though the file i was installing was still showing up in file explorer...may be that update.exe software package had setup.exe in it. IDK). I downloded the update file from google.com so nothing can go wrong there. Anyways. Afterwards, chrome stopped working and I could not install updated chrome in any way possible. Offline installer would say there's an error. Online installer/update.exe would throw this notification in Immunet. Clam.win.dropper.sykipot-990505-0 102.0.5005.63_chrome_installer.exe Now, I looked at other VMs and those VMs started throwing same Immunet error ... blocked chrome and I could not reinstall no matter what. So, here's what I've done hoping to recover/fix this issue. 1. Considering it's an malware and spread through all domain joined pcs. including that manage engine vm. I revered all vms to previous state i.e., 12 days ago, but as soon as those machines started talking to internet and got update. it started doing same thing. 2. One of the vms was 2016 and it was offline i.e., not connected to internet that worked fine coz probably Immunet was not updated to latest version (I think) and as soon as I brought that vm online (connected to internet) this whole thing happened again and I couldn't use/update chrome. 3. I thought it could be due to windows 2016 r2 so I installed a new 2016 vm and installed chrome and immunet it worked fine. connected to internet everything good. I also have a couple of machines that have same setting (domain not joined) Immunet version but they never showed this error . updated chrome and everything works like a charm. These two things 4. Also, one of the things I noticed that the vms worked fine as long as they stayed offline i.e., disconnected from internet. as soon as it's connected to internet this whole thing collapses and I can't use chrome anymore with 102 version. I'm literally pulling my hair out coz all the vms are unusable. I cannot figure out where exactly is the issue. I know if I bring down Immunet everything will work fine and the way it's supposed to . but am I really infected or is it false positive ? if I'm infected ? then how can my 12 days old images be infected? I'm also having 1 month old backups of vms so i'm hoping to revert to those backups in case nothing works but if that also throws same error IDK how can I get around this. I'm attaching a screenshot where vm was restored to 12 days old state and chrome is 101 version and can't update due to that error. If I uninstall chrome and install 102 version it will not let me install 102 version. TIA ASIM
  20. Hi, is there a way to standardize configuration across multiple endpoints? it appears there isnt much saved in the registry. i did see in the config folder there is a AMPIP001.dat but its not plaintext. can this be copied to multiple machines? if not can you tell me where the settings are. I basically want the notification, scheduled scans, etc to be copied to multiple machines
  21. I have encountered the same problem. I had 8 customers yesterday call me about this and two more this morning. Chrome is being targeted by Immunet. My customer click on a Google link to a favorite, and get a message the path is no longer available. I ran Immunet and removed all the viruses it said I had, then when I tried to reinstall Google Chrome, it said it was infected and quarantined it. We I figured I would uninstall Immunet and then I could surely install Google chrome, but it still will not install google chrome. So the question is, is it really Immunet that is blocking it, or is it truly a virus in the install file?
  22. This event was registered yesterday opening Chrome in two pc. I scanned both with ESET, Malwarebytes, and other two antivirus without any result. Now I have blocked Chrome and I don't know how to solve the problem and if there is a problem. Many thanks Marco
  23. Now up to 4 PC's in my home, Chrome updates to Version 102.0.5005.63 (Official Build) (64-bit) Immunet kills the chrome.exe. only recourse is uninstall immunet reinstall chrome.
  24. Same case on different computers, I had to uninstall immunet, I have had 5 computers with the same problem
  25. I've been trying to make that case. Me thinks it will be easier after Chrome gets removed
  26. I have 2 PC's both have immunet both killed chrome, one of the PC's I only use with my trusted sites, banking, no surfing. really surprised if it is compromised, it would have to be compromised at the source - Google in the latest update released yesterday. Immunet (cisco) lets get this figured out. ASAP
  27. If you're in an organisation, you shouldn't be using Immunet as it's not licenced or supported for such use cases. You should be using Cisco's commercial endpoint protection. I'm a bit concerned that Cisco put out Immunet full of bugs and then have virtually zero presence on this forum. If you need free antivirus protection, it would be better to switch to Windows Defender or something else, until Cisco decide to either put Immunet out of its misery or actually produce a half-decent AV and provide even half-arsed support for it. The current state of Immunet is worse than having no protection at all as it is full of bugs, unsupported and as a result, gives users a false sense of security.
  28. I could make a joke here that Chrome is basically spyware, and as such it's a good thing it was detected! But let's be serious and try to fix your issue... It's interesting that the first poster reports a detection via Immunet's cloud engines, and the second post looks like this is a false-positive with the ClamAV scanning engine. It's almost-certainly already been reported, therefore it won't be too long before the developers patch the faulty signature. You may find that within a few days, you can reinstall Chrome with no issues. In the meantime, you may be able to avoid this problem by disabling the ClamAV engine from within Immunet's settings, and seeing if this cures the false positive. The cloud engines would still be protecting you, and they might already be fixed. ClamAV is a traditional engine, which is not updated as quickly and is prone to false-positives. Alternatively, if you view your quarantined files, try restoring all the chrome.exe files. When you restore a file from quarantine, Immunet adds this to the exclusions list. By doing this, you may find you can run (or reinstall) Chrome again. Another option would be to switch browser to Firefox or Vivaldi, or to uninstall Immunet and rely on Windows Defender or another reputable antivirus.
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