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  2. First of all that is an "out-dated build" of Immunet (seen it, this vid is old). The current version is This video has absolutely no current validity since it doesn't relate to the newest build. Secondly, there have also been some recent infrastructure changes that will help in defeating the spread of such malware more aggressively within the Immunet cloud community.
  3. Hi, you see in this video it seems like Immunet detected ransomware but it 'failed' to block it or remove it. Maybe it is a bug? I saw this video on YouTube but did not make it. PS. Is there any news on when there's a new update coming out for GUI or any new things for Immunet?
  4. Hi Venjill, if you create trusted/allow rules for Immunet's processes, which are sfc.exe, iptray.exe (& freshclam.exe if you use the ClamAV module) that should resolve any issues you have with your firewall. Also, make sure these processes have unencumbered internet access included with the allow rules. If you need assistance at how to create these rules with your firewall feel free to "Personal Message" me and I'd be happy to help out. It's up to you, you can just add an additional thread to this topic if you'd rather do that. The first question would be what firewall are you using? Best wishes, Ritchie...
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  6. I am trying to update the application however I unable to update due to i need to put immunet in the whitelist of my firewall. May I know what should I put? since I put immunet .com doesnt resolve the issue. I think there is other domain or address where immunet get its update. Anyone? Help? Thanks in advance
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  8. That is rather disconcerting! Have there already been any actual quarantine response(s) to any file(s) related to Office? To check, just open the UI and click on the underlined word Quarantine.
  9. After doing a ton of research- it looks like there might be an conflicts with F-Secure DeepGuard when used with Immunet preventing the launch of office suite products. Though, I have no idea if you have f-secure products, it's just something we saw flag in the cloud log system
  10. What is your Operating System & the version of Immunet being used? Just mouse over About in the lower right hand corner and that will tell you what build you have. One thing that may cause an incomplete start if you have a program that's not allowing one or both of Immunet's processes (sfc.exe & iptray.exe) to function properly. Make sure that your firewall or other installed security software does not interfere with these two processes including both outgoing & incoming internet connections.
  11. You can connect a Apple iOS device to a Macintosh computer but that OS is definitely not supported by Immunet, only Windows platforms. There was talk of possibly developing an Immunet app for smart phones a few years back but as far as I know that idea never went anywhere! Still, an interesting idea though.
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  13. i edited the link out, one because it went to a weird site. secondly, i can't fix your iTunes, you need to contact Apple for that. Are you saying you scanned your phone, with immunet? I am not understanding what happened-
  14. I was also facing this type of issue on my iOS. This is happening after updating the firmware. Please help me to fix Tunes error 9 Please help me with the proper solution.
  15. You can try to upload the two files on Virustotal and check the results from different AVs https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload
  16. The problem with most rootkits is that they generally use some sort of advanced encryption method which usually makes 'em hard to detect let alone access & read. So it wouldn't surprise me if HexaPro was unable to submit any SHA256 or MD5 checksum(s) hash tag(s). Besides Immunet it never hurts to have an additional on-demand rootkit scanner at your disposal! Speaking of such... Malwarebytes has a new beta "CMD based on-demand rootkit scanner" available that looks rather promising. They're also looking for beta testers with (preferably) virtual test rigs for anyone that's into that sort of thing. As with any beta software please read the legal Disclaimer documentation carefully before use. Not 100% sure if it's compatible with Server 2008 R2 however. https://www.malwarebytes.com/antirootkit/
  17. With the directories being affected it's very similar behavior to what a rootkit keylogger might exhibit.
  18. You can submit the files to us for review on immunet.com. If they are found to be malicious, we will write detection for them If you can provide the SHA's of the files, I can look at them quicker,- though not necessarily.
  19. These .exe keep showing up in (C:\Windows) on Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter even after manual deletion. I think it's a miner, it also create .xml and .exe in (C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5) and also in (C:\Windows\Fonts\Mysql) that I can't access.
  20. Yup, got the installer to download with no problems & got 'er successfully installed! Piriform already issued a new build. What I got with the installer was version 5.55.7108. Mmm, usually a software vendor doesn't release a new build that quick unless it's some sort of priority bug fix. Makes me wonder if Immunet was but just one in a list of AV products that had problems with that installer. Cheers, Ritchie...
  21. Looks like a fix went out sometime yesterday
  22. Looks like this is a false positive, and we are fixing on our end
  23. Working on updating all the FAQs as well
  24. this is an FP and we are working on fixing it
  25. Someone else reported issues with Immunet detecting on browsers (FPs) though, this still might not be the case. Are they ALL Clam.Txt.Trojan.Kryptik-6887991-0 detection's?
  26. Can you provide what is triggering or what notification pops up? Like, what signature or message is firing so I can look into it?
  27. When i starts up Firefox the following message from Immunet receives: 05C4D560E5D7F0327C668235B9EAB804EF0669D3 has been detected as Clam.Txt.Trojan.Kryptik-6887991-0 please see the uploaded images what do i have to do? Thanks for any answer, Friedo
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