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  2. Yeah, I noticed that too a while back. I tried to contact Support about this EX0 error message "all the way back in August!" Obviously nobody has actually looked into this yet as the error messages continue to persist. I would venture to guess it's either a bug with the Invision forum software or it's a server glitch. I would like to see this error fixed since it is an inconvenience, albeit a minor one, to Immunet forum users. P.S. - I deleted your duplicate thread to this topic. Like I mentioned in your Contact Staff topic try to refrain from posting duplicate subject matter. It is against forum rules. Regards, Ritchie...
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  4. Hello on your forum there are problems viewing old conversations. Does it just happen to me or is it a widespread problem? Thank you Hello GD
  5. Hi William, Obviously your using a device that has a 4k screen resolution and there no fix or work-around for this that I know of unfortunately. This is a known issue with Immunet and the devs are quite aware of it. The Immunet development team is working on a new build and it was mentioned that they will look into it to see if it's at all possible to upscale the UI for 4k users without causing any other serious problems with the software. I didn't get any promises though so I guess we'll have to wait & see what the new build has to offer after it gets publicly rolled-out. Regards, Ritchie... P.S. - Dr. Bill? That is a bit of an odd topic header for the posted content but it did get my attention, lol! I first thought It might have been a spam post. Fortunately that's not much of an issue with the excellent IP address filters in place for this site!
  6. I just downloaded Immunet from the University website. The desktop is so small I can barely see the immunet functions. Is there a way to make the desktop Immunet screen larger?
  7. Hi Christian, I would also concur with the Avira devs that this is a False Positive. Most likely Immunet is detecting some of Avira's updated malware definition files as malicious. When using Immunet as a companion AV to another product it has always been advised that you create a custom Exclusion rule with Immunet for the other AV's (Avira) entire Program Files folder if it's not already listed as a default Exclusion. Also, create a exception/exclusion/allow rule with Avira for Immunet's Program Files folder too. By doing this you can greatly reduce the chance of some sort of conflict occurring between the two AV's. Give that a try Christian & let us know if the issue still exists after you create exclusion rules for both AV's. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  8. Hi community, Yesterday's evening I've found out, that files within c:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\ are beeing detected als GandCrab Ransomware. I have contacted/informed Avira about this issue, and they told me, that this could be a false positive, but they'll investigate. So I was wondering If anyone else has the same issues, since I have the same issues on two different Computers, which are isolated via firewall. And ... I only have this issue on Computers, where Avira is installed. By the way - I know the thing, that Anti-Virus programs do often detect each other as false positives. But I've never had Issues with that. I've done backups from the infected files, and can upload the encrypted archive for further checks. But I'm not able to ensure, that this is really a false positive - so I didn't use the False/Positive-Form on the Immunet-Website so far. Regards, C.
  9. Glad to hear that you're looking into the 4k screen issue Barbara. "I think that would be 'really cool' if this issue can be put to rest once & for all if at all possible!" Although users are still encountering update issues with the current 7.3.0 build which I find continually disconcerting. For that reason, I am "SO" looking forward to the new build being rolled-out but I would also like for you guys to take the necessary time for "comprehensive alpha testing" to make sure there are no serious bugs to the new build before a public release. Something that was sorely lacking with the current build I believe & I would hate to see a repeat of that scenario. Yikes! Best wishes, Ritchie...
  10. This is so fun! I'll add it as a suggestion in an upcoming report I'm working on.
  11. Yes, I have heard about this issue. I can't make promises, but it's possible there will be a fix coming for this soon. Let me poke around.
  12. Hello David, I really hope that the new build has "no issues with updating" since this is a reoccurring theme that I'm getting quite dismayed at having to tell users about this on-going unresolved bug or bugs. Like I mentioned to Clueless the devs are "supposedly" working on a new build and you could try the work-arounds that some users have posted at the link provided in my last thread to this topic. Personally speaking, I've uninstalled Immunet for now & don't plan to reinstall until the new build is publicly rolled-out because I got tired of dealing with this unacceptably buggy build myself! "Obviously build 7.3.0 did not get anyway near the required in-house testing before it's release to the public or they would have detected & fixed these bugs beforehand is my opinion!" "This is really starting to bum me out since this issue has been going on for months now with no end in sight at the moment!"
  13. Last post complaining about not updating--I got the version number wrong. It should be Sorry
  14. Immunet app is saying it's not updated (last update 5/13/20), but when I click Update Now, the app replies that everything is up to date. (running on Windows 10.
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  16. Ordinarily I would say that Immunet does a good job of protecting users against ransomware but with the current update issues with build 7.3.0 I'm not so sure about that currently. Might I suggest you try Malwarebytes stand-alone app called Anti-Exploit as an additional layer of protection against this type of exploit. I helped alpha & beta test this software for several years using a VM in the past even before Malwarebytes bought the company (original company, Zero Vulnerability Labs) and also continue to use it in my layered anti-malware arsenal. It's compatible with Immunet too btw. Just create a custom Exclusion rule with Immunet for AE's entire Program Files folder to avoid any possible conflicts. Be advised this is a beta build but it is free. https://qpdownload.com/malwarebytes-anti-exploit/ Best wishes, Ritchie...
  17. Hello Everyone, I'm new here! I'm looking for a ransomware protection software and was wondering if ya'll could recommend me some solutions?
  18. There has been another previously submitted idea regarding the UI that I always thought rather interesting. Add some skin-able platelets with the UI to change the color & the setting to do so of course. I think most users would like this custom personalization option besides the original folks that suggested the idea I bet. I mean, it wouldn't have to be anything extravagant. Just a few basic color variations would do for most users that like this idea I would think.
  19. Done! It's nice to see this project getting the care it needs. I'm eager to see what it's coming from this!
  20. I think this is an awesome thing!! I have filled out the survey and left my feedback. I really like that the platform is getting more support from cisco! As you said ritchie I would also encourage all users to fill out the survey, this will give us a chance to give feedback to the devs on how to improve the AV. The more of us that fill it out the better it will be. I can't wait to see how the survey helps and how it will help improve Immunet as a whole:) Stay safe everyone
  21. What a "great idea" for Immunet users to voice their likes & dislikes Barbara! I completed the survey although, if chosen, I wouldn't be able to participate in the video conference since my computer has no web cam. "I would 'strongly urge any & all Immunet users' to complete this survey!" It really does only take a few minutes & that will give the devs much more insight into what Immunet users want in a new build. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  22. Hi Immunet Users, The development team working on Immunet (by Cisco) is looking for your feedback. Do you have 5 minutes to fill out a survey telling us more about how you use Immunet and how you think it could improve? Here is the link to the survey: https://www.ciscofeedback.vovici.com/se/6A5348A7201B0385 We know there is a lot of misinformation on the internet these days. If you would like to verify that this is real Cisco-sponsored research, email Barbara Shain, Cisco User Researcher, at bshain@cisco.com Thanks, Immunet UX
  23. Hi CluelessGuy, You're just one of many that has encountered the update bugs with build 7.3.0 I'm sorry to say. The devs are working on a new build but when that gets rolled-out publicly I have no further info on that. "The sooner the better in my opinion!" Some other Immunet users have discussed possible work-arounds for these issues at this topic. https://support.immunet.com/topic/7500-not-updated/ Regards, Ritchie...
  24. Hi, I've been unable to update the virus definitions. It downloads a certain percent of the updates and then stops. I've uninstalled Immunet and reinstalled the program to see if it resolves the issue.But it doesn't. I'm running Immunet on a Windows 10 computer. Can you help me sorting the problem out? Thanks, A human.
  25. I could be wrong but I doubt that the Emsisoft tool is causing this. Are all those temp files associated with the Sin Confirmar Spanish to English translation software? If that's the case you just might need to add a custom Exclusion rule or two to Immunet.
  26. Hi, I am using immunet version and it is failing to quarantine, you can see it in the screenshots attached to the post, This happens when I run the free Emsisoft EEK disinfection tool. I also couldn't find a way to export the program's log as a text file regarding detections, etc. This is something you should think about adding the export function to .txt the detection history.
  27. Hello Anton, I was told that it might have been just a temporary server glitch but they are looking further into the matter. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to but if you could try and submit that data one more time to confirm this, that would be greatly appreciated by me. I'd like to know that the URL is functional for sure. Regards, Ritchie...
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