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  2. Hello AlexisR01, Another user reported not long ago that he was also experiencing this same repetitive quarantine response from the WildTangent gaming software. To rectify this issue simply create a custom Exclusion rule with Immunet for WildTangent's "entire" Program Files folder. Here's how to do that if you're not sure. First open the UI -> click on the Settings tab -> scroll down to Add New Exclusion & click on that -> either manually type in the correct file path or use the browse feature to find the right Program Files folder for the software & click on it -> click on Add New Exclusion -> lastly click Apply and your done. It should but let us know if adding this Exclusion doesn't correct the issue. Cheers, Ritchie...
  3. Immunet is showing me a warning for every time a threat is quarantined and it's really annoying. How do I fix this so that I don't get a notification for every time this same file is detected? Thank you!
  4. Message sent Ritchie58! Thank-you. Bits
  5. Hello again BitStomper, Thanks for adding the screenshot. Wow, I can see what you're talking about! I don't think it would be a good idea to mess around with Immunet's registry keys however. May I suggest you contact the admin Rob. Turner via Private Message regarding your issue. Perhaps Rob can better assist you further. Here's a link to his Profile page. Just click on the Message button to send a PM. Mention your newest thread to this topic or better yet add a URL link in the PM to this original topic header so he can readily view it. https://support.immunet.com/profile/1703-robturner/ Like you, I too would like to see this 4k issue put to rest once & for all! Best wishes, Ritchie...
  6. I know I've posted about this before - but here is an example where we really need 4K! I can't click on the button because it simply isn't shown. This now comes up every time I log in because I cannot clear it. Is there a registry entry that I can adjust? And any news on WHEN 4k might be supported?
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  8. Thanks for your advice zombunny. That would be an interesting option to use a duel-boot configuration. I didn't even think of that. I know I do have a few dated software programs that I still like to use but would definitely be incompatible with Win 10. Even if I deleted a bunch of stuff I still wouldn't have enough free disk space on my current C:\ drive to create a partition and install another OS but I could buy an additional hard drive and just switch my mobo's BIOS first boot device setting when I want to still use Win 7 . I'll definitely give that some thought dude! Glad to hear you are allowing security updates to take place. I was worried for your system's security if you were not allowing those.
  9. @Rob.Turner I can confirm that I can either see text or get a download prompt for every one of those links supplied. @ritchie58 Don't worry, I of course still allow Windows updates on my internet-connected machine. I have Pro so am fortunately able to defer any non-security updates for up to a year, which I recommend everyone should do before their PC gets bricked. It gives Microsoft a good chance at fixing the worst of their problems before their "improvements" reach your machine - unless the next broken update they release without testing just happens to be a security one... As a side note, When your Windows 7 reaches end-of-life, one option would be to just have a dual-boot scenario: Switch to GNU/Linux for anything that requires the internet, and keep your unsupported Win7 installation as-is, unpatched, for any obscure software you might still need to run occasionally, but can't get on GNU/Linux. You'd just need to keep the Windows 7 installation offline, for instance by disabling your network interfaces in the device-manager, or unplugging your network cables. I'm aware there's a learning-curve, it's a matter of personal taste, and It's not possible for everyone, but I'm about 90% of the way there. I used to dual-boot and value both OSs for their respective qualities, but I'm rapidly getting to the point where I just need to get the work done and Windows now gets in the way of that for me.
  10. Hello Rodney and welcome to the Immunet forum. Nirsoft does offer quite a number of software packages don't they! If your absolutely sure the software is not malicious (you can even use the site VirusTotal just to make sure) we do have a dedicated False Positive site where you can report this to the devs. https://www.immunet.com/false_positive Also, if you wish to use the program now you can use the Restore feature. First open the UI -> click on the word Quarantine located just below and to the right of the History tab -> locate the file(s) in question in the right-side Details dialog box and click on it -> choose the Restore option. This will automatically move the file(s) to the Exclusion list so they will no longer be scanned. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  11. Immunet is quarantining nirsoft utility files. Is this by design? They are sort of hacky but they aren't bad files. Looking for other folks' thoughts on this.
  12. Hi all, I am indeed working on debugging this. A quick trouble shooting test for anyone on the thread have update issues is to try to browse to each of the url's below. They should all show something in a browser window or prompt you to download and save an executable. Don't bother saving or installing them, Immunet will get do that automatically for you if needed. This step just proves Immunet will be able to connect to all the resources it might need. 1) https://mgmt.consumer.amp.cisco.com/health/ 2) update.immunet.com/updates/protect/update-6.5.0-64.xml 3) https://sourcefire-apps.s3.amazonaws.com/fireAMP/windows/ 4) https://orbital-88fcda36-e81e-9b43-6085-5f5d6054dc22.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/consumer-ampwin-setup-0.9.3.exe
  13. In general most Americans are compassionate people. Especially in an emergency or crisis situation we will go out of our way to help a complete stranger in need. That's just who we are as a society. Americans are also some of the most generous people on the planet but unfortunately there are always individuals ready & willing to take advantage of a bad situation for their own selfish gains. There have been some reports of people receiving unsolicited emails claiming to be a charitable organization seeking donations for the victims of hurricane Dorian. You should always treat "any unsolicited email" with a great deal of suspicion, especially if it comes from a charity you never heard of or never donated to. That should raise some red flags! If you receive an email like this don't even open it, who knows, it could even be malicious in nature. Just delete the email. In the hardest hit area of the Bahamas there actually is a humanitarian crisis going on. People there are in desperate need for food and fresh drinking water. If you wish to contribute to help out you can't go wrong with the non-profit American Red Cross. I made a donation today. https://www.redcross.org/ Of course there are other legitimate non-profit organizations out there but there is also bogus entities that just want to steal your money. Before donating do some research yourself on the web to make sure the charity is a legitimate non-profit organization. There is the GoFundMe site & others like it but you never know if the contributed money will actually be spent on it's intended use. That's the main problem with crowd funding sites. Regards, Ritchie...
  14. Thanks for letting me know that you & Rob are in contact. Just wanted to make sure he was aware of the situation by the PM I sent. I hope you're allowing security patches to be installed. That's important for any supported Microsoft platform. If it is some sort of conflict with a Win 10 update it certainly won't be the first one we've encountered. That's the reason I have yet to upgrade to Win 10 from 7. I'm waiting for the end of Microsoft's support for Win 7, at the end of this year, for the simple reason that I'm hoping most of the serious bugs with 10 have already been rectified.
  15. I am already in discussion with Rob as he had spotted this thread Nothing odd was found in my log files, which leads me to conclude a recent Windows update has broken something yet again. It's getting that ridiculous, I've actually ditched all my Windows installations apart from one, which I need for a single piece of technical software. I also even use GNU/Linux at work nowadays unless I have to reboot to use a specific proprietary tool. The AV is managed at work, but I've noticed that out of all the machines, it only ever tends to break on the Win10 ones, and even then it's only after an update. Coincidence? I think not!
  16. Mmm. Another Win 10 user encountering this 503 error. There is definitely a developing pattern going on here since no other Immunet user that has Win 7, 8, 8.1 or supported Server platforms has reported this. I'm going to send the admin Rob. Turner a PM regarding this issue for you guys to see if he can look into this for you.
  17. Two days ago my Windows 10 got a serious update (took about 3 hours). Since that time I've been getting that 503 error. Coincidence?
  18. I have sent a support dump on this issue. I initially thought it might be caused by my custom hosts file, but I have ruled this out (I restored the stock Windows hosts file, rebooted, and the problem persists). Another unusual feature of my installation is that I regularly stop the Immunet services, copy assorted custom databases into the ClamAV folder, then restart Immunet. I doubt this would cause issue (it hasn't in the past), but may make it difficult to interpet the logfiles!
  19. The Admin Rob. Turner did contact me and informed me how the new Orbital code will function. If it's not needed for any vulnerabilities associated with your system that Orbital can protect you against then it will not be installed. Otherwise you will see Orbital installed. Here's what Rob sent me in a PM: Hi Ritchie, 6.5.0 does support Orbital but I'm told it's only activating on computers with specific vulnerabilities determined via a combination of (hardware, windows version, patch level, features, and software) , if your machine doesn't meet the requirements (i.e. isn't vulnerable to anything Orbital can protect you from) then you won't see a program files/Orbital directory or orbital Windows Service at all.
  20. Yes, you are correct there zombunny. That's the portion of the updater that looks for new builds to download & install so this error is not jeopardizing the protection Immunet provides you. Still, it's a nuance to users that should be corrected as soon as possible in my view. Thanks much for your update on the issue.
  21. Hello Ritchie, yes still having the same issue. I get the exact same error message, but the ClamAV databases still update as if there's no problem. I also still get cloud detections when I scan my malware archive. I think this issue is simply related to Immunet checking for a new Immunet version. Cloud detection and database updates seem to be unaffected.
  22. "Is there anybody out there!" Why is my question about Orbital being seemingly ignored.
  23. Hello David, this can be caused by a connectivity issue. Make sure that any additional security software you have installed, including your firewall, is not interfering with or blocking any of Immunet's processes. These processes that require an internet connection are sfc.exe, iptray.exe, cscm.exe & freshclam.exe (if using the ClamAV module).
  24. Are you still encountering that 503 error code now zombunny? If so that's something that will need to be further investigated if this continues with some users. Personally I'm not seeing this behavior but I'm using Win 7 so it makes me wonder if it's a possible bug with Win 10 users only.
  25. Hello - For some reason the forums won't let me sign in to my account - but this is user zombunny. Just a quick note to say I have been having this exact same issue for at least 2 days, on Win10 Pro 64-bit with a fresh install of Immunet (no quarantine or settings data whatsoever backed-up from the previous installation). I also notice that the Immunet home page (but not the IPTray client) says "0 users protected from 0 threats" - I wonder if this is related?
  26. Just updated to latest version August 29,2019. Performed a full scan. The badge still says 'Not Secure' history does not find anything and scanning now reports errors/ Win 7 professional i5 dual core, 2 gigs ram.
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