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  2. For some historic trivia Pittsburgh is also known for a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh named Jonas Salk. In the late 1940's his research proved to be vitally instrumental in developing a viable Polio vaccine. The same one we all get (or should) to this day.
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  4. The answer to that is yes! I know this topic has nothing to do with Immunet or computer security but I think we all could use some good news for a change of pace. It was announced today that researchers at UPMC Medical Center, Pittsburgh, Pa. has developed a vaccine against the Covid-19 virus! Animal testing of the new vaccine has had "very positive results!" Enough antibodies were produced to make the animal test subjects immune to the virus. Now UPMC is seeking Federal approval to start human testing on voluntary individuals. They are trying to speed up the process to get the vaccine approved for public use. What would normally take months or even years of testing the researchers are going to attempt to get the vaccine ready in as little as two weeks once Federal approval for human testing is granted. Another interesting thing is how people will get this vaccine. They have developed what's called a micro needle array. It resembles a small square piece of plastic a little smaller than a postage stamp but is made of some sort of gelatin material. The patch is placed on the skin and pressed. This method lets the vaccine be absorbed directly into the skin with very little or no pain involved. This will aid in getting the vaccine to elderly, or otherwise, people who are on a blood thinning regimen. This will also make it much easier to administer to children and those who hate to be poked by a syringe. Normally when a vaccine is administered it is by syringe injection into muscle tissue.
  5. I can also confirm that the Security Certificate issue has been resolved! Thanks Rob. T!
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  7. If you really need to force remove it, you could try removing it with Revo Uninstaller (gratis software) or BCUninstaller (free software, name is short for "Bulk Cr*p Uninstaller"). You will probably have the best chance of it working, by attempting this from safe mode, or at least attempting to stop Immunet's services first. Command to stop Immunet's services: wmic service where "name like 'Immunet%'" call stopservice Procedure for entering safe mode on Windows 10: Start menu --> hold down shift and click power --> restart. From the advanced menu that appears, navigate to the troubleshooting etc. options, and buried-away in there somewhere, is the extremely well-hidden option to reboot in Safe Mode. <annoyed-rant> (I don't know what Microsoft were smoking when they came up with that one, or indeed any of the configuration dialogues in Windows 10. This task used to be accomplished by holding down F5/F8 as soon as you turned on your computer, back when Windows was simple and easy to use. The main use of safe mode is to fix a broken installation that won't boot; you now have to actually be able to boot in order to restart in safe mode)! </annoyed-rant> Good luck!
  8. Hiya, just to confirm the forum has just loaded correctly without warning in the latest versions of Vivaldi and Icecat.
  9. Hello Alex & welcome to the Immunet forum, Did you recently install Immunet? The reason I ask that is Immunet is really great at keeping a uninfected machine just that way but one could run into problems if you installed Immunet on an already infected computer. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  10. Thanks for calling it out Zom, our forum cert is defiantly expired. A new one is on the way but I don't have an ETA fr it yet. Cheers, RobT
  11. Hi, how are you guys? My Immunet stoped working a few days ago, I have tryed to remove it, but I wasn't able to find any folders and not even the uninstall executable... And I cannot install, every time I try to install a message pops out saying it is already installed but it isn't, and I am not able to uninstall it also... What can I do, is there any solutions for that? This is the message
  12. That's kinda what I want. And I agree 100%
  13. Just a little note/reminder to Immunet users: In the "Exclusions" section of Immunet's options, there are some pre-defined exclusions for a handful of common AV programs, so that you can install Immunet alongside them and it all works "out of the box" - but these still need doublechecking. Unfortunately, programs occasionally change, and I can appreciate it's almost-impossible to keep all of these exclusions perfectly up-to-date. Additionally, it would be impossible to add an exclusion for every single AV that Immunet can run alongside (e.g. there are no exclusions for Sophos, but the two can run very well together). I'd therefore suggest that everyone doublechecks the exclusions for their "main" AV product. As another example, Immunet's exclusion for Kaspersky refers to a very old version. The correct exclusion should now be "%programdata%\Kaspersky Lab\AVP20.0\Data\". On one friend's install with Kaspersky as the main AV, I was getting reports of repeated crashes until I correctly excluded each AV in the other's settings. To be on the safe side, I excluded "%programdata%\Kaspersky Lab\" and "%programfiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\" Don't forget to use the true path the environment variables point to for your system (e.g. %programfiles(x86)% on an English system defaults to "C:\Program Files (x86)").
  14. Has anyone else been getting a certificate error/warning when attempting to visit these forums? I've checked my computer's clock and tried visiting with GNU Icecat (Firefox ESR), regular Firefox, and Vivaldi (based on Chromium). Warning message every time. I haven't tried regular Google Chrome but suspect users of that browser won't have any issue connecting, because last time I paid any attention to anything G, Chrome still wasn't checking the validity of HTTPS certificates (this might seem convenient because all websites "just work", but in reality is a very bad thing for your security). This situation might have changed, but as I have not used anything G for a very long time, I cannot check. If it helps webmasters with any diagnostics, I use "HTTPS everywhere" from EFF.
  15. zombunny2

    UI Concepts

    I like your 1st and 4th designs, because they are not too flat. There's a bit of 3D in them. What I really like about all of these designs is the changes really aren't too radical, and in all of these mockups, the program is instantly recognisable as Immunet. I don't mind designs 2 and 3, but personally I think they're a little too flat and so-called "modern ui" for my taste, and I also worry that the textured background will eventually start to look dated. I'd still welcome any of your designs though!
  16. I wholeheartedly agree. The standard Immunet UI actually looks pretty good and has aged rather well. It's also very easy to understand and use, right from the moment you first ever use the program. The only real area where it starts to show its age is on high resolution screens, where it either appears very small or scales poorly. It was better suited to the days of 800x600 or 1024x768. Maybe all it needs is a very slight cosmetic revamp, and the addition of scaling/HiDPI capability, with the general layout left largely untouched. Like others here, I really don't like the trend for "modern" UI. It's flat, boring, looks dated to begin with, and has no visual appeal whatsoever. It's like the whole metaphor of a "button" that you "press" has gone out of the window, and designers got lazy and just drew harsh-edged rectangles in Paintbrush. I remember DosShell and the MS Windows 1.x-2.x series being more ornate than W10. Even the standard X11 TWM is, and that's older than me! I still think the prettiest and nicest looking user interface for desktop PCs was KDE3 with the Keramik widgets and window-decorations, and Crystal icon theme. That was extremely 3D! The nearest Windows equivalent would probably be Windows XP Luna. Both still look good today even in a VM on modern hardware - although I think the best looking Windows interface by far (and easiest to use) is the 9x/ME/NT/2000 interface. Again, those buttons etc. still look good for some programs, even at high res.
  17. Yeah, FF is an abbreviation commonly used for Firefox. I'm a little surprised you never heard of or seen this abbreviation before if you're a FF user. I still haven't heard back about the security certificate expiration issue yet. Check your Private Message feature, I sent you one.
  18. lol

    UI Concepts

    The shading on the first picture is good. The other two, eh... They lack ethical good looking UI, e.g the Windows 7 Aero UI, it's not too shiny or too 3D. A solid color with little to no shading irritates me, but I respect you for contributing. The effort you put into those three are nice. I forgot to mention the fourth picture you sent, that's good too.
  19. Yeah, I'm more used to the older UI. That's not the only reason though. Modern UI is so overused. Changing the UI to look flat will not only look boring, but it'll be doing what everybody else's done too. I prefer doing something different, something that'll make Immunet stand out from the others. Being different and creative with your UI (almost all websites use one entire UI) will maybe bring more users. A UI is the first thing users see when they enter a website.
  20. Since the UI hasn't been updated in some time there are many Immunet users (including myself) that would like to see a change take place. However I understand what you are saying. I wouldn't want to see the UI change so radically that it would be practically unrecognizable to previous Immunet users. That's my take on the subject.
  21. If the UI ever supposedly comes to a change where the old theme will be replaced with a newer one then before that happens you should know why it's not a good idea. Modern UI is almost everywhere, some people have brought up the idea to replace the "dated" older UI. My question is, do you REALLY want to do what everybody else's doing with THEIR website? I mean, you can do whatever you want to YOUR website but consider this: why am I doing this? Are you doing it because of the new modern UI trend popularized by Microsoft? (Microsoft really popularized modern UI, look it up if you don't believe what I'm saying). What I think is; you should do what YOU want to do, not what everybody else's doing. And if that IS what you want to do then go ahead. I must say though, a flat UI makes a 2D screen boring. A 3D UI (like the one Immunet is using for their program rn.) establishes what's boring to new, futuristic, and special. My idea is this: You can change whatever you want, but don't make it modern UI. This's just a constructive opinion, you don't have to do what I tell you to do, but when you have almost every single website you look at SHARE ONE ENTIRE UI, I start to lose sanity. What I will like is if you change the UI to something less "dated" but keep the 3D effect. You can even make a whole new UI yourself.
  22. I am such a dope sometimes. I saw FF user and thought, hmm ? FF user? Something with the web? Never herd of it...? I use Psiphon sometimes, maybe that is it? FireFox. DA! “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein stay safe and thanks for the insight as you can see, I'm just fine.
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  24. Another important update. There is an ongoing campaign of deliberate disinformation being circulated primarily using social media sites right now. If you want to get factual, up to date information about COVID-19 here's two sites you can trust. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) https://www.cdc.gov/ The U.S. government's official site https://www.coronavirus.gov/
  25. I am aware that the authentic HTTPS Security Certificate for this site has "expired" and I am trying to let the admins/devs know of the situation. I noticed that myself yesterday. So far no response back. Bummer. Another FF user, that's cool! My browser of choice for years. Yeah, I'm getting the same warning message too.
  26. Ritchie I went and loaded Firefox on another drive so the warning would come up. I'll just uninstall it. I couldn't find it once I went past it on other drive with Firefox. If I'm getting it so are others. My clock is correct.
  27. Ritchie. Good advice about 3rd party software. I keep this running what I call bare bones. Believe me if you look at what starts up in msconfig startup, it is 0. Same with services when you hide all the Microsoft services ( in msconfig) . A good site that you may already know is Black Vipers: http://www.blackviper.com/ it keeps things pretty trim. I think I learned how to save on resources when I played a lot of online games way before the power PC's like Alienware came along. My 1st fast PC was a 233MMX. There was also that speedy 56k modem :) FYI, when I clk'd on GO TO THIS POST from Gmail I got a warning about the certificate here. I should have captured the screen to show you. I know its nothing but thought I'd give you a heads up. I don't know where to find that pg now to show you (do you?) I'll clear history and cookies and try again maybe it will pop back up. If so I'll get it to you. Thanks again
  28. This is off topic but still noteworthy given the circumstances. I firmly believe if we all follow the guidelines issued by the CDC we can curtail this unseen microscopic enemy together! Keep washing your hands often, especially if you leave your home. Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose or mouth. Avoid large crowds right now. Practice social distancing. Try to keep at least a 6 foot distance between each other. If at all possible "STAY AT HOME!"
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