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  5. No, that is not normal behavior. What version did you install? Do you have build 7.0.2 installed or did you update to 7.3.0 through the UI? If you're not sure what build you're using just mouse over the word "About" in the lower right-hand corner of the UI.
  6. Good day guys, I just installed immunet on my pc last oct. 3, 2020. i was wondering what big consumption of my data bandwidth is cause by immunet almost every minute it is downloading 15-50mb, is this normal? as of today just 5 days it is already downloaded 8gb+.
  7. Ha...well apparently I gave up quicker than you guys. I just started seeing all these posts come through email saying there was a response. Here we are what almost 5 months after my first post and they are still having the issues. Glad I gave up honestly. You get what you pay for is what I've learned when it comes to good AV. I thought I found something I could pass along to my non-profits but heck it's not worth the hassle anymore. Hope it pans out as it seemed promising but I've moving along to just buying something for my clients to use instead. Wish you all the best!
  8. ...but seeing as we're on "keep your ideas coming", I'll add to the suggested new features, based on the assumption that Cisco decides to bug-fix and allocate some resources to Immunet, so will be capable of implementing them: A toggle-switch in the UI that enables/disables integration with the Windows Security center. Malwarebytes has this option. This means that you can choose to use the product alone (integrate with security center) or as a companion app (don't integrate with security center). At present, Immunet integrates with the security center, which means that you can't use it in tandem with Windows Defender at all (it disables WD automatically). Also, if you use it as a companion to another AV, Windows security center warns you that you shouldn't run two AV at the same time. Of course, this warning is unnecessary because Immunet is designed as a companion AV. Additionally, one of the best use-cases for Immunet free would be as a companion to boost Windows Defender's detection-rate!
  9. I stopped using Immunet a while ago due to its unreliability, but had previously been using it since its pre-Clamav, pre-Sourcefire, pre-2.0 days. Virtually the public beginning. I check here periodically to see if things have improved, but haven't reinstalled it yet. I definitely second the option of a commandline version, however before adding any new features or messing with the interface, it's imperative that Cisco/Sourcefire/whoever addresses two show-stopping issues: 1. The relentless bugs - e.g. losing files upon quarantine (inability to restore), the blank alert boxes when the user's locale is set to an Asian language, the myriad update issues that get constantly reported but never fixed, and the serious oversights such as when the devs accidentally got rid of the "ask me" option upon detection. These things all erode confidence in a piece of software with immense power: if it malfunctions, it could let malware through, or even worse, destroy legitimate files itself! 2. Decide whether you can be bothered (or are even able) to develop and support it. Users need to know if this software is abandonware or current, and they also deserve to know whether you have the resources to do it. Over the last decade or so, it's spent a couple of clear periods of time where it seemed distinctly abandoned and unsupported, although the cloud infrastructure seemed to still be online. Even to this day, no one knows what the devs are doing, or if they're even doing anything at all. Devs occasionally pop up on here, seem really competent and helpful, and then mysteriously disappear (e,g, RobT), leaving no official Cisco staff offering support, just enthusiasts like Ritchie doing their best. IMHO it would be better to let Immunet die, and offer no "free" product whatsoever, than to waste your limited resources giving users a false sense of security by continuing to put out a shoddy product. Otherwise, you waste your own resources and actually do your users harm. It doesn't matter if it's free, you should either put out an acceptable product or divert your resources to your paid products such as AMP. It does far more harm to put out a bad free product than no product at all. Even if it's free, it should still work. If you can't put out something good for free, then don't. It'd be better for you and the users, to just charge people for AMP or revive Immunet Plus. For goodness' sake, please either cure Immunet or put it out of its misery once and for all. The new features, new UI, new logs etc. are too many steps ahead. Until you fix Immunet's 2 core issues, they're just wasting time on unnecessary fluff.
  10. If I should find out that there is a new version, I will surely take a look. Linux is complicated and the energy-saving functions are poorly implemented and don't appeal to me (as well as some other things). The update function of Windows 10 where I can no longer decide what to install and especially when, is an absolute NO GO. The only alternative would be to install the updates manually, but who wants that. So nothing will change on my Windows 7 in the near future and I think Immunet will probably no longer support 7 in the next release. Microsoft's policy bringings me one step closer to giving up computers and I've been thinking about buying an old mechanical typewriter for a long time. I hear people screaming again. "You are making the network insecure with your outdated Windows 7" "Your antivirus software hasn't been updated in a year? wtf" What can I say? ... #!@?, and I also use Android 2 and 4 on my smartphones. I also only updated my computers from XP to Windows 7 3 years ago. I also don't use a Corona app (bacause i dont drink), it only works with those who move with the times and waste resources. I don't carry this device around with me either, I don't need it, rather I'm forced to use this device if I want to use car sharing, for example. I'm all fed up with it. "S" & hit on it. If someone doesn't go along with that, he becomes an outsider and he is told he has to move with the times. In the history, too, people moved with the times and at a certain point it became a compulsion and it cost millions their lives. Yes, the comparison is a bit of a risk and a little inappropriateness, but I think in the future they will say, "Why did they do that". I don't want to discuss it either, it is not easy to go this way when you see the consequences of all steps and with each step it becomes more difficult to find solid ground in a withering world the closer you get to the "goal". I wish all readers a good day and stay healthy.
  11. I thought of yet another Idea that some users might appreciate. Add a dedicated CMD Command-line scanner to Immunet. That would be something useful for power users & IT technicians. Cheers, Ritchie...
  12. I hate to see you go Frank but I can't really blame you though. Everyone has only so much patience before it's expended. It may not take that much time (I sincerely hope) to get the new build rolled out so I hope you check back from time to time to see what's going on. Best of wishes, Ritchie...
  13. By the way, I only took notice of this survey because Richtie wrote something elsewhere and then I stumbled across it by accident.
  14. I don't know what the bootstrapper is currently doing. Because I directly download the version that is shown to me via the update URL. Currently it would be but I don't feel like it ... never touch a running system ... Yes, it became quiet. EDIT: last post at Immunet Twitter page 22. Juli 2019 LOL That happens when a provider don't look into his forum for over a year, ignore customer emails and focus on apparently more important things. I think the current survey won't bring anything anymore, it comes at least 8 months too late and I assume that the plug will be pulled. Because nobody uses free software that doesn't work. Support for Windows 7 will definitely disappear. In this respect, it is of no interest to me to deal with it anyway. Immunet is so out of focus that print and online media are not interested in whether Immunet exists or whether it works or what is good. You can also see this in the fact that it is not tested in any AV Software test that I know of. In that sense, maybe see you. Maybe I'll stop by again in 5 months
  15. Hi Frank, Thanks for responding. You say that 7.0.2 seems to be working for you? That makes me curious because I used the latest bootstrapper and it downloaded & installed 7.0.2. first. Normally with the bootstrapper installer you should automatically get the newest build. Afterward I got the notification with the UI that there is a new build available (7.3.0) which I updated to. Obviously that wasn't a hot idea! With this revelation I would recommend that anyone that has build 7.0.2 & it seems to be functional "NOT UPDATE to build 7.3.0 then!" It's has been increasingly quieter in general with the entire forum actually. I believe that's due to Immunet's user base diminishing as more people experience the same issues that have been going on for months now. I do hold out some hope the the next build won't be such a disaster & maybe start getting some new users and winning back some former users too perhaps.
  16. i am done with immunet. why bother when simplest update is headache looking like updates from amp to immunet botched guess they using amp over there in cisco this free is free headache i have gone way of virtual box hopefully this gets fixed or pay to use i really havent had a need for antivirus past months my 2 cents stay safe u al
  17. The problem in my experience only seems to be with 32-bit chrome. Switching to 64-bit chrome seems to work.
  18. I support that 99,999% Jasen Dear Immunet_UX, please read the forum! please support your forum moderator! please tell the support that you are welcome to reply to e-mails! The Form is fillet out with my informations but please ask to ritchie because ritchie knows all important things and is our hero. I don't have high hopes, because Windows 7 ...
  19. Hi ritchie, very unfortunate to hear this. I'm still using version 7.02. I assume that the support has no idea about this problem or is ignoring it. At the moment I would be very happy if a well-known computer magazine would test and disembowel Immunet. So my hopes are rather low that a new release will work better. I don't even know which version is up-to-date because I haven't looked for an update for A long time ago... ... ... it has become quieter here ... it is probably because many are now using something different.
  20. Hey guys, Out of curiosity I decided to give it a shot & reinstall Immunet since not as many folks seemed to be reporting update issues recently. That was a mistake. Immunet seemed to be normally fully functional for a number of days until tonight. I was starting to get pleasantly optimistic but...same stuff. The Scan Now tab is greyed out & the Updater window seems to be non-functional now (see images). I tried doing several re-boots, a good system cleaning & defrag to no avail. That also means that cloud lookups are not happening either. Bummer! So I did an uninstall once again. For me, I'm not trying a new reinstall until the new build is available, period!
  21. Since the notifications are occurring while using you're Google Chrome browser that has to be where the possible False Positive's are originating from & not Internet Explorer would be my educated guess. These are detections by the ClamAV module. Might I suggest you contact the ClamAV Support team about this issue & submit a FP report directly to them at this URL. https://www.clamav.net/reports/fp Cheers, Ritchie...
  22. I'm sorry, but I find the survey very disturbing. I cannot get the Immunet 7 service to stay running and development wants to ask how I feel about the importance of "history" and if I like the idea of moving history to the Windows Event Viewer. Are they serious? The location of "history" is the biggest thing they are worried about? How about they fix what they have before they rip away or add new features? How about leaning on your support forum for actual customer feedback? BTW, Windows Event Viewer interface is old and outdated. Why Microsoft has not changed the MMC interface is beyond me. I have to resort to LDAP queries and other scripts to properly search/filter event viewer at work and now Immunet wants to know if I'm ok with that on my home computer? No thank you. I would rather see some Cisco AMP for Endpoint features making their way into Immunet. I would like to know what my family members were doing on a computer when an incident occurs. AMP makes this very nice. This is a step forward. Windows Event Viewer is a step backwards. If Cisco is not willing to resolve the issues with Immunet and properly support the consumer base, then pull the plug and let it die. I really hope Immunet development continues and improves. Jasen
  23. Greetings, I am getting notifications for fail to quarantine in my temp folder. I recently rebuilt my computer. Win 10 2004, Norton Antivirus and Immunet. I had the exact same setup before without issues. The notifications pop up while on the web with Google Chrome. When I check the folder the file is gone. I have ran scans with Norton, Immunet and also Malwarebytes. All come back clean. All the C VE's seem to be associated with Internet Explorer which I don't use. None of the files are things that I would white list. Thank you
  24. Another idea if I may. Increase the different language strings for the UI to include most major global languages. This would help increase the user base no doubt.
  25. Yeah, I noticed that too a while back. I tried to contact Support about this EX0 error message "all the way back in August!" Obviously nobody has actually looked into this yet as the error messages continue to persist. I would venture to guess it's either a bug with the Invision forum software or it's a server glitch. I would like to see this error fixed since it is an inconvenience, albeit a minor one, to Immunet forum users. P.S. - I deleted your duplicate thread to this topic. Like I mentioned in your Contact Staff topic try to refrain from posting duplicate subject matter. It is against forum rules. Regards, Ritchie...
  26. Hello on your forum there are problems viewing old conversations. Does it just happen to me or is it a widespread problem? Thank you Hello GD
  27. Hi William, Obviously your using a device that has a 4k screen resolution and there no fix or work-around for this that I know of unfortunately. This is a known issue with Immunet and the devs are quite aware of it. The Immunet development team is working on a new build and it was mentioned that they will look into it to see if it's at all possible to upscale the UI for 4k users without causing any other serious problems with the software. I didn't get any promises though so I guess we'll have to wait & see what the new build has to offer after it gets publicly rolled-out. Regards, Ritchie... P.S. - Dr. Bill? That is a bit of an odd topic header for the posted content but it did get my attention, lol! I first thought It might have been a spam post. Fortunately that's not much of an issue with the excellent IP address filters in place for this site!
  28. I just downloaded Immunet from the University website. The desktop is so small I can barely see the immunet functions. Is there a way to make the desktop Immunet screen larger?
  29. Hi Christian, I would also concur with the Avira devs that this is a False Positive. Most likely Immunet is detecting some of Avira's updated malware definition files as malicious. When using Immunet as a companion AV to another product it has always been advised that you create a custom Exclusion rule with Immunet for the other AV's (Avira) entire Program Files folder if it's not already listed as a default Exclusion. Also, create a exception/exclusion/allow rule with Avira for Immunet's Program Files folder too. By doing this you can greatly reduce the chance of some sort of conflict occurring between the two AV's. Give that a try Christian & let us know if the issue still exists after you create exclusion rules for both AV's. Best wishes, Ritchie...
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