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  2. Hi Urban Haka, Immunet does have a verbose logging feature. If you would like to enable that and send the Support Diagnostic Tool logs to Wookiee (via Personal Message) that could possibly prove to be beneficial! Here's how to enable Immunet's Verbose Tray Notifications. Open the UI and click on Settings -> scroll down to the Notifications Settings bar and click on that -> turn Verbose Tray Notifications to the ON position -> click Apply. After VTN is enabled be forewarned that you will start getting "many more" pop-up messages from Immunet. This is normal behavior when this debugging feature is enabled. Regards, Ritchie... P.S. - For anyone else that reads this thread please do not needlessly turn on Verbose Tray Notifications unless instructed to do so as this feature is used only for troubleshooting & debugging purposes. That's unless you don't mind dealing with a plethora of pop-up messages from Immunet!
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  4. I could perhaps reinstall it on the laptop if such a logging method were available since its likely to start again
  5. We each have separate machines, both with SSD system drives. I'm continuing to use Immunet but have had to remove it from the wifes laptop as it became pretty unusable. I've Installed another mainstream free AV and everything's fine now. On the off chance it was behaving like this due to a virus I ran "housecall" via the web first then installed a replacement. It seems the ClamAV is doing most of the damage in terms of sucking up the resources and was hitting 40-50% with the immunet executable sucking up the remainder. Perhaps there's a verbose logging mode you recommend in this thread so others can help pin this down.
  6. Ritchie is correct. We know about the Windows 10 High CPU and are looking into the issue to find a fix. Right now, it looks like Windows 10 is the ONLY operating system being affected from what I can tell. Though, if you have high CPU on the latest version on another OS, let me know ASAP.
  7. Hello again Parai, if you're worried about too many log files being created rest assured that Immunet is designed to automatically delete old or outdated info so precious HD or SSD space isn't needlessly hogged up by unnecessary log files. Also keep in mind that with any quarantined file you do have the option of restoring (if it's a true False Positive) or permanently deleting the file from your system. If Immunet can't delete any quarantined files that "usually is not a good thing!" It means that most likely you already had active malware running on your system before installing Immunet. As I mentioned before old history files will eventually get automatically deleted. I would recommend you don't try to delete the current files as those "can be used" by the devs for troubleshooting or debugging purposes. Cheers, Ritchie...
  8. Hi guys, there have been a "number of reports" of Immunet causing excessive CPU usage with some Win 10 users recently! However, I can tell you with all honesty that the devs "are aware of the situation & are diligently working on" a solution. Once the cause is recognized & is corrected steps will take place. It could be a simple update through the UI or even an entirely new bug fix build might be rolled-out soon. Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing anyone. Regards, Ritchie...
  9. I didn't manage to clear the quarantine history. Files are already deleted but history of a search is still displayed - and this list annoys very much! What can I do with it?
  10. I'm heading down this path myself - literally I have disabled everything in my system, Immunet continues to run at better than 50% of my CPU with no open apps. I'm running an i7 7th gen at 2.7 with 16GB of RAM, 10 Pro 1803, Immunet version and my mouse will hesitate, then kick back in; my apps will seemingly hang, the device will become semi-unresponsive - but only when Immunet is running. This only started in late Feb or early March, I don't know what changes were made, but roll them back. I use and manage our Amp enterprise deployment at my office, we were told that Immunet was the free version of Amp and that the products were essentially identcal - minus the management features. I can only hope that my corporate environment doesn't begin to experience the issues that I'm having at home. Oh and I'm not running in debug mode, or anything odd for that matter.
  11. Another thing that you could do is see if you have any bad sectors on your Hard Drive. The easiest way to do this is by using DOS commands. Here's how. First close any open programs (including the browser you're using right now, so write these instructions down if need be) including any non-essential third-party start-up programs. Type cmd in the search bar and click on the little cmd icon, this will open a small DOS window -> exactly type chkdsk and press Enter. This will launch the Windows Check Disk Utility that will search your drive for any errors & even attempt repairs if possible. If chkdsk does discover any bad sectors that can't be repaired that doesn't usually bode well for the the reliability and/or overall health of the drive itself.
  12. This is a recurring issue that some users of Win 10 are seeing. The devs are now very aware of this issue and are working to resolve the excessive CPU usage. I'm sure a new bug fix build will be rolled-out soon that will address this. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.
  13. Fixed on the latest version until eventually it comes back. Every version I've ever used has ended up at high CPU utilization for long periods of time (just for sitting idle on active scan, not doing any actual scans), 90% to the point I have to kill it. Debugging is not enabled (and I never enable it). The log file thing was just an older issue I was describing. I don't think I will go to any future version but I recommend that the false positive thing happens way too often. Do reach-out to major vendors like Microsoft & Adobe and see if they are willing to do testing on your newer versions before they get rolled out. I am sure they are just as keen to not have a 3rd party AV kill their users' installs as much as you. My conclusion is that I have spent a significant amount of time dealing with Immunet issues that actually getting a virus would take less time to deal with. It should be a set-it-and-forget it type of thing.
  14. My wife has just complained to me that her machine keeps slowing down due to immunet hammering the CPU, its a simple A10 with 8Gig RAM, an SSD, mostly used for office apps. I'm using immunet on my rig too. Currently I've not got a problem on my machine which is a similarly beefed up gaming PC much like erasedisknow. I have experienced the slow down issues in past versions of immunet. Both using
  15. Still investigating, and going over the logs. Hopefully resolving soon !
  16. I have to say I tried to install in a safe mode - and I've done that! Immunet works but sometimes it refuses to launch... Maybe I really have some problems with BIOS.
  17. I am sorry that the progress of Immunet is not to your liking. I understand FP's are super annoying and I apologize, as well as pass it along to that team to see how can we do better to prevent things like this. The CPU hogging issue, should be fixed in the latest version, though some other users reported specifically windows 10 pro issues with that still which we are investigating. Do you have debugging enabled? If so, that's probably why the log files are filling up so quickly. What would you like to see in the future of Immunet?
  18. Yet another false positive during a Photoshop update. Between the quarantines of Windows updates, the log files filling up drives until 0 space is left, extreme CPU hogging and latest updates always being crap (making me always wait months before updating as others work through the crap and fixes are released) it is not worth it any more. It may actually be easier to deal with viruses. Can anyone recommend a good free alternative for active scanning? I usually also keep Malwarebytes on my computer and it's always been good at catching malware, but I don't like using it for active scanning.
  19. Hello Parai & welcome to the Immunet forum, any support issue dealing with possible bugs is taken "very seriously" & are usually dealt with in a timely manner is what I recollect from my experience of using Immunet over the years. Feel free to start a new topic in the Support (Issues & Defects) section of the forum if you encounter what you may think is a new bug. In fact, we encourage that input from users just to make the product that much better. Immunet uses a bootstrapper installer that requires an internet connection during the install process so you will get the newest 6.2.4 version, which I would "definitely" recommend you use. You can download the newest installer by clicking on this link here. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe Please note: Immunet no longer supports Windows XP or Vista so I hope you're not using one of these older Operating Systems. Cheers, Ritchie...
  20. Hi! I'm just a newbie here, so I'm very interested in your experience. Have you discovered any bugs since then? I would like to install Immunet on my notebook, but I didn't make up my mind which version is better.
  21. I too would like to see the UI get a bit of a facelift to perhaps a more up to date, modern look to it. That's if no current UI features have to sacrificed in the process would be my suggestion. Another consideration, making it "so new & complicated" as to confuse users would definitely be counter-productive!
  22. It won't be in the next release. But we are actively looking at into updating it.
  23. Is there any news on when there's a new update coming out for GUI or any new things for Immunet?
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