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  2. Thank you. Usually I am able to resolve this kind of thing on my own but not this time. I am gratified that I have given them a problem worthy of their talent. Please keep me posted because nothing has changed on my end...
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  4. Sorry for such a late response, it's still trying to fix the issue for you !
  5. I haven't heard back if this idea is actually in any sort of development phase so far. So, at the moment, your guess is as good as mine as to what sort of infrastructure change would take place if this new version ends up being rolled-out ParaiDarkHero.
  6. It's a hell wonderful idea! I promise I will share this great news when new Immunet will be in use with all my friends and tell them what to do to be secure and safe. You are really cool, guys! Are you going to create several VPN servers or only one?
  7. That removal tool would be useful for someone that has IT experience but I believe that a average computer user would have a difficult time trying to figure out how best to use the software since it relies on IP network traffic as a detection method. Since it seems to be freeware the URL link will remain. If it was a product you have to pay for your thread would have been deleted since that's not allowed on this forum.
  8. Free Download Manager is a legitimate software package however there are fake versions in the wild that can include malicious code. I would first confirm your copy is original by scanning the file using the site VirusTotal. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload Once you're "absolutely confident" your copy is not malicious here's instructions to add a custom Exclusion rule for the file. First open the UI & click on Settings -> Scroll down to Add New Exclusion & click on that -> you can either type in the file name manually or use the Browse feature -> once the file is typed in or located with the Browse button click on Add Exclusion -> click Apply. Cheers, Ritchie...
  9. All-in-one Ransomware Removal Tool! This Ransomware Removal Tool will scan, detect and removal most common strains of Ransomware which might have been detected by other scanners (but not removed), but this one is particularly useful mainly because this is very small and does one thing extremely well, and that is it Scans, Detects AND Removes SEVERAL DIFFERENT STRAINS of RANSOMWARE in one app! Don't go hunting down multiple tools to get one job done, especially when time is money. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v06e0l7vhj5z5n9/All-in-one_Ransomware_Removal_Tool.zip/file Password: rrt
  10. Hi, Immunet blocking the fdm.exe process with following messages. "fdm.exe has been prohibited from running, for more information please contact your IT Administrator" How do you I add an exception/unblock the file ? , the process quarantine log shows that antivirus detected "w32.MAP.ransomeware.rewite" virus, but individual scan on fdm.exe reports clean. see the attached screenshots. Regards,
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  12. Ty for your response, I will run it without the ClamAV engine for now. I am not using any other AV product.
  13. Thanks for reporting this & "some great detective work on your part!" If disabling the ClamAV module alleviates the excessive CPU usage I would have to also concur that is "definitely" the culprit. We have had a few issues with ClamAV recently besides what you're now reporting. I would recommend you keep the ClamAV module (and updates for it) disabled until the devs can further look at this situation. As long as you keep the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines enabled you don't entirely lose malware protection. In fact some folks normally like to use just the cloud engines to keep Immunet's use of system resources to a minimum. It has always been recommended if Immunet is to be used as a companion AV to another "paid" AV product to disable the ClamAV module. If you would like to also report this issue "directly" to the ClamAV devs here is a link for that. Use the Report A Bug option. https://www.clamav.net/contact Best wishes, Ritchie...
  14. I have a HP Microserver Gen8 and i've always used Immunet on this machine. I recently fresh installed it and now the CPU is being stresstested by Immunet. Immunet does not seem to be scanning currently. Unchecking the "Enable ClamAV Engine" fixes the issue but Im not sure if that completely disables the AV. Edit: This has been like this for about 36 hours.
  15. As I mentioned in a previous thread to this topic I too use Win 7 but I'm not seeing this behavior myself Lemmoncurry. Are you using Immunet as a companion to another AV or security product? If so, did you create exclusion/exception/allow rules for the entire Program Files folders with both?
  16. Hi charlie909, did you check for corrupted, problematic, not needed drivers or see if any drivers needed updated like it was suggested in the article? The article also pointed out that this error can be caused by some rather serious hardware issues such as a failing hard drive or faulty memory modules. If you think Immunet might be responsible for this error you could check the Quarantine list to see if any files related to Windows Update is present. If so, let us know what the detection name(s) is/are right away! A screen shot of the Quarantine Details dialog data regarding these files (if any) could be very helpful. Regards, Ritchie...
  17. Printer queue problem is the most common errors that I have also faced on my new Epson printer and it was showing the epson printer error code 0xf3. I have reported this to the customer care, and they told me to reinstall the printer to fix the error and this tricks really solved the error.
  18. After installing Immunet on my windows system I am getting windows update error 80070103 on the screen. ? Kindly let me know if anyone has an idea regarding this kind of error in windows OS.
  19. Immunet updated to 6.3.0 Getting random 100% CPU usage for sfc.exe. This even freezes the mouse every 1sec or so, like sfc.exe is running Realtime Priority!!! Cannot set priority or affinity for sfc.exe - Access Dennied. So must Stop the Immunet 6.3.0 in services. This renders PC unusable. Running Windows 7, high end PC
  20. This subject has been brought up before in the past but I think it's still a great idea & I agree with you grumpygarf, it would be great if you could batch restore/delete files located in the Quarantine list!
  21. Initially, my Immunet had the auto quarantine option activated and it quarantined a lot of my executables from program files folder including IDMan.exe and some others like the vipsocks executable. I have no complaints against that - ClamAV's security features might be too good. What bugged me though is the quarantine's UI design. Some of the executables, detected from the "Appdata/Roaming" folders were leftovers from installations and I wanted to batch delete them. Alas, I couldn't do it. Also, there wasn't any option to add an exclusion as well for a particular file in quarantine itself while restoring a false positive. Same goes for deletion - I couldn't use my keyboard to multi - delete files. And its a pain to select 10 files by clicking on each of them and deleting them one by one. Workaround - Its true that the Immunet folder C:\Program Files\Immunet\Quarantine contains the quarantined files, but at least the GUI should prompt to open that folder so that one can batch delete at least if not batch restore.
  22. yes, i have already set it up again... once more... I dont know why, but I like using this kind of products... I remember F-prot when it was a great product, about 20 years ago... Maybe they should check their signatures in some machines before using them worldwide.
  23. CLAMAV Sig issue is fixed. Though, that shouldn't of caused the services to start / stop. that could be something completely unrelated. Either way- hit the update button, and see if that fixes anything- or doesn't.
  24. Signature should be fixed. Use the update button and see if it gets better
  25. It should be fixed now, you will want to update your signature set. It was a ClamAV signature that caused the issue.
  26. i think i will give a try to windows defender! sorry
  27. the problem still exists... it is very annoying
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