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  3. Hey everyone, If you're like me and don't like the way Immunet is being seemingly thrown under the bus then why not "blast 'em" on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc...) & tell people that Immunet is being woefully neglected by the powers that be. Maybe that might get a response from "SOMEONE in charge!"
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  5. Hi Gordon, You're just one of many that have run into this same update/connection bug with the 7.3.0 build unfortunately. I use Immunet as a companion AV to another paid AV product. For that reason I didn't use the ClamAV module so that's never been a problem for me. However I did like the added security that the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines provided. After I noticed that cloud lookups were not taking place I had no other choice but to uninstall Immunet for now. I mean, why keep an app installed that is essentially useless! So now I'm waiting for the developers to fix this issue before I reinstall Immunet again. What's particularly disconcerting for me is that no admin or dev seems to want to even take the time to look into this or let users know they're working on it. "I hate to sound so pessimistic but your guess is as good as mine when/if this bug will be adequately resolved regrettably!" I know Cisco has made Immunet a "Low Priory" project but this is getting absolutely ridicules how long it's taking in my honest opinion! Has Immunet become complete ABANDONWARE? I'm starting to have my suspicions and this ongoing scenario is really starting to bum me out! I've been involved with this project for over 10 years now and "this is the worst situation I've encountered in all that time!" If things don't improve soon I'm not sure how much longer I will wish to stay involved with this software. What's the point of helping to support abandonware that no longer even works properly? Frustratingly, Ritchie...
  6. I seem to be having the same problem: when I click on Immunet, it says that it is not secure, and when I try to scan or "fix it," the message I receive is "The Immunet service is not running. Please restart the service and retry." I am using Nothing that I do -- clicking on t Immunet icon in all programs, restarting my computer -- works. I haven't yet tried to uninstall / remove the program and reinstall it.
  7. Immunet's built-in uninstaller should work adequately. If you don't plan on reinstalling Immunet again at this time, when asked by the uninstaller if you plan on reinstalling again choose the "NO" option and proceed with the remainder of the uninstall process. This will delete your entire settings configuration and delete all .db history files for a more through uninstall. After uninstalling and rebooting you can also delete Immunet's Program Files folder from that directory. If you want to dig even deeper you can use the Windows regedit app. Just click on Start -> type in regedit in the Search bar and click on the icon that appears. Once regedit is launched you can search the directories for any orphaned registry keys associated with Immunet. A word of caution. Regedit can be a very useful tool but it's also a double edged sword. If you delete the wrong registry keys that can cause your OS to become unstable or even not boot-up at all! Actually it's not a bad idea at all to create a manual System Restore Point first before using regedit "just in case!" Only delete any sub-keys that you may find that are "directly associated with Immunet!" If you've never used Windows regedit or are a little wary to do so that's ok just to leave these keys in place. Since you did an uninstall they will be inactive, just using up a little OS disk space is all. I hope this info helps.
  8. Immunet's services, by design, are very difficult to stop by both malware and the intended user, even if you use your Administrator rights. There are several bugs with build 7.3.0 regarding problems with updating the ClamAV module and even cloud lookups. Is that the problem you're also encountering?
  9. What is the best method to remove the this AV from our systems silently? Can I use the installer with switches to remove the old? Any help would be great, thank you!
  10. Is there a way to prevent stopping Immunet service by an user who has local admin rights?
  11. My opinion is a user shouldn't have to go through this possible work-around! "I wish someone would take a genuine interest in fixing this issue properly!!" This info might be helpful for someone that actually uses the ClamAV module, which I don't. Like I mentioned in your other topic I am not reinstalling Immunet again until the devs can sort this thing out and issue a new bug fix build.
  12. Personally speaking I still plan to keep Immunet uninstalled for now until a bug fix is issued by the development team for the update issues that continue to exist for build 7.3.0.
  13. How to fix update hiccups easily: Go to clamav.net, download the Win64 file (that's if your system is running a 64bit processor) under "Alternate Versions of ClamAV" The file should be called something like: "clamav-0.102.4-win-x64-portable.zip" Before you extract this into the immunet folder, you need to stop the service under windows, hit the "start" button, in the run box type: "services.msc" (this shows you a panel with all your services) locate the entry: "Immunet 7.3.0" double click it, when the dialog shows up, click "Stop" it should take a few seconds to stop the service (if it doesn't stop the service, run services.msc as admin by right-clicking services.msc as it comes up in the results and choose "run as administrator" the icon will look like 2 silver cogs and say "services" in the search results) So once you stop "immunet 7.3.0" service, you can now extract your ClamAV zip file, right-click, extract files....., choose location: C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\ (your version might differ, but extract it in the folder following clamav under your version number, when you extract the files it will ask if you want to "overwrite" existing files, click "yes to all". Once extracted you want to locate "Freshclam.exe" or just "freshclam" double click or right-click and run as admin (if you like) it will take a bit, but once you've updated your clamav, you can go back to services.msc and start "Immunet 7.3.0" by clicking the "start" button in the dialog panel. You can now update your Immunet software via the "update now" button. Hope this helps
  14. I just made a post on how to open the IP Ranges for "updates" and "cloud connectivity" and how to get exact IP addresses if you don't want to open up the whole range. It's posted under "General" and titled "IP Ranges" if your issue is something else, I'm about to make a quick white paper on how to fix update hiccups.
  15. For those of you that lock everything down, I found the IP ranges you need to open for "updates" and "cloud connectivity" To verify this yourself, you can go to your Immunet Install folder, "Program Files\Immunet\7.3.0" In this folder you'll find something called "connectivityTool.exe" after running this tool you'll get a .txt file of the same name, you'll notice two IPs, one is for update and the other for cloud. IP ranges posted below: "Haliburton Company" - This is for updates "E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc" - This is for cloud connectivity If you're strict and don't want to open up the whole range, just take the exact IP's you get from the "connectivityTool.exe.txt" file and see if that works full time. Hope this helps!
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  17. Hi David, Yeah, you're absolutely correct. The devs have never been able to adequately address this UI issue with 4k screens then and now regrettably.
  18. It is now July 2020, and issue still exists with latest Immunet version.
  19. I can't really test properly as I stopped using Immunet a few months back due to its sheer bugginess - can't complain, Immunet's offered gratis, so obviously Cisco can't devote many resources to it... however I did make a fresh install recently to test, and found this exact behaviour. I couldn't trace it, but it does remind me very much of the excessive hard-disk access problem that was so difficult to pin-down it went unfixed for a couple of years, around version 2.0/3.0. As a bit of background: lots of users at the time reported their hard-disks being thrashed mercilessly, especially after Immunet had performed a full or custom scan. It would bring their computer to its knees, slowing everything to a complete crawl. The only users who didn't notice this problem were the (at the time) lucky few who could afford SSDs, as the increased disk performance was masking the problem. It turned out to be an issue with Immunet constantly updating/changing its history database (I think it's an internal cache of scanned files, so that it doesn't re-scan known clean files). Basically the way Immunet was handling this file was extremely sub-optimal or buggy. So the ironic thing is that performance was being severely reduced by a feature that was supposed to be an efficiency-improver! From what little I could tell, the current performance issue appears to be in the same area, although it looks as much CPU as disk-related now. With regards to running Immunet with just the ClamAV module... don't. If cloud-lookups are working, great. If they're not, you're relying solely on a signature-based detection engine with a detection rate of about 20% (own tests, sample of ~200 malware samples, ranging from about 2 years old to the present day, with last ~50-100 being current in-the-wild threats). Use Windows defender until cloud lookups are working again. Or at least complement it with something like OSArmor or Voodooshield. (Or if you're in the mood to tinker, write a batch file that uses curl (now part of Windows) to fetch the latest Sane Security and SecuriteInfo databases, stops Immunet, copies the files to the ClamAV dir, and restarts Immunet - This will give a static detection rate approaching that of something like Kaspersky, but of course won't have the latter's sophisticated system-watcher/behaviour blocker etc).
  20. None of this works. Clam AV works for a while then the update problem reoccurs . ClamAV pushed a patch put, and this means that ClamAV is outdated again, I,mmunet does't handle this change well, and that means this will be a constant PIA. I unloaded Immunet and loaded CLAMWIN to perform daily scans, I will reload Immunet without CLAMAV , if there is any benefit to doing that. CLAMWIN does not automatically check files in real time like IMMUNET does. If Immunre can scan files loading on my computer in real time without CLAMAV, I will load it. The solution Frank posted still works correctly. The file clama0.102.3-win=x64-portable.zip is now outdated, and as a result, ClamAV is outdated. Follow Frank's instructions, but download the latest file ( now it is clama0.102.4-win=x64-portable.zip) from https://www.clamav.net/downloads then follow Frank's instructions as he posted (I re-posted them above too). Fbizai, run freshclam.exe as administrator and see if that works. It is in the subfolder 0.102.76 in the clamav directory in the Immunet folder in Program Files. If it does not, then try deleting the old database files bytecode.c*, daily.c*, main.c*, lastupd and update.log in the Clam AV directory, BUT BE SURE TO USE WINDOWS POWERSHELL AS ADMINISTRATOR to stop the Immunet service first, using the commands re-posted above. After restarting the service, run "update now" a couple of times. It may take a few minutes before the system is able catch up so that "update now" correctly runs. At some point, the files deleted are downloaded fresh or rebuilt. I have only done this in the context of updating ClamAV and it works fine there. Assuming your ClamAV is the most current version (run freshclam.exe to find out) things should work fine. In Immunet in the ClamAV directory is the subfolder I leave that folder name intact because Frank's original instructions did not indicate it should be removed. I just unzipped the most current ClamAV engine into that subfolder. I would not change that subfolder name because I don;t know if it is "hardwired" onto the Immunet code. If you have changed that, it might cause problems. Freshclam.exe tells you if your engine is outdated. I think deleting those database files and allowing Immunet to update to download or update new files will fix your problem. If I am wrong, you will have to remove Immunet and do a clean install.
  21. Hi Vince, Sorry for the delay in responding but I've been dealing with my own issues with Immunet. I've observed that excessive CPU usage by Immunet is usually caused by the ClamAV module being enabled and a installed software package a user has installed. Are you using any programs that very frequently or constantly write to disk such as a system backup/mirroring or Virtual Machine software? If so, maybe a custom exclusion rule or two could correct this issue for you. Normally I would recommend, as an experiment, you turn off the Clam AV module to see if that has any beneficial effects. But there is a server issue going on right now that some people (including myself) can't seem to connect properly to the service which means that ETHOS & SPERO cloud lookups are not taking place. So at the moment if you disabled ClamAV and are one of the folks experiencing this server issue too you could be essentially going without any protection at all with Immunet. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  22. Mmm. Still no technical input from anyone regarding this subject. Bummer! I really would like to reinstall Immunet if this server issue gets fixed. Even though I don't use the ClamAV module because I've got Immunet running as a companion AV to a paid product, I've always liked the added security layer that the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines provided. Regards, Ritchie...
  23. Personally speaking I decided to uninstall Immunet for now. It would be great if an admin or dev would add a thread to this topic to verify the on-going server issue has been fixed. If not I plan not to reinstall Immunet again until a new build is rolled-out. This really is unacceptable for uses having to deal with this for almost a week now! "Is there any admin or dev out there that even cares about this software anymore?" I'm really starting to wonder about that.
  24. I believe there is a serious server issue occurring right now. My Scan Now tab has been greyed out & I can't connect to the cloud for almost a week now! I don't use the ClamAV module since I have Immunet paired with a paid AV product. If I can't connect to the cloud that makes Immunet essentially useless for me. Believe me you're not the only one experiencing issues with the buggy build.
  25. Downloaded and installed v7.2 same issue (screenshot).
  26. Hi, I also notice this - every single system I install it on, it will use ridiculous amounts of CPU for long periods of time. As far as I can see, the history-xxxx files are being read/written to continually causing insane amounts of I/O delay as sfc.exe will have 50+ instances open to the file. In addition, I notice that sfc.exe will consume 1-2GB of RAM for hours doing whatever it is doing. It essentially makes Immunet entirely unusable, I'm amazed more people haven't experienced or noticed this and haven't thus complained. Vince
  27. That worked for about four days and now I am right back to the same: ! shows under Update, clicking fix it generates the same message as before - latest updates installed and Immunet is up to date but the date of last update is now 7/17. Others suggested running a Flash scan and trying to update immediately afterwards, but that did not work for me. In order to force a Flash scan, I had to delete my daily scheduled scans, and even then it still would not update.
  28. Personally speaking I'm getting rather annoyed that this is still happening after several days now & no admin or dev seems to give a crap! This has to be a glitch on the server side of things. That's something I have no control over. I'm "seriously considering" just uninstalling Immunet for now until a new build is rolled-out! Maybe I'll wait a day or two more to see if this server issue is corrected but after that I'm uninstalling it! That's as far as my patience will last! Hopefully the next build won't be so buggy! One can only hope I guess. It's quite obvious to me that Immunet is NOT getting enough in-house testing to eliminate the major bugs before a public roll-out occurs. "As you can tell I'm starting to get rather perplexed that no support personal has responded to anyone's technical issues for three months now!" Has Immunet become abandonware? It makes me really start to wonder at this point! A sad state of affairs if you ask me for a once very promising AV. "Holy disillusionment Batman!" I'm not advocating uninstalling Immunet for everyone that reads this thread. If it seems to be working adequately for you then leave it installed would be my recommendation.
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