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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Immunet Protect 1.0.26 BETA

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Users who are running versions of Immunet Protect previous to June 16, 2010 are strong encouraged to upgrade the most recent version of the product.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Immunet Protect 1.0.26 BETA

How do I report a false positive?

Immunet has a web form you may fill out in the event that Immunet Protect identifies something as a virus incorrectly. This web form allows you to send us the file so we can examine it and possibly white list it against future detection. You can access this form on our Contact Page. Please click on the drop down box titled Contact Reason to access the form itself.


What ports does Immunet Protect require to operate?

Immunet Protect Beta sends outgoing UDP traffic to destination ports 53 and 32137. You may see random high ports (30,000 +) showing traffic from Immunet Protect. Your system may bind to any available (generally high) port to communicate but the outgoing traffic will always be directed at UDP ports 53 & 32137. Immunet Protect also requires to be able to connect out to TCP port 80 to update itself. Your firewall should allow for rules specific to those destination ports without being sensitive to the source port.


Immunet Protect wrongly detected a clean file, how do I restore it?

Like any Ant-Virus program, Immunet Protect Beta will occasionally detect good files as viruses. Immunet should never actually delete suspected threats on your computer but instead it renders them harmless and moves them to a 'Quarantine' directory so if you need to restore them you can. Restoring quarantined files is a fairly straight forward process. In order to restore your file(s) you will need to go to your History tab and find the files which have been sent to your Quarantine. The easiest way to look for these events is to look for events in your History marked red. Each entry which has a 'detection' in red will have an item immediately above it marked with a green mark and identifying itself as a 'Quarantine' event.


As you can see our two grouped entries have two different names. The item marked red is the name of the 'suspected' threat and the green quarantine item reflects the actual filename of what Immunet Protect Beta 'detected' as a threat. One way to think of this is that if you download a file called 'RestoreMe.exe' off the Internet and Immunet thinks it's actually a virus called W32.Downloader you would see the entries made exactly as seen in this entry.


Now, in order to 'Restore' your file you will need to click on the green entry with the actual filename. When you click on the green entry on the left you should now see an option to restore the file.


In order to restore your file you now need to simply click the 'Restore' button. In our beta the button can seem as if it does not depress and nor does it announce that it has successfully restored your files, we will change this in the 2.0 release. After you click the button you should see the file in question has been restored. At this point the file in question will be excluded from Immunet Protect's scanning for 24 hours. During that time you may wish to consider adding the file to your Scanning Exclusions under your Settings Tab so it is not detected again in the future.


Are USB drives supported currently?

No, they are not. During the beta of Immunet Protect USB drives will not be supported.


I am running other Anti-Virus already, should I uninstall it?

No, you should not. Immunet Protect is unique in the Anti-Virus world in that is is designed to work alongside and compliment other Anti-Virus products. Immunet Protect is also in beta and is not yet as strong as some other Anti-Virus products. Our key benefit during our beta is the extra protection we can give you in tandem with other Anti-Virus products.


My Immunet Protect found viruses my other AV software did not or vice versa. Should I uninstall my current AV product or Immunet?

No, if Immunet Protect finds new viruses that your current AV product does not it means it's operating as expected. The same is true for your current Anti-Virus software. Unless your current AV product or Immunet are causing your system problems we would not suggest un-installing it.


Can I set up an instance of Immunet Protect for each user in my household on the same computer?

Regrettably you cannot. During our beta only one instance of Immunet Protect can be set up on each computer. However, it should still be running and catching threats even if other users are logged into the system.


I have features I would like to see in the product, who do I tell?

The easiest way to tell us your thoughts on what we should have for features is to mail us here and we will follow up with you as soon as we can.


I have a bug I would like to report, where do I send it?

Please mail any defect reports here. We will follow up with a ticket number and followup questions with each bug report.



Why is Immunet Protect so quiet? It doesn't seem to be doing anything!

Immunet Protect does not have to constantly pull down content from an Anti-Virus provider (definition or .DAT files) so much of the churn you are used to seeing with traditional AV you will not see with Immunet Protect. We also designed the product to be as quiet as possible. We are of the opinion that your AV product should only be interrupting you with matters of immediate importance.


I seem to be unconnected yet I have an Internet connection. How can I force Immunet Protect to reconnect to the cloud?

Right now (Immunet 1.0.26 Beta) there is no way to force a connection. However, if you lose connectivity (or the product thinks it has lost it) it will be trying to connect back to the Immunet Cloud every 30 seconds. If you would rather not wait you can try to stop and start the product.


Does the beta support Windows 7

Any version past 1.0.16 supports Windows 7. Previous to Windows 7 to make the product work under Windows 7 you need to run it in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode.


What Anti-Virus packages are supported by Immunet Protect?

Currently Immunet Protect supports the 2009 versions of Norton Antivirus, N360 and Norton Internet Security as well as the beta of Norton Internet Security 2010. Additionally supported is AVG Pro and Mcafee Security Center.


You do not list my AV software as supported, can I run it with Immunet Protect?

Unless we list it here in the FAQ as a known issue we have never seen a problem with your AV. If you run it side by side and it seems to work we would love to hear from you.


How do I submit a suspicious file to Immunet?

The easiest way to submit files to us is email. You can mail samples to submit@samples.immunet.com. This will feed your samples to an automated system and if we can build protections for it they will available over the cloud within a day of your submission and in some cases as soon as 2 hours.



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