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Immunet Protect 3.0 User Guide: Installation

Tom Beck
  • Immunet 3.0 is a unique cloud-based anti-virus product. Unlike other Anti-Virus solutions Immunet 3.0 provides powerful anti-virus protection as well as the ability to create your own community of Immunet-protected users to share your protection with. This document serves as a user's guide to all features that are included in Immunet3.0 Free and Plus products.

On This Page

The installation of Immunet 3.0 should take no more than two minutes and will typically take less than one minute. This section of the Immunet 3.0 User Guide will outline the installation process.


PLEASE NOTE, Immunet Plus should not be installed along side other full security products. Only Immunet 3.0 Free is built for 'Companion' installs and only if the ClamAV engine is turned off. Running the Tetra engine (in Plus) or the ClamAV engine with other full security suites may impact your system performance.




Prior to installation, please ensure your system meets the following minimum requirements:


Microsoft Windows 7

  • Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
  • 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • Must meet the minimum Windows 7 operating system requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista SP1

  • Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
  • Service Pack 1 or later
  • 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • Must meet the minimum Windows Vista operating system requirements

Microsoft Windows XP SP3

  • Windows XP 32-bit operating system
  • Service Pack 3 or later
  • 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • Must meet the minimum Windows XP operating system requirements

Required for All Installations

  • A working Internet connection



Once Immunet 3.0 3.0 has been downloaded and the user has clicked on the installation package, a series of brief set-up screens will be presented. These screens are designed to help the user configure Immunet 3.0 as quickly and as easily as possible. The following discussion will walk users through each screen and explain how it relates to Immunet 3.0 and what steps the reader should take.


Begin Installation

If you are installing the free version of Immunet 3.0, you will start with a screen that allows you to install Cloud, Cloud + ClamAV or Trial/Plus. Free, Trial, or Plus. Each of the installation types have a corresponding grid which details the functions of each. The Trial selection will allow you to try the Plus version for 14 days. If you have a license key select Cloud and enter your license when it asked for later during the install.


Begin Installation and select your installation type.


Choosing an installation location and EULA

After selecting the desired installation type the user will then be prompted to install the Immunet 3.0 software. The first step in this process is to identify a preferred location for the file. Typically, users select the C:\ drive but they may choose a different location by selecting the Browse... button and identifying a location of their choice.


As with most software, Immunet 3.0 comes with an end user license agreement (EULA) that outlines the mutual rights and obligations of both the user and the vendor (Immunet). This screen also contains links to Immunet's privacy policy. Users must read it and, if they accept the terms outlined therein, please click Install to proceed.


Install Location and EULA



File installation

When the File Installation screen appears, Immunet 3.0 is being downloaded onto the hard drive in the designated location. This operation may pause intermittently. This is normal, and downloading will resume without any user action. The file installation process should take no more than 45 seconds.


File Installation

During installation, the user can view the details of each file being installed by clicking the Show details button. This will open a window to display the relevant information for all the files that are being installed.


Once the file installation progress bar has completed, the downloading of the program files is complete. The user should then click Next to continue.


File Installation


Installation complete

When the Installation Complete pane appears, the installation is complete. From there, you can "Create a Desktop Shortcut", "Initiate a FlashScan", or invite their friends to take part in the Immunet Community through Twitter and/or Facebook.


Installation Complete


Initiating a Flash Scan

When Immunet 3.0 is opened up for the first time on the computer, the Immunet 3.0 Setup screen will present the user with the option to Initiate a Flash Scan (shown below). This is a procedure that performs a quick scan to detect and remove any threats that may already be present in commonly infected files on the user's computer.




By default, the Initiate a Flash Scan option is selected. Immunet recommends that users do not deselect it. The first time that user interface is opened (and only the first time), the scan will start in the background. While the scan is being performed, the user will see occasional pop-up messages identifying the files being scanned.


FlashScan Status

If the user chooses not to run the Flash Scan on the first usage after installation, the Computer tab of the user interface for Immunet Plus users will show a yellow Not Secure status orb (as shown below) until the Flash Scan has been run. It is important to note that Immunet 3.0 will still protect the computer from viruses while the program is showing Not Secure . However, the status will remain Not Secure until the user completes the scan.


Flash Scan Required


The user can perform the scan manually by clicking on the Scan Now button, which is the first button on the Computer tab of the main pane. Clicking this button will open the Scan Now pane. Selecting Flash Scan in the Scan Now dialogue box will perform the fastest of the available scanning options.


Once the scan is selected, the user will see that it is commencing and will be shown which files are being scanned. The user may close this window at any time and the scan will continue. Once the scan is complete in the case of Immunet 3.0 Plus users, the Last Scanned status will change from yellow (Not Secure) to green (Secure).


Scan Now


Submit Suspicious Files to Immunet

One of the key features of Immunet 3.0 is the ability to examine potentially malicious or suspicious files on the user's computer. In order to facilitate this, suspicious files are identified by Immunet 3.0 and submitted automatically to the Immunet cloud for automated inspection.


The Submit Suspicious Files to Immunet option is enabled by default. Users may opt out of it. However, because other users in the community will be protected against malware that is detected and submitted through this feature, Immunet recommends that users leave the option enabled, for the benefit of the community as a whole. Users who choose to opt out of this feature will still receive the full benefit of Immunet 3.0.




Inviting Contact to the Immunet 3.0 Community

Users who have successfully installed and activated Immunet 3.0 can announce it to friends, family, and other contacts through Facebook and Twitter and invite them to join the Immunet 3.0 community. When the product starts, the user will also be prompted to build his or her own community to start protecting friends, family, and other contacts.


Announcing over Facebook and Twitter


Immunet Toll-Free Support & Internet Forum Support

Only Immunet 3.0 Plus users are entitled to phone based technical support. Users who encounter any issues during the installation process can call Immunet's toll-free support line: 1-877-678-2096 .


All users of our Immunet Protect 3.0 free version may rely on the our public Internet Forum.


Immunet Plus Licenses & Licensing Issues

Once a purchase of Immunet 3.0 is made a license key will be made available to you. Typically this will come over email or will be offered to you in your online store experience while purchasing Immunet Plus. Your initial download of the product from the point of purchase will be a fully licensed copy of your product. However you may also enter in your license key at any time into the Settings panel of the product to perform an upgrade of the product.


License During Install


If you already have the agent installed and running, you can put your license in through Settings or by clicking on any of the orange Plus logos. To go through Settings, click on the Settings link in the main dialog and scroll down to "Product License". Click on the Product License heading and it will expand (Note: you may have to scroll down some more) and below that you will see the "Change Your License Key" link.


Change Your License Key


Next you should get to the License Key entry box. You can go to your email and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then the 'C' to copy your license key from there. Then on the first field of the license entry box and paste in your license by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and then the 'V'. This will allow the "Activate" button to be enabled and you click Activate to continue.


License Key Entry



Licenses are purchased for one or more computers. Each license is tied to one installation. This means that if you remove and reinstall the license it will not work. Please mail support@immunet.com to resolve this issue.


If your license is not authenticating when you enter it into the box in the License section of the Settings Pane please ensure that you are not copying extra character spaces. If you are typing it in manually please ensure you are typing the correct characters in. Lastly, network congestion may at times cause licensing authentication failures, this can often be solved by entering the license multiple times.


If any issues are persistent please contact support@immunet.com



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