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Installing Immunet Protect - Version 1.0.26

Tom Beck

Immunet Protect 1.0.26 is the last beta version of Immunet Protect. Official support is still available for this version, but will be discontinued on January 1, 2011. As a result, Immunet recommends that users do not install this version but instead install the most recent version at this time.

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Immunet Protect Installation Guide (Beta version)

Immunet Protect 1.0.26 and previous versions represent Beta releases of the product and are outdated. Please download the most recent version of Immunet Protect.


Installing - Quick and Easy

Typically, installing Immunet Protect takes less than two minutes. After the Immunet__ package has been downloaded to the desktop, simply double-click on the Immunet icon (which appears as follows: ii12.jpg) in order to start the install.


The installer will first prompt the user to accept the terms of an end user license agreement (EULA). It will then prompt the user for an install location. This will begin the installation of Immunet Protect files and three drivers onto the computer in the designated location.


Once the user has selected an installation path and clicked Next, the following progess window will appear:




Once this is complete, the user will be prompted to start a Flash Scan, which is the last stage of installation. Immunet strongly suggests that users follow the prompt and perform the scan. If users choose not to initiate this scan, Immunet Protect will still be successfully installed.


Flash Scan

The Flash Scan is an important part of the Immunet Protect set-up. The Flash Scan will quickly scan your system registry and running processes to ensure that the host is secure. The scan should be relatively quick and will allow users to ensure that their computers are not infected with any threats that they may be unaware of. Even other antivirus software is installed on the computer, users are still advised to perform the scan. It is not unusual for Immunet Protect to find viruses that other antivirus programs have missed.




The scan itself should not take more than two or three minutes. When it is complete, the installation process will be finished. Immunet Protect will now run in the background on its own or alongside a currently installed antivirus product (assuming that it is supported by Immunet Protect).


Installation Complete

Once Immunet Protect has been successfully installed, a tray icon should be visible in the lower right-hand portion of the task bar. Immediately following install, a balloon pop-up will appear above the icon indicating that the computer is connected to the Immunet Cloud.


The pop-up will also tell indicate how many other users from the Immunet community are online, as well as giving users a running total of the number of threats against which they are protected while running Immunet Protect. The tray icon will also launch a pop-up notifying users of noteworthy events, such as a virus being stopped and quarantined, or issues that may require attention.



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