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ClamAV for Windows - Signature configuration UI

Tom Beck

ClamAV allows users to deploy and use their own (or third party) virus signatures in addition to the official virus signatures. The virus signature database updater (freshclam) can also be adapted to the user's environment.

A new tool is needed to make these changes: Signature configuration UI (SigUI).


The full user manual can be downloaded from here:


Documentation on the signature format is available here:


Table of contents


Using SigUI an Administrator can:

  • Configure freshclam to use a proxy
  • Configure which mirror freshclam should use
  • Configure updates of custom signatures by freshclam
  • Manually copy virus signature databases to ClamAV's database directory
  • Deploy an existing freshclam.conf to multiple machines

Launching the application

The application can be launched from the Start Menu:

Start→All Programs→ClamAV for Windows→SigUI.


Or you can navigate to the installation directory of ClamAV for Windows, and from the clamav subdirectory launch sigui.exe.


In either case you must run this program with administrative privileges. On Windows Vista and later you will get the UAC popup to grant Administrator privileges to the application. On earlier versions you will need to login as Administrator.


How it works

When changing freshclam settings via the UI, it first verifies that the settings are syntactically correct, and saves them in freshclam.conf.


When installing custom signatures, SigUI verifies that ClamAV can successfully load the databases, and install only those that are successfully loaded.


Any changes you make will not take effect immediately, but only the next time the databases are reloaded. This usually happens each hour. You can reload the databases immediately by opening the ClamAV for Windows user interface , and clicking on Update Now.


User manual contents

Contents of the User Manual:


  • Overview
    • Features
    • Using SigUI
      • Launching the application
      • How it works
  • Usage examples
    • Configuring a proxy
    • Choosing a mirror
    • Deploying custom signature updates
      • Deploying your own signatures from a webserver
      • Deploying your own signatures from a network share
      • Deploying third-party signatures
      • Manually copying custom signatures to database directory
      • Removing signature files
      • Automating signature and configuration file deployments on a network
    • Setting up a local mirror
  • User interface
    • Updater configuration
      • Proxy settings
      • Signature sources
      • Saving configuration and testing
    • Local signature management
    • Run freshclam to test configuration
    • Custom URLs
    • Reloading the databases
  • Copyright and License
  • Glossary

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