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Configuring Comodo Internet Security Firewall

Tom Beck

Immunet Protect is designed to install and work with Comodo Internet Security; however, it is possible that Immunet users may experience "Offline mode" issues due to configuration choices. This Knowledge Base Article will show users how to configure the two products work together as seamlessly as possible.

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Initial Installation Message

Comodo Internet Security has very aggressive firewall settings in the default configuration. When users install Immunet Protect, they will be prompted to allow Immunet Protect to run in an elevated privileged state. In order to install Immunet Protect successfully, the user should select Allow.




Users will note that Always trust the publisher of this title is checked by default. It is important to keep this checked as it will allow the product to update itself in the future without interference.


Firewall Configuration

It is good practice to include Immunet Protect in Commodo Internet Security as a Trusted Application to ensure problem-free operation in the future.


To add Immunet as a Trusted Application, navigate to the Firewall link at the top the Commodo Internet Security user interface. A box in the left-hand column entitled Define a New Trusted Application will appear. Click on this link.




In the pop-up window, click Select -> Running Processes.




A series of processes running on the host computer wiil now appear, which the user may designate to have Comodo Internet Security trust. The two processes the user will need to select are agent.exe and IPTray.exe . Users may only be able to select one at a time.




Once processes to be trusted have been selected, users may wish to reboot in order to ensure that the changes have taken effect.




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