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Immunet Protect 2.0.0 Pre-release Known Defects (Bugs)

Tom Beck

ID Summary Component Status
933 Ask Me & Right-click scan - Unable to quit iptray User Interface Open
932 Wrap Exclusions Text Settings Open
931 Not all files can be removed from Quarantine History Open
930 Ask Me about Malicious files that are cached Scan Interface Open
929 Multiple History Windows opening Scan Interface Open
928 Javascript error on front page User Interface Open
923 Agent not registering with uninstall URL First 5 Minutes Open
922 Uninstall Ask Toolbar First 5 Minutes Open
919 "Threats Remove" overwrite Scan Interface Open
918 Right-click scanning of empty folder Scan Interface Open
915 Successfully Restored Quaratined File - Error messages History Open
914 Prevent user from inviting oneself Community Open
913 Improve security for updater Updater Open
912 Need to have a unique name for immpro.exe Updater Open
910 IPTray Crash if user deletes immpro.exe Updater Open
909 Cloud Notification not working User Interface Open
904 Unable to delete Scheduled Task that does not exist Settings Open
903 Scan Settings not expanding Settings Open
901 History losing first letter History Open
899 Tetra not initializing after Defs download Efficacy Open
898 While update is running "Close" button should be "Hide" Updater Open
897 Update Button for Defs Updater Open
896 Tetra Still trying to Initialize after license expired Efficacy Open
895 User is continuously prompted for Accept/Decline an invite Community Open
894 Reset Password - remove "Retry" link Community Open
893 Error Handling for Change Password Community Open
892 Add Change Password to a Logged in account Community Open
891 UI Pops up when closing Verbose notification User Interface Open
889 Task Preview Bug User Interface Open
888 Uninstalling leaves Scheduled Scan First 5 Minutes Open
887 Stop Scheduled Scan — Complete instead of Cancel Scan Interface Open
876 Need to default Blocking Mode Off First 5 Minutes Open
874 Cancel Scan Toast message Scan Interface Open
873 Enhancement - User would like to confirm password or show password on registration Community Open
872 Failed to Create Scheduled Scan dialog improvements Settings Open
871 Two tags in local.xml Updater Open
870 Cancelled Scan should show Canceled in History History Open
869 Unable to login to community message Community Open
868 Removing User doesn't refresh Full Community Community Open
867 2.0.4 seems slower than 2.0.3 for Scan Speed Engine Performance Open
864 IPTray crashing with Zone Alarm User Interface Zone Alarm not supported
863 failed looks are showing up in Clean File History History Open
858 Clicking Back on Immunet Directory causes error First 5 Minutes Open
856 Enhancement - User wants "Ask Me" options User Interface Open
854 Full Community Management Numbers are not explained Efficacy Open
850 Missing logout button on registering user after user Community Open
844 Plus version - Secure not going to Green after scan User Interface Open
843 Make Scans a low priority Engine Performance Open
842 IMP slowing down Unity3D Engine Performance Open
838 Lost visual indicators defs downloading/installing Updater Open
837 Upgrade Free to Pro not changing Update Now Updater Open
835 Simple 'user' unable to Close community Community Open
834 IPTray crash as simple "user" User Interface Open
833 Inconsistencies in Temp directories User Interface Open
827 No circles clickable Community Open
821 Update needs to cleanup old files Updater Open
816 Update not going to Yellow Updater Open
810 History::Add: database or disk is full Windows Agent Open
807 High CPU pegged during stress test Engine Performance Open
803 Missing Flags Community Open
793 0x80004005 - Error During registration Community Open
786 Not all Invitations being accepted at once Community Open
785 Flash Scan Hanging Scan Interface Still Broke
780 Multi-User Invite Button Color at end of Mouse Over is inconsistent Community Open
779 Higher Quality Images for Multi-User Invite for Y!, Gmail, and Hotmail Community Open
773 Suppress Ask Toolbar Offer if already installed First 5 Minutes Open
768 Crash on non-existent update file Updater Open
762 Files failed to delete from quarantine lose last two character in history view History Open
761 Filename for deleted file from quarantine loses last character in history view History Open
757 All dialog boxes do not align up to the same starting position User Interface Open
756 Need opt-out link in user invite email Community Open
751 Once you remove a user, you cannot resent an invite Community Open
746 Make the 3 little dots clickable ... on Notices Notices Open
745 Free to Trial - Trial banner overwrite upsell banner User Interface Open
744 Free to Trial loses focus on Settings dialog Settings Open
742 Clicking on articles in Notices in IE6 brings IE behind the Notices dialog Notices Open
739 Deleting Quaratined File from History does not refresh History Open
738 Not all parameters are passed through for upsell banner User interface Open
716 Need to recover from lost connection for multi-user invite better Community Open
710 Tray animation missing one image User Interface Open
704 Summary/File History Dialog Alignment Scan Interface Open
699 Failed to send Invite Message unreadable Community Open
696 Plus - Update Now not reflected in UI Updater Open
686 Logging off Community should Close Community Open
669 A window pops-up at the start of a scheduled scan Scan Interface Open
668 Paths with HTML partially interpreted as HTML in History Details History Open
661 During Rootscan, time is elapsing per drive Scan Interface Open
660 Javascript errors doing SQL injection into History History Open
653 Gap on bottom of Summary graph at the beginning of month History Open
650 History showing "Unable to Retrieve Scan Type" on Scan termination History Open
621 Community not working well when disconnect Community Open
611 Community Side Panel - user's disappearing Community Open
610 Affiliate/License extraction inconsistent First 5 Minutes Open
609 Silent Install not working First 5 Minutes Open
605 History for Scanned Archived files could be improved History Open
603 Suspicious test file not detected Efficacy Open
600 Scanning files with long filenames gets cut off Scan Interface Open
597 "Fix It" link for Update is not working Updater Open
591 Prevent a user from scheduling two scans at once Scan Interface Open
589 Find a way to present users with Threats detected during Scheduled Scan Scan Interface Open
583 Limit the number of scheduled scans Settings Open
571 History bar showing blue for 0 clean files History Open
566 Browsing for Folder should show Hidden files/folders instead of relying on Explorer configuration Scan Interface Open
555 "McAfee Real-time Scanner" is not fitting in the box First 5 Minutes Open
519 Vertically center Security Products First 5 Minutes Open
518 Agent needs to handle history loss by starting a new one Windows Agent Open
515 Enhancement - change tray icon when agent is disabled User Interface Open
509 Need to give user feed back on invalid license entered in settings Settings Open
508 First of the month pushing the summary graph History Open
506 using Custom Scan on a zip file treats it like a directory Scan Interface Open
492 Spec says File History is supposed to have section separators History Open
490 Drag locations for Summary window are not friendly History Open
482 On Win 7x64, Control Panel showing up twice Scan Interface Open
476 When data is not found, the view is not being reset properly History Open
475 File History Start Date should not be greater than End Date History Open
474 ? should be more obvious where to click History Open
473 Login button should be defaulted when logging into Community Community Open
468 Clicking on Tray icon when minimized is not restoring User Interface Open
453 Add ability to remove pending invite Community Open
450 The graphic sometimes covers the path in History detail History Open
446 Add the ability to re-request a user accept an invite Community Open
436 Top & Bottom of Settings Help bubble getting cut off Setting Open
435 Unwanted UI Collapse when clicking on Left Settings Open
429 Tab when going into Settings goes to Exclusions Settings Open
418 Rootkit Scan option needs to be hidden on x64 Scan Interface Open
417 Rootkit Scan needs better user feedback Scan Interface Open
409 Clicking and Dragging buttons leave them highlighted User Interface Open
403 IE6 - Strange highlighting/mouse over after clicking on Apply Settings IE6 not supported
402 IE6 - Cannot scroll after applying settings Settings IE6 not supported
400 Custom Scan allowing you to select non-scannable objects Scan Interface Open
397 Banner alignment issue when flash is enabled User Interface Open
390 Pause should stop "Time Taken" Scan Interface Open
387 Inconsistency of static image with flash installed First 5 Minutes Open
386 Need the ability to disable flash banner and go back to static image Settings Open
374 Custom Scan Dialog name inconsistent between XP & Win7 Scan Interface Open
362 AP inconsistencies Efficacy Open
336 Need better detection of other security products First 5 Minutes Open
331 Need to improve memory footprint Engine Performance Open
328 Need a way to temporarily disable engines for period of time Windows Agent Open
319 Two instances of iptray.exe running will it appear the agent is offline User Interface Open
254 Restoring Quarantined file to path that does not exist will not work History Open
252 IPSupport icon different between XP and Win7/Vista First 5 Minutes Open
248 Need to roll log over based on time or size Windows Agent Open
217 Exclusion based on threat name not working Efficacy Open



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