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    merry christmas and wish for a happy new year
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    There are times when a quarantine response will fail if it's just a Windows temp file that no longer exists after you closed the app that made it. If you keep getting this same detection, and you're sure it is a False Positive, you could try to use the Restore feature for that file. Once restored Immunet will automatically put the file path in the Exclusion list & will no longer be scanned. Just click on the file listing located in the History files & choose the 'Restore' feature. If you run into difficulties using auto restore for the file you can create a custom Exclusion rule by manually typing in the 'exact' file path. Just be careful not to get any typographical errors to the file path. Click on Settings -> click on Add New Exclusion -> type in the file path to the little blank dialog window -> click on Add Exclusion. Since this is a detection by the ClamAV module you could also report this as a False Positive directly to the ClamAV development team here. http://www.clamav.net/contact Best wishes, Ritchie...
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    1. Be kind, We are here to help and if you respect others they will respect you as well. 2. No native or inappropriate language. Keep the posts clear and informative. 3. No naughty pictures, spam, pranks. 4. Please dont post links directly to malwares, use private message feature instead to Millard, RobT or Pedersen. They will take care of it. 5. Use this forum to discuss anything not related to the other sections. Please keep the conversation about ClamAV and leave out "off topic" messages. 6. Follow the rules above and have fun.
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