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    Here's something else you could try. Immunet developers have rolled-out a new 7.3.12 build that has some bug fixes & improvements. You should get the update pushed to you through the UI or you can directly download the newest boot-strapper installer here. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe It wouldn't hurt to do an uninstall & reinstall actually considering the circumstances. It's up to you. If you do decide to do a uninstall & reinstall with the new build I would recommend you keep your previous Settings & Exclusions by clicking on the "YES" option when the uninstaller prompt asks if you plan to re-install Immunet. That way you won't have to re-configure your Settings and add your Exclusions over again as Immunet will save your history.dat files.
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    I watched the whole video. Great idea to add the screen grab video for documentation! There definitely is some sort of 'continuing' serious conflict between the game & Immunet. "Yeah, that process 'normally' does not continue to use up that much system resources for that length of time!" Weird! Have you tried to contact the game's developers to see if Path Of Exile has caused problems with other AV's & if there's a fix/workaround for that? This just a guess on my part but some games do use one or more Windows Temp file directories that might also need excluded. That's something else you could ask the game's developers. One more thing you could try is also disable 'Monitor Program Start' in Settings to see if that makes any difference. You will lose some of Immunet's efficacy by turning off this important setting however. Like I mentioned before, I do wish a support technician would get involved with this issue but I'm not going to hold my breath on that happening! Best wishes, Ritchie...
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