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    Ok, my bad! Sorry about the lapse in memory! The topic is pinned so that means only admins, devs or myself have the proper permission to post there. I'll add another thread there myself regarding your recent findings! Maybe not tonight but I'll get 'er done! As you pointed out it does seem to me too that Cisco has made the Immunet project an extremely low priority with (no doubt) minimal funding. You can't actually call it abandonware though since new builds are rolled-out from time to time, so it's still getting 'some' development. As far as responding to users support issues there have been 'no technical input' from any admins or devs since early April of last year when the admin RobT abandoned ship. It's just been little ol' me for over 10 months doing what I can to fill in as a support person. So in that regard I'm just as frustrated as you are zom. Believe me I've contemplated just leaving the project on more than one occasion. Being the forum's moderator for a number of years I can tell that Immunet's user base has already significantly diminished just by the amount of traffic the forum gets now. Especially before the Plus (paid) version of Immunet was completely scrapped in favor of developing an enterprise version of Immunet called FireAMP Connector (now called AMP for Endpoints) this forum was actually quite busy & interactive between users, admins, devs & mods. Besides myself there actually was more than one moderator for this site in the past! Oh, the good ol' days! If you too decide to leave the project I would like to say that, by your posts, I've always found you an intelligent & articulate fellow. If no one else, I've appreciated your input on the forum bro! You've got 14 'likes' which makes your community reputation good. Who do you think gave you most of those? I'll give you three guesses & the first two don't count, lol! Best wishes, Ritchie...
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