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    ok this is what I did, Ran full scan with Immunet (I only have immunet but I made ClamAV was on). I don't have defender because my understanding is that you have to delete Immunet to install defender to run it (not sure the exactly way to do that correctly, so will hold off on doing that for now and will wait for response from you all). Run full scan on Immunet flag 74. 72 were like the first one the 2 like the 2nd one. I restore one of the files like the 1st one and drop it into www.virustotal.com. and only ClamAV detected it out of 60 other engines (please see pic) . What do you folks think do we have a false positive??? Also some of the Adobe files were listed from months ago. I am pretty sure I ran Immunet full scan more often then that. I am pretty sure I rant Immunet full scan last week if not the week before. any help will be appreciated. The other questions is in immunet if a file is quarantine it disappears form the file-path tree so for me I can not drop the file in virustotal.com unless I restore the file. Is there a way I can drop the file in virustotal when it is in quaranitine from immunet??? ps I use firefox and I have window 10. thanks
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    Hi Tankace! First run a full system scan. With ClamAv on. I would also scan with Defender. What AVs do you have or is Immunet you main? Is Defender flagging anything? Those files do look suspicious, but could be false positives. Since these are copy and paste I can't dive in to the files much. Try uploading the files to Virustotal, https://www.virustotal.com. It's a drag and drop site and it's easy to get a good idea if its bad or not. After you do that we should know more if its a true threat or a false positive. What's your OS i.e Win7 or 10. Pro of home version Are you using Internet explorer? The reason I ask is the first file path with INetcache/IE looks like a toolbar has installed itself to IE. Why it seems to install when your start your system is most likely is set to startup automatically when you turn on your computer. You can disable this in a few ways, but the easiest is go to task manager ->startup tab -> find the program and select it and at the bottom right hit disable. With that said if it's malware it may hide itself for being seen. Sorry if this seems like a quick response It's a very busy day for me, but I will help where I can:) Let me know what virusTotal says so I can help with what needs to be done next.
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