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  1. 5 minutes after posting the above, it began working ?? I am now doing a fast scan.
  2. Just got the reply from Ritchie58. It all worked fine last week, and I have not installed or changed anything since. Actually I haven't even run any virus checks or malware checks for more than a week.
  3. Removed version and downloaded and installed latest from your link above. I was able to download and install a definition update, but still get the "you are not connected to the Internet" when I try to scan. Free version.
  4. Just noticed that HISTORY lists dozens of files apparently found this morning after first turning computer on. I have been receiving the "can't connect" for at least last 4 days now. Yet still when I click on SCAN NOW, I still get "can't connect and can't scan".
  5. After working well for a few weeks, suddenly it tells me that it cannot connect to the Internet. All this while I AM connected, and sending and receiving emails, etc.
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