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  1. i still have spare time to work on the files... if theys are released to us,,,,
  2. so translations is an "abandone and sincking boat"?!
  3. still to support for translation??? there are at least 12 ou 13 full translated versions of the templates of immunet and there are at least two versions out and none of them are localized......
  4. any ideas on when there will be a version that includes localization???? theres no word this for ages...... and there are at least 12 or so languages ready......
  5. and where are we on the matter of the localization? still no word on that? new build but no reference to the translated string that are made available to the forum user that volunter for that "job"........
  6. hello everyone! any ideia on when should immunet be realesed publicly localizaed??? the translations are most of them ready for ages.... keep the good work immunet team!
  7. thanks for the tip.. .could be because i've download the web setup oorm filehippo?? the one that i get from immunet.com worked flawlessly
  8. fresh install of latest version of immunet... installs fine... tried to run it and the only thing i get is the side bar where the ad for the plus version appers (withs white!) didn't get a screen a shot... uninstalling with revo, booting up with ubuntu livecd to clean any folder that remaind from avast beta... any ideia why the gui doesn't appear (only the paid ad is white? ) thanks! mokito
  9. there is some kind of problem with the inclusion of clamav engine do to the archive or package scans. i think that i've read some where in the forum that there will be an update to improve the scanning speed...
  10. Esperamos que uno de mayo. is that referring to 1st of May?
  11. not sure if i can attach it... yesterday tried to attach the log but there was some kind of limitation.... hosted the file http://hotfile.com/dl/108662618/99584da/WinRAR.3.80.Corporate.PT-PT.exe.html
  12. VT report clean http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=861350e76fefd2898e4adaca1eedabd7b4e756da0ec371b96a1e5a6c97136b10-1299227052 but immunet says that clam pick it up was being W32.Clam.2010.06.29 this is a setup for winrar in pt-pt with a corporate license integrated that was inserted with a XP SP3 custom CD that i've download from one of the major P2P torrent sites in Portugal.... the user that build it was one of the best on supppling this type of custom software
  13. install using the setup (about 9MB) in the temp folder here it is the temp file and that was a sucessfull install...
  14. can i attach it to the post? i'll tire to get it asap EDIT: print screen and link to .log attached http://hotfile.com/dl/108524623/17bf891/immpro_install.rar.html
  15. hi guys. i'm having some issues installin immunet on a XP Pro SP3 machine. running the web setup and after it downloads all the files needed, it starts installing but them theres an error window saying that immunet could finished do to a "internal installer" thing? any ideas? after that happens i get a partial install... tray icon, no shortcut, gui start up....
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