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  1. I havent't heard anything from support rep Rob T since they asked me to send them some info in a log . I don think they know what the issue is and how to fix it..
  2. I did like you both have said. stil same issue.. FYI I also have IP installed on another PC with Norton and it works fine. I used to have it on this one too but then something happened. I was using SPYWARE TERMINATOR..Uninstalled it and installed SUPERANTISPYWARE in case it was ST. Maybe Superantispyware isnt compatable as well though. I have another windows installation on the same PC and the same thing happens in it.. I am using the MS Security essentilals on that and no other ani-spyware programs.It has to be something that is common to both WIN 7's I have. Let me know what we can do from here. Thanks
  3. Hi. When I am installing the free version the PC will get the "blue screen" right when it says it is installing the "TRUFOS" part saying "your PC was shut down to protect windows" and then it restarts and says it will report the issue to MS and let me know when a solution becomes available. This is on 7 Pro 64 bit. I am also running Norton Security Suite verion Any Ideas?. I tried searching a bit but no info and thee is no support from Immunet unless you purcashe their plus version.
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