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  1. Today I scan my PC by Immunet 3.0.5 with full scan option. It keeps on scanning for somewhere 12.00 hours and still could not complete scan. On closer look I find that it keeps on scanning files in loops i.e. scanning of certain set of files appear continuously and total file scan number was progressing upwardly. whether is it correct? since if it is progressive scanning, repeatative scanning of those set of files should not takes place. Also scanning is very slow, does not give clue which directory it is scanning or what is the method of scanning, I think it scan arbitrarily flashing only file names without their locations. And also does not provide any statistic how much disc space is remaining for scanning or completed how much percent of disc. One is totally clueless. Can you improve on this so atleast we will come to know that how much time is required or remaining time to complete full scan? And we can manage our time schedule for scanning PC.
  2. Thank you JGROEP for your valuable advise, However I, after posting on this thread, tried to uninstall Immunet with uninstall application within "c:\Program files\Immunet\..." where I found earlier version directory ie "c:\Program files\Immunet\3.0.4" and "c:\Program files\Immunet\3.0.5" exist and where both directories were containing Agent.exe file. It seems that since I updated this version over where the old version files were still remain active ( Don't know whether in my system Updating went wrong or it is mistake of Immunet updating installer). So, I completely uninstalled Immunet and reinstalled with new version Installer and now I have no heavy CPU usage problem. Also I will exclude files as you have mention in MSE and Immunet and settings to have better efficiency.
  3. After updating to Immunet 3.0.5 It started using 50 to 60 % of my cpu On searching through Windows Task Manager 'Agent.exe' process related to Immunet was causing high usage. I am using Microsoft Security Essentials as my Live installed Antivirus O.S. - Windows Vista Home Basic And apart from MSE, My System has installed with Malwarebyte's AntiMalware (MBAM)free edition, Super Antispyware (SAS)free edition, Malwareblaster for on demand scanning Can any one suggest how to stop the process or to bring down high cpu usage or Is it conflicting with my Antivirus.
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