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  1. Yes, recently I've tried Immunet with Windows 8 Pro x64, but Immunet can't be installed as a companion Antivirus. It disables Windows Defender. And I read something about Immunet Plus Tetra's scanner not working on Windows 8 32-bit. See: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1378-windows-8-developer-preview/
  2. Just started my other pc, where version is still installed, and it also shows the community stats bug. So I immediately made a SDT. But since this is version, are you interested in this report at support at immunet? (I'm also going to make a second SDT after restarting Immunet and all is working as expected.) Edit --- While typing this post, I saw the community stats restored itself. Now I got three SDT of 3.0.6: SDT 1: while zero protection SDT 2: no restart, but protection restored itself SDT 3: restarted and all is fine Hopefully you can debug this three SDT and find out why this is happening.
  3. Unfortunately (or gladly!) I can't email a SDT because I did some more testing: Because the first tests with false positives were done with the updated free version (3.06 to 3.08) I thought of testing with a fresh and 14 days trial install. And no false positives! To cancel out this is because of the trial version, I re-installed again with the free version and also no false positives! So you must have done some further changes to your Spero detection trees? I can't remember the exact files previously flagged as false positives, but it were mostly import/export filter from CorelDRAW 11, files of Corel SCRIPT Editor and files from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express installation. Greetings, Jochem
  4. When you start a scan from the context menu you get the Scan window. This Scan Window has got a "Main View" button to go back to the Main View. Back in the Main View, your Scan window is hidden and you have to click "Scanning..." to get the Scan Window back. Can someone explain to me; Why you want to go back to the Main View while performing a (context menu) scan? Otherwise it seems to me the "Main View" button can be removed.
  5. I think this is also true for previous versions, but why isn't the tray icon animating while performing a scheduled scan or doing a scan from the GUI? Some visual feedback on the tray would be nice, so you know Immunet is working for your health ;-)
  6. As it seems I can't reproduce the Community issue 'Protected from 0 (ZERO!) threats'. Things I tried are: - puting my laptop several times in and out of hibernation, - Scheduled (Custom) scans and Custom scans from the GUI.
  7. After more testing, I have to say that this new version is lightning fast! I tested with a Full Scan and it completed in less then 3 hours, where the old version of Immunet took way longer. (Maybe 12 hours? Can't remember exactly.) The only problem with scanning is that it gives *a lot* of false positives. And it's very annoying to get them out of quarantine one-by-one. Also when I start the laptop out of hibernation the GUI shows in upper-right that the Community is 2+ million people protected from 0 (ZERO!) threats. So I have to reconnect by "Hide tray icon", net stop immunetprotect, net start immunetprotect and restart iptray. (I also think I saw this behaviour after a custom scan, but I try this thoroughly and report if this is true or not.) Greetings, Jochem
  8. Great first impression! Only some very small interface glitches. Main GUI: About link doesn't do anything. My Community GUI: Protection Factor link doesn't do anything. Not fixed: Scan from context menu always resets time to zero. Keep up the good work!
  9. I did a reinstall and that didn't give me back the telemetry setting. Then it hit me, I did reinstall and installed all my pc's with the 'offline' installer (installer-en-us-32-tcp.exe). So I tried the 'normal' web-installer and this one is installing fine and does include the telemetry setting. Then the question remains; Why is there a difference in installation by the web-installer and the 'offline' installer? (Since the web-installer downloads and installs installer-en-us-32-tcp.exe...)
  10. Disabling (Logout) the "My Community" didn't do the trick. I will do a reinstall then... Here is the screenshot:
  11. I have a question about the ( Immunet Settings, especially the Community Settings. I use/set-up the My Community and is it therefor that under Settings > Community Settings the Send telemetry data item is missing? Because on a computer where no Community is used the Send telemetry data option is there...
  12. For me I've never used live support for any which program, and I don't think I'm going to use it when it's implemented. Maybe it's a nice feature for some, only not for me. A good FAQ and the forums are enough. Just my two cents.
  13. Thanks for fixing the ampersand issue! Quick finds for this beta: - The "Notices" window is empty/has no info. - With an update over the old Immunet, the Plus advertisement remains. But with a fresh install there is no Plus advertisement. - After a contextmenu scan, the "Elapsed time" still zeroes out. Yours sincerely, Jochem Jean.
  14. If you do a scan started from context menu: The elapsed time runs. But after the scan completes the elapsed time always resets to zero. A (custom) scan started from within Immunet Protect UI does display and keep the elapsed time when the scan is complete. Yours sincerely, Jochem.
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