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  1. Ok, I tried PMing yesterday as well. That was Sunday so I'll wait a day or two more I guess, but I'm pretty much at the "got to install SOMETHING, so look elsewhere" stage.
  2. Bump. No response from Immunet support on this matter, other than the robot-generated email.
  3. I got an emailed support ticket for this five days ago, when I emailed in the diagnostic log. But no response from a human as yet. Is that about normal?
  4. I wrote: Having had time to test properly now, the above problem is definitely there in all its sad glory. And after leaving Immunet 3.05 running overnight, I cannot even access the locally-mapped drive locally. Or indeed load my mail client locally, which doesn't use the mapped drive. [Mail client WAS working for the first hour or so of my testing]. Something in the code changes made between 3.04 and 3.05 really bunged things up for Win2003, or at least our installation of it. Now uninstalling, to make the server usable again.
  5. OK, I added 1GB of RAM and tried another install. Results: 1. Still get "ImmunetSelfProtect driver not installed" warning on startup 2. When I run "fltmc instances" it shows much what you reported -= two instances loaded, only one was for my C drive and one for D. So I didn't proceed with the IP/IS steps you mentioned as it appeared to be loaded ok, in spite of the error message. 3. As before, I was able to run the UI and start a Fastscan ok. 4. This was a totally clean install so I didn't bother clearing the History database etc. And there is no other virus checker installed. 5. I *did* turn off Blocking - the other items mentioned were already off, e.g. ClamAV 6. As yet, I have not had problems with access to files from network clients or locally, but it's early days 7. Another problem that occured with the first 3.05 install (but not under 3.04 or with Immunet uninstalled) is that a local drive-map I have set is NOT automatically reconnecting on reboot with 3.05. The drive assignment shows as present, but not connected unless I double-click it. Whereas if I uninstall 3.05 and reboot, it shows as both present AND connected. Issues 1 and 7 are as before, issue 6 is the real showstopper but I don't yet know if it is sorted. Thus far, it absence is the only change from the first trials I did with 3.05. I have run the SDT and will be emailing it to support@ now. I tried to run EventLogs.bat also but, on my Win2003 Standard, at least, it does not recognise the wevtutil command, whether because it's not on the system path or whatever.
  6. Our Win2003 Standard SP2 installation was working fine for weeks (no other checkers active) until I upgraded to 3.0.5 last Friday. Since then, I noticed a popup over the tray icon saying an Immunet service had not started properly, and suggesting a reboot. The popup did not stick around long enough to read the service name properly, and there was no logged error in Event Viewer or that I could find in the Immunet program folder. However, the Immunet Service WAS running when I looked in Service Manager (and could be stopped ok when I tested that point later). Subsequently, I noticed that apps accessing files on the server were experiencing hangs. Uninstalling Immunet and rebooting was the only way to resolve them. I did a full/clean reinstall of 3.0.5 twice more, getting the same result each time. I even rebooted a second time after a successful reinstall, as the popup suggested, in case that really fixed it - it didn't. Local hangs were also occurring so I could not run the diagnostic tool. It's a show stopper - 3.0.5 has broken something that was fine under 3.0.4 and your installation process doesn't provide an obvious way to install the older version so I can use it again. Suggestions very welcome.
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